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2 Big Markets to Buy Phone Accessories at Wholesale Price in Nigeria

Ever since the introduction of mobile phones in Nigeria in 2001, the industry has become a sprouting ground for cash for business-minded people. There are products and services that people offer in the space and make good profits.

There are more than 180 million active mobile phone users in Nigeria. The mobile telecommunication network has created new jobs and businesses for people—the jobs and businesses that were non-existent years ago. Thanks to innovation, a leveller of opportunity.

Selling mobile phone accessories is one of the available business opportunities in the space. Mobile phone users need one or more accessories for their phones.

It is rare to see a smartphone user who doesn’t install a glass screen cover on his/her phone to protect the screen against damage.

Phone users use a charger to power their phone battery; a power bank to charge when there is a power outage; earphones to listen to music; amongst others. As they say, entrepreneurs should think in numbers, imagine how much you can if you are able to sell accessories to just 1% of the mobile phone users in Nigeria. That’s a lot of money! 

One of the secrets of success in this kind of business is being able to source good products at reasonable prices to sell to your customers. As you know that it’s bad for businesses to sell at the same price you buy.

In order to stay in business and consistently record profits, you must ensure that your products are sourced from the right means. 

In this blog post, I will be writing about two big markets in Lagos, Nigeria, where you can buy mobile phone accessories at wholesale prices and make money selling them to your customers. 

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Now, let’s go:


Apart from Lagos being the commercial capital of Nigeria, it also houses some of the biggest and busiest markets in West Africa where daily economic activities take place. 

Computer Village is the biggest computer and phone market in the whole of West Africa. It is located in Ikeja, Lagos. It can be easily located by anybody who wants to do one thing or the other there. 

People come from different parts of the country and continent to trade in the market on a daily basis. You will find Ivorians, Togolese, and Ghanaians in the market buying computer and phone accessories, and parts to resell in their home countries. 

It is a market where you can buy any phone accessory at wholesale price and sell to your customers and make money in Nigeria.

However, it’s advisable to buy from wholesalers who have a good reputation for selling products of good quality and have been in business for years—they put a better rate on their products. 

Computer Village is not a well-organized market where you can easily locate accessories sellers and it is somehow tricky for first-timers to navigate.

If you are visiting the market for the first time, engage someone who knows the market to guide you—so that you won’t fall prey to scammers whose daily assignment is to steal from newcomers in the market. 

If you really want to do a phone accessories business in Nigeria and buy from Computer Village, Ikeja, navigation of the market is a skill to hone. Like other skills, you get better at it with practice.


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Alaba International is another market where you can buy your accessories to resell and make a good profit.

Unarguably, Alaba Market is the biggest electronics market in West Africa. A market started by 13 young men more than 30 years ago is a hub of electronics commerce today. 

Like Computer Village, navigating through Alaba Market requires experience that a first-timer may not have. It’s better to follow someone or a trader who goes to the market to buy his goods regularly—this will save you from falling prey to manipulators who dupe people of their hard-earned money for a living. 

You can buy phone accessories at Alaba at ridiculously cheap prices, however, you have to look well else, you go home with fake or non-working stuff. There are traders who have a reputation for selling goods of good quality in the market. It just requires experience and skills to spot them.

The dealers of phone accessories can be found at Obosi and New Age Plaza. The plazas are on your left-hand side when you’re coming into the market from the Expressway.

Better still, try and locate the FCMB branch, you will find the plazas after the bank. Also, they say: that s/he who knows how to ask for directions will never get lost. Ask people in the market that you are going to a particular plaza and they will willingly describe and show you the way there. 

I can also guide you on how to execute the phone accessories business for a fee. I will take you to the market, buy products together with you, and show you how to spot fake products from original ones.

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I will reveal success secrets in this line of business to you. And you can always reach out to me when you need any assistance. 

Buying from Alaba Market presents you with a myriad of opportunities like being able to buy other items you may need or want to resell at wholesale price. 

In conclusion, there are other markets where you can buy phone accessories at wholesale prices in Nigeria, but knowing your way around these two markets will contribute immensely to the profitability of your business. 

Now to you…

What do you think about these two markets? What is your experience buying one thing or the other from there? Please, air your opinion by making use of the comment tab below. I can’t wait to read your words.  

And don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends. Some of them will definitely need to read this.

