Phone Accessories Business Book

Do you want to know how to make money selling phone accessories in Nigeria? 

I mean, are you really serious about starting a profitable business that makes money in Nigeria in all seasons? 

Would you like to be adequately informed about how to go about the business? 

Would you like to discover where to buy phone accessories at profitable rates? 

Would you like to have the contacts of the wholesalers and importers of phone accessories in Nigeria? 

If you answered yes to all those questions, you are in the right place to get good information about them. 

Since 2001 when the mobile phone was introduced to Nigeria, the accessories business has been a goldmine but many people don’t know much about this business not to talk of the money-making opportunities it presents.  

Mobile phone users cannot use their phones without accessories and this makes the accessories business a lucrative one to dive into in Nigeria. 

Phone accessories business can be run as a side hustle or full-time business. You can start the business without quitting your day job. 

The mobile phone accessories business is one of the businesses that I do and I know a lot about it. I have written posts about it on blogs. I get calls and messages from people who want to go into it but don’t know how.  Some need contacts of reliable sellers to buy accessories from. With the aim of helping everybody that needs information about this business, this ebook is published. 

How I got into the mobile phone accessories business

Naturally, I love to own gadgets. I have purchased many fake gadgets and accessories in my life. I don’t regret when I fall victim to exchanging my money for fake things. Instead,  I study them and learn to identify the original ones when I’m buying them again. Now, I can spot fake gadgets and accessories from afar. Thank God for that.

In 2011, I met Victor at a business seminar in Yaba, Lagos. As we were told by the seminar organizers that all the attendees should exchange contacts for business reasons — that we may need one or two things to share with ourselves later on. And in business networking is important.

Take for instance: if I want to go into the oil and gas business and I have a friend who is into it, it’ll be easy for me to get all the information I need before starting the business. 

More so, if I have a good number of friends who run businesses, I can choose to invest my money in their businesses and earn dividends. This is one of the reasons why the rich are getting richer.

Then, Victor was with his brother and learning about the accessories business at Computer Village, Ikeja. His brother later relocated to the USA and left the shop for him to manage. We chat online once in a while.

In 2014, when I was thinking about a lucrative side hustle to put my money into, the accessories business came to my mind. I contacted Victor to hear his opinion about it.  He was happy to help and guided me through. I spent some time with him in his shop to learn about the business. He taught me everything to get started. 

Since I started the business in 2014, I have not looked back. I have made a lot of money from the business. 

Discover how to start the business in this ebook 

This ebook is published to provide you with the necessary information you need to make money in this business. 

If you really want to become a successful accessories business owner, you will find all the information in this ebook.

This ebook is packaged to benefit everybody and this is why it’s not expensive. 

I want many people to benefit from this information. 

Here is the information you will find in this book 

  • Getting started: an introduction to mobile technology
  • Getting started: an introduction to mobile phone accessories business
  • Why you should consider starting mobile phone accessories business in Nigeria
  • The players in the mobile phone accessories market and what they call them
  • List of mobile phone accessories to sell 
  • Step-by-step guide on how to start the mobile phone accessories business
  • Where to buy mobile phone accessories to sell
  • How to get to the big markets to buy accessories at wholesale price
  • Guide on how to buy accessories
  • How to get to the markets from anywhere in Nigeria
  •  How to identify fake products
  • Recommended brands to buy in the market
  • The wholesale prices of accessories in the market and how much you can sell them
  • Contact details of accessories sellers in the market
  • Business advice

Would you like to benefit from the life-changing information in this ebook right now?

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