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10 Lucrative Handworks to Learn in 1 Month in Nigeria

Looking for handwork you can learn within a month in Nigeria? In this post, I’m going to show you ten easy handwork you can learn to an intermediate level and make money with it in no time. 

Handwork is one of the coolest ways to make money in Nigeria—especially in the cities where there is a huge population— a huge population translates to huge patronage. 

A lot of people who engage in handwork in Nigeria make more money than most salary earners in a month. They don’t know this because of the lack of records of what they earn. 

We look down on the people who do handwork in Nigeria because of the way they present themselves to us. And the way we perceive them to be. 

Know that it’s not really about what you do; it is about how you do it. This is one of the reasons a new generation of craftsmen and craftswomen are turning their handwork to big businesses that generate millions of naira in revenue in Nigeria.

Craftsmen and craft women who are good at what they do are always sought after. They are busy all the time. They charge high and make a good income. They stand out from the crowd. 

Nowadays, it’s a common thing to see people starting a hustle on the side or full-time and growing it gradually. Most people prefer to start a skill-based hustle in Nigeria because the startup capital is way low to product-based ones. 

But not everybody has the skill, to begin with. It’s required that they pick one and learn if they need hard skills like handwork. 

One of the hindrances to learning handwork in Nigeria is the long period of time it takes to complete the training. And also the archaic method of training people makes things that shouldn’t have taken time to become a forever thing. However, things have changed for the better. 

New people are coming into the game and learning handwork is becoming easy. And it doesn’t take a long period of time like it used to again. 

Though, not all handwork can be learned within a month; many of them still take a long period of time to reach an intermediate expert level, not to talk of becoming a master. 

As promised, I will be listing here ten handworks you can learn to an intermediate level in a month and make money with it in Nigeria.

Let’s dive in: 

If you don’t know what handwork means, let me explain it to you in a simple manner.

What is handwork?

Handwork simply means occupations or craftspeople do with hands that require skills and relevant knowledge. 

Handwork is done with hands, and some of them require the usage of machines but not completely. 

Examples of handwork are hair barbering, plumbing, tailoring, makeup and costuming, shoe-making, carpentry, phone repair, hairdressing, etc.

Some handworks have better potential than others. 

Here are the 10 good handworks you can learn in Nigeria within a month and make a good income from. 

1 ) Tailoring/ Fashion Designing

Nigeria’s fashion industry is growing in size and getting attention globally. The demand for locally made wear is increasing too as indigenous brands are changing the narratives.

People need the service of tailors/fashion designers to make dresses for them to wear on special occasions. They also need a tailor to adjust newly-bought dresses for them. 

Gone are the days when you have to master everything in tailoring before you can participate in the industry. Now, you can simply learn how to make shirts or kaftans or trousers, and master it well, before you know you are producing shirts for people to buy. 

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There are tailors who make office shirts and trousers only. They package them properly and sell them to people at profitable rates. You can pick a piece of the skill and learn it in a month. 

When people know that you are a specialist in making a certain dress, they tend to prefer to patronize you than generalists. We are in the age of specialization. 

You can learn tailoring/fashion designing in a month in Nigeria. Register for a class at a fashion school where you will be opened up to the world of tailoring or go for an apprenticeship in a busy fashion designer shop where you can learn and practice rigorously for a month. 

But if you are a busy person and don’t have time like that, you can hire a tutor on Superprof to learn in the comfort of your home. You pay the professional tutor per hour—as displayed on his/her profile. 

If you learn and practice simultaneously, within a month, you can become a dressmaker that makes a good income. Even if it’s stitching you know how to do only for that period of time, you can be helping people to amend their dresses and getting paid. 

2 ) Make-up

Nigeria’s cosmetics industry is big. One of the available services in the space is make-up. Women and ladies cannot afford not to look good when they attend events. They make up for parties and outings. 

You will be surprised if you know how much people spend on their faces for occasions. I know this because I used to have a client who always gave one party or event to attend every weekend, and she spends some money on makeup anytime she honors an invitation to a party. 

You can learn makeup in a month. You go for training in a makeup studio or watch YouTube video tutorials to learn the skill.

There are a good number of successful makeup artists out there who are self-taught. You use your face and friends’ for practice. Before you know it, you are a professional. 

You can make money with this skill by rendering the make-up service to people. You can also be selling makeup accessories. You don’t need to rent a shop to begin this hustle in Nigeria. You can be a mobile artist. 

People can simply book for your service online, and you attend to them in their place. You can use an online platform like Fresha to take bookings, while your Instagram page will serve as your portfolio. 

If you are good with what you do and you constantly deliver good service to your customers, you will always be busy with work. 

Makeup is one good handwork to have as a side hustle because people mostly make their faces on weekends to attend parties. If you are a full-time worker, you hustle on weekends. 

3 ) Bead-making 

Apart from jewellery, beads can be used for making objects like bags, wallets, center table box, wall hangers, key chains, pen boxes, just to name a few.

Bead is a small, decorative object that is formed in multifarious shapes. Bead is made from stone, plastic, glass, wood and has a small hole for threading. 

Beading is another simple handwork you can learn in a month. There is nothing much technical about it. You just have to be creative and open your mind to learn. 

You need to undergo training before you can start making objects with beads. Beading can be learned from an expert in the field. 