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  1. Good afternoon sir how are u I to asking u did have normal epis how much pls and d u have fil charge impact 7 how much d u have oraimo charger and cable how much d u have Amazon charge how much d u have infinix charge how much d u have normal cables how much d u have desktop how much did you have normal charge how much d u have pin charge how much my name is UMAR IBRAHIM TILDE

    • Hey Umar,

      All the original chargers of the brands you mentioned are currently at N1, 500 in the market, while the original cables goes for N600. You can get good earpiece at wholesale price from N300 upwards.

      Umar, you can reach out to me through any mean on the Contact page.

    • Hey CBD!

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I’m also happy to hear from you that my creative writing ability inspires you to start your own blog. And it’s thrilling to see people like you taking the first bold step to start something online.

      Please, I would love to know what you blog about. And don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need any assistance on your blog.

      I look forward to seeing your comments in the future.

  2. Good day Bro, I really enjoyed ur article, it’s a good one and I learnt something from it. Pls HW can I locate u if I need u.

  3. Good day. U really made my day because I have been researching on how to start up this business but also to support it with rechargeable torch and extension and bulbs. Can we chat on whatsapp. Thanks

    • Hello, Theophilus!

      How are you doing! I feel excited to read your comments. And thanks for the compliments too.

      This is my answer to your chat request: Yes, we can chat on WhatsApp.

  4. Good day sir
    I have being having interest in this phone accessories business for quite some time now, I heard that Lagos is the best place to get the items at very cheap rate. The only challenges that is holding me is the terrible stories I often got about Lagos and I don’t have anybody that will there. With this your publication, I can get assistance from you if you reside within Lagos.

  5. Thanks for the post, God bless u. I’m Agboola Oluwafemi. I just mail u now. Kindly check . I ll need your assistant when I’m coming to buy. God bless u sir.

  6. Hello sir, your post is the beginning of my success regarding accessories sales, I just got enlightened. Thanks allot.
    Please, I am coming to Lagos by May, can you assist me in navigating through the market. I also want to reach you on WhatsApp

  7. I love your post sir and I really need help to navigate through these markets as I plan to start phone accessories business soonest.I will love to have you assisting me sir.I’m Emmanuel, thanks.

  8. This post is interesting to me and many other business minded person’s. Ur a rear gem to the society, keep it up, I have been thinking of bussiness to attach to my POS bussiness not until I come across ur post. I want to buy phone accessories, can u assist me. Let’s talk, my phone number is 08064122817, thanks.

    • Hi Michael!

      I’m happy that you find this post helpful. Adding phone accessories business to your existing POS business is a good thing to do as a smart business person who wants to have multiple streams of income and turn his hustle to cash generating machine.

      I promise that I would get across to you through your phone number.

      And please, don’t stop visiting this blog.

      Thank you!

  9. Am really glad to see this your post mr utman ,can I know you more ….my whatsapp number is 08100610395 let’s chart pls

  10. I am really interested in this market and I will like to go into it and know more about it and so my question is, how do you monitor the shop expecially when u have another side job how do you keep records of profit gain and loss because you will have to employ someone so she’d more light on the business for me I will drop my email reply me and let’s talk thanks so much

  11. I really appreciate your advice on the site we love you all pls kindly send me ur WhatsApp number to my email address to that I can chat you up. You also deal with oraimo product and itel

  12. i want to start phone accessories bussines,but i don’t know where to buy from a wholesales.(2) how will i fix my gain prices on a product that i buy?

    • Hi Foyek,

      Alaba Market and Computer Village, Ikeja are the two markets you can buy phone accessories at wholesale price in Nigeria.

      Want to know how to fix your price? Ask for the prices of phone accessories from retailers around you.

      Do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need any assistance.


  13. Good day,
    Thank you for the wonderful insights into the business of phone accessories. I’ve been thinking about going into the business for quite sometime, without anyone willing to give any hints or guide on how to go about it.

  14. Good day,
    Thank you for the wonderful insights into the business of phone accessories. I’ve been thinking about going into the business for quite sometime, without anyone willing to give any hints or guide

  15. Good evening, I love your article. I needed to buy some phone parts from alaba and I’m new how can I get the best parts.

  16. Hi, atanda I like ur write-up, and I am so much interested in starting the business of phone accessories on a retail level for now,… But I am based in pH, pls can I have your contact number and as well ask my brother that is based in Lagos to meet you.??.. I want you to guide me on how to buy this stuff from the market.

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