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How to Make Money with Your Android Phone in Nigeria

Have you been wondering about how to make money with your android phone in Nigeria? If you answer yes, this post is for you. 

You make money every day with your android phone if you know how and the steps to take. Honestly, It is not that difficult to learn how to make money with your mobile phone especially if you have access to the Internet, and if you are reading this post, it means you have access to the Internet.

Millions of People in Nigeria are making millions with their android phone and iPhones–especially young people. The millions I’m talking about are legitimate income. Not through scams. 

Chances are high that you have come across people like this on the roads, on the bus, at the park, and in restaurants glued to their phone screens without paying attention to anyone beside them, without giving a damn about what is going on. Theirs is to track and focus on what they are doing. 

There are many ways you can make money with your android phone in Nigeria. To make money online with your android phone, you can sell a product, offer a service, build a platform, be an agent, build systems, and position yourself as a middleman. 

In this blog post, I will be revealing ten ways of making money with your smartphone now. 

1. Sell internet data bundles 

One of the easiest ways to make money with your android phone in Nigeria is by selling Internet data bundles. 

People buy data bundles for their smartphones daily for Internet access. And you can make money in Nigeria by selling Internet data bundles to them.

Selling internet bundles requires no special training once you know the reliable secrets websites that people use to send and deliver data to people. 

You registered on the platforms, verify your accounts, upgrade to seller/ top user, fill your wallets with like N10, 000, promote the hustle online and offline, sell higher than the platform rates, send data to your customers, track it to ensure delivery, and make money. 

Anyone can sell Internet data with an Android phone and make money in Nigeria. You can sell data to anyone no matter the distance. And they don’t have to see you face-to-face before buying from you. 

Are you ready to start? Do you need the secret websites? Send a message to me on WhatsApp


2. Start a cryptocurrencies exchange service 

If you have never heard about cryptocurrency before or bitcoin, I don’t think you are on the Internet. 

Nigeria is the third country in the world with the highest number of cryptocurrency transaction volume . If you see someone glued to his phone screen, chances are high that the person offers crypto exchange services to people. 

People who trade and use cryptocurrencies need platforms and people who offer exchange services if they want to convert their cryptocurrencies to another. 

You can offer this service by registering on a crypto exchange platform like Binance, or OKX, upgrading your account to merchant/seller, place adverts for buying on P2P. 

When a user wants to sell, let’s say USDT and he is fine with your buying price, he will click on the buying button, and you will be notified instantly. 

You send the money to him. Once he confirms, he releases the coin. The platform you are using for exchange has already frozen the amount of coin he is selling. The platform is aware of the transaction. Should anything go wrong, you can contact customer care support. And you resell the coin you bought on the platform. Buy low, sell high.

This is another way of making money with your android phone in Nigeria. 

3. Manage social media pages for people and business

Most micro, small, and medium businesses have no time to manage their social media pages themselves. They are too busy to handle their pages.

You can be making money with your android phone in Nigeria by providing social media page management services for them. People make money with their smartphones doing this. 

If you know how to manage pages, reach out to small business owners. Pitch your service to them. When they accept the offer, you discuss the charges and means of payment. 

All you need is your android phone to make money.  

4. Start dropshipping business

If you know how to market products online, you can target and reach people, and you have a good supplier or wholesale that sells products you like to promote, you can make money with your android phone by engaging in dropshipping business. 

This is how it works: You get the pictures of the products you want to promote, get some data about them, and promote them online via your WhatsApp status, Facebook page, Twitter account, and Jiji. ng account, Facebook marketplace. When someone makes an order for a product, you tell the customer to make the payment. You forward the order and the customer’s delivery details to your supplier or wholesaler. You monitor the delivery process to ensure that your customer gets the order on time. 

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Of course, you must sell the product higher than the original price from your wholesaler to make profits. 

This is another way of making money with your android phone online in Nigeria.

Do you need recommendations from suppliers? Send a message to me on WhatsApp.

5. Start an affiliate marketing hustle

Starting an affiliate marketing hustle is a way of making money with your android phone in Nigeria. 

Affiliate marketing looks like dropshipping business, but has some differences. In affiliate marketing, you promote products online with affiliate links unique to your account. If anyone purchases the product with your link, you get a commission. 

Affiliate marketing income is a passive one. You set up the systems, promote products and get paid. 

You can be sleeping and earning. You may be on a vacation and making money. It doesn’t require your physical involvement to deliver products to the buyers. 

Stakecut, Expertanire, Selar, and Kairo offers are the top affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria. And with your android phone, you can make millions. 

Want to learn about how to start an affiliate marketing business in Nigeria, click here.

6. Start social media influencing 

If you have a large number of followers on social media pages–Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram–or any one of them, or you have the patience to build followers–which you can even buy, social media influencing is for you. 

You help businesses, brands and individuals to promote the products and services on your pages. You give them your service rates and get paid. 

Top social media influencers like Pamilerin, Olorisupergal, and Omojuwa have made a fortune from this hustle. 

You can start today. 

7. Start virtual assistance hustle

There are busy self-employed people, business owners, solo founders, lifestyle entrepreneurs, and freelancers who need an assistant to perform some tasks for them–virtually. No physical presence. 

You can provide virtual assistance services for them and make money with your androiid phone in Nigeria. 

It’s straightforward. 

8. Start freelance writing 

If you have good writing skills, you can start freelance writing with your android phone and make money in Nigeria. 

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Freelance writing involves taking writing assignments from people and delivering them on time. You can create content for blogs, write for social media pages, prepare products description, and create email marketing content for clients. 

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This is another way to make money with your android phone in Nigeria. 

9. Sell products online 

Selling products online is a good business. The e-commerce giants like Konga and Jumia deliver thousands of orders daily to customers because people buy things online. Think of the regular physical market, e-commerce platforms are the virtual ones. 

You can simply start selling anything online and make money with your android phone in Nigeria. You can sell gadgets and accessories, wearables, perfume, supplements, and cosmetics online. All can be done on your smartphone.

10. Start crypto arbitrage 

Crypto arbitrage involves checking exchange rates of USDT on different platforms to discover price differences. You buy from the ones with low rates to resell higher on another platform within a short period of time

Smartness is required to make money with your android phone in Nigeria with this hustle. You have to know numbers and can do basic arithmetics appropriately. 

If you are smart enough, you will make serious money with this hustle. 

Do you need help? Chat me up. 

Wrapping things up

There is no magic in making money with your android phone in Nigeria. Learn the basics, follow things up and track your progress.

If you pick any of these hustles–Internet data bundles, affiliate marketing, selling online, dropshipping business, cryptocurrency exchange, crypto-arbitrage, freelance writing, social media influencing, and virtual assistance–making money is guaranteed with your android in Nigeria is possible. 

Do you have suggestions or contrary opinions? Please, leave them in the comment tab below. Also, do not hesitate to reach out if you need assistance. 

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