However, you can learn for free on YouTube by watching video tutorials and practising what you learn along. And when something is not clear to you, you can hire an expert on Superprof and pay him/her per hour. 

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If you are creative, this handwork should not take you more than one month to learn. When you become good at it, you can make a decent income on the side or full-time. 

4 ) Photography 

Who doesn’t like to create memories? Photography is one of the handworks you can learn in a month and make cool money with it. 

Photographers capture images with cameras to tell stories. They record events for future benefits. To produce quality images, photographers need good professional equipment, creativity and expertise. 

You can be trained by a good photographer and get exposed to the handwork in a month in Nigeria. However, you can learn photography on your own by taking advantage of tutorials on YouTube. There are some top photographers in Nigeria who are self-taught. 

You can make money with this handwork in Nigeria by capturing moments for clients. Also, if you are good and love what you do, you can offer training for those who want to learn. 

5 ) House painting

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I can say this is the easiest handwork on this list. If you have a firm hand, a good eye for colour and you are calm to some extent, this handwork is good for you. You can learn it in 3 weeks and become a good painter in the 4th week. 

I remember back then, I used to follow an area brother to paint houses. I painted houses together with him and got paid after work. Nothing really serious in basic house painting. 

You hardly see people moving into a new house in Nigeria without painting it. Colours add to the beauty of the house. Apart from new houses, people love to give their apartments a new look every year, and they need the service of a good house painter to achieve this. 

Learn this handwork in a month in Nigeria and begin to make a good income with it.

6 ) Laptop repair 

You can acquire the basic knowledge of how to repair a laptop in a month. Laptops are among the gadgets we can hardly do without, especially for people who use them for work. 

The laptop develops faults. Screen gets broken. A part of the laptop may stop working without notice. We need the service of a repairer to get it working again. 

Enrol for the training at a workshop. This will give a rich hands-on experience of how the repair of a laptop is done. When you are done with basic practical training, you can continue learning online. There are educational video tutorials on YouTube you can be watching to improve your skill. iFixit channel has good tutorials for everybody at all levels. 

What you also need to know about laptop repair is you can never be a full master at it. What do I mean by this? New products come out every time. Technologies are getting improved upon. There will always be new things to learn. 

You have to make google your friend because it’s the tool you need for searching for solutions to the faults you are fixing. And anything you don’t understand in repair. 

This handwork brings in cool money if you are good at what you do and offer the best service. 

7 ) Bag-making

Bag-making is profitable handwork in Nigeria. Girls, ladies, and women love to carry bags around to keep their items safe. It’s not a mistake if you learn how to make bags in Nigeria. 

Bag-making is one of the easiest handworks to learn in a month in Nigeria. Get trained and acquire the necessary tools and start making bags to sell to people and retailers. 

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8 ) Wristwatch repair

People wear and repair wristwatches in Nigeria. The knowledge of how to fix faulty wristwatches can be acquired within a month in Nigeria. 

Wristwatch repairers replace faulty parts of wristwatches with new ones. They change the glass cover of the face of the wristwatch to a new one. They replace batteries for customers. They change damaged bands to better ones. 

Learn the handwork in a month, acquire the repair tools, start repairing for people and get paid. 

Other means of generating income from this handwork in Nigeria are selling wristwatches and parts and training people who want to learn the handwork. 

9 ) Phone repair 

There are millions of active mobile phone users in Nigeria. The usefulness of mobile phones is evident. Its introduction has revolutionized how we trade, work, commute, and communicate. A mobile phone is a device we can’t do without. 

Any serious person can learn how to repair a phone in a month. It’s one of the money-making handworks worthy of having in Nigeria today. 

There are two kinds of mobile phone repairers: the hardware repairer and the software repairer. The hardware repairers fix the faulty hardware parts of mobile phones; while the software repairers fix software faults of phones with software. 

There are three categories of mobile phones: basic phones, feature phones, and smartphones. As you know, there are two most popular smartphone platforms: Android and iOS (iPhone). 

People love to give specialists their phones to fix. Pick one of the two and learn how to repair it properly. Acquire the basic knowledge of how to do the repair and keep improving yourself by watching tutorials on YouTube. 

A channel like iFixIt makes things easy for people who are willing to learn through their rich video content on YouTube. Google is also your friend for mobile repair solutions. 

This handwork has opened the door to financial freedom for a lot of people in Nigeria and it’s never too late to join the league. Provide good service and see money flowing in. 

10 ) Cake-making: 

Cake-making is another handwork you can learn in a month in Nigeria. The cake is a baked food made from flour and other ingredients. 

Cakes are ideal for almost all special occasions. Be it your anniversary, wedding, birthday, farewell, reunion or any other occasion, mouth-watering and delicious cake is the first and foremost gift that comes to everyone’s mind.

Nigerians love parties. You can learn the handwork within a month. Become good at it and make a cake for people. 

In conclusion 

These are some of the money-making handworks you can learn and become good at in a month in Nigeria. 

In terms of learning, all of them are not the same. And to record success too, your efforts are highly required as you know that all handworks are neutral. 

Do things the right way and see your desired result. 

Do you know of any handwork that fits into this list or do you have a contrary opinion about the listed handwork? Please, leave comments below. 

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