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5 Things You Should Consider Before Starting a Side Hustle

Would you like to know the things to consider before starting a side hustle? In this blog post, you will learn about five important things to know before beginning your side hustle journey.

Another means of earning money apart from your day job is a side hustle. It gives you opportunities to work on your schedule. If it’s not flexible, it’s not a side hustle.

To make your side hustle yield the desired results, you have to dedicate your extra time to it. And the efforts you put into it will be worth it because of the financial support it will give to your life. 

Really, starting a side hustle requires your energy, time, dedication and discipline. People who don’t put in this quit before results start showing. 

Instead of staying late in front of the television, you can spend your evening time on your side hustle. One of the advantages of most online hustles is you can do it all without leaving the wall of your house.

Before you begin swimming in the ocean of side hustle, you should consider some things. Here, I will be mentioning five of them. Let’s go!

1. Time dedication

You need to decide right from the beginning how many hours in a week you want to dedicate to your side hustle. Side hustles need you to put in the necessary work and effort, which takes time. Without getting this right you may end up not being consistent with the side hustle and you will just quit one day without even realising it. 

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Decide how much time you’re ready to invest in the hustle and stick to it no matter what. Be consistent. 

2. Know your reason 

Why do you want to start a side hustle? You have to provide answers to this question so that you won’t end up chasing what you’re not supposed to. 

Knowing the reason for starting a side hustle will help you to determine the best side hustles for you and your lifestyle. It will also help you to be clear about your goals and motivations. 

Do you want to start a side hustle to save money for your retirement? Do you want to start a side hustle to resign from your day job someday? Do you want to start a side hustle to invest in stocks or real estate or bonds? 

Know your reason for starting a side hustle so that you will know the goals you are aiming at, and you won’t end up chasing other things. 

3. Know your passion

Most of the side hustles on this planet are borne out of passion. What are you passionate about? What are the things you care about? What skills do you have? Are you passionate about the problem(s) you want to be solving for people on the side? 

Some people have a passion for communication. Starting a blog, podcast, YouTube channel, and writing is good for these people. 

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Some people are naturally enthusiastic and good at marketing. The people who fit into this category can be selling goods that involved person-to-person marketing. 

Some have a passion for designing things. They love colours and visuals. They are good for painting, graphics design, drawing, and web design. 

Some people are good with data analysis and have eyes for figures and arithmetic. They can be helping businesses and individuals with accounting, data analysis, consulting, and even teaching. 

Is there a subject you can teach without stressing yourself? 

Starting and making money with a side hustle can be somehow challenging, however, if you choose a hustle in your area of passion, you will not feel burned out. You will always have energy because you’re doing what excites you. 

4. Do your research 

I know many side hustle ideas are pumping into your head. I know you are thinking about this and that. I know you have a burning passion for the hustle. But wait. Have you carried out any form of research? Is there a need for the problem you are solving? Have you considered who your target audience is and how to reach them? Would people willingly exchange their money for your products/services? What are the resources you need to begin?

Your research will provide answers to these. Knowing these will not only help you to start and generate income but also eliminate stress. 

5. Have patience 

Starting a side hustle can be likened to carrying out an experiment. You need to have a great deal of patience to figure out how things work and how they don’t work. Some side hustles require you to give them time to pick up. Some require that you have to fail to learn. Some require you give them time to see the desired results. 

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You need to be patient and learn simultaneously for your side hustle to record success. Give it time and it will give you the results. 

Wrapping things up

Now you have all the five things to consider before starting a side hustle. A side hustle is a good thing to start and generate side income from. If you consider all these mentioned things before you begin, it will make your journey to be easy. 

Please, do let me know if you have any questions, contributions or contrary opinions about this information. Simply leave comments below. I would really love to hear from you. 

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Start now! 

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