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100 Profitable Side Hustle Ideas for Students in Nigeria

It’s hard to come up with a single definition of side hustle. For now, the best way I can put it is: any productive activity you engage in— on your own term either passively or actively— in order to earn extra income without stopping your main hustle or activity. 

Having a side hustle is cool. A side hustle is not another job that will drain your energy. It is a great way to build an extra income stream, and help you to acquire new skills. 

As a student in Nigeria, you are hustling—passively and actively. You may not know that. Most of the things you get don’t come by easily or as you thought. You hustle for a seat in the lecture class. You hustle to get water to have your bath. You hustle to board a bus. You hustle hard to pass your exams. Practically, your life as a student in Nigeria is filled with hustles, in fact, terrible, unpaid, and avoidable hustles. As you know now that you are a hustler, why can’t you consider having an income-earning hustle on the side without interfering with your studies? 

There are many good side hustle ideas you can execute as a student in Nigeria. Most of them need no resources at all because you already possess all the basic ones you need to start up your idea. Imagine waking up in the morning and discovering that some of your customers have purchased and paid for your product overnight without interacting with you at all. Imagine leaving class in the hot afternoon and seeing a credit alert for one of the services you just offered. Imagine being able to raise money on the side to finance your developmental innovation after graduation.

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The most important thing is passion. Your side hustle must be a thing you really enjoy doing, else you will see it as an extra job—which is not. 

For some creative side hustles, money is not the primary motivation. It is usually born out of the willingness to express one’s unique abilities. It’s like putting your picture out for the world to see. It’s doing what you love and getting paid for it.

It’s easy to come with side hustle ideas in Nigeria as a student. You are already offering some certain services to your fellow students for free—which some people can pay for willingly. I have read stories of good copywriters who discovered they have paying writing skills by helping their friends to write great copies to their girl friends on their birthday. 

Finding ethical means of earning income on the side is worthwhile and almost effortless. In this blog post, I would be sharing with you workable side hustle ideas. In fact, some of them can be turned to full-time hustle in no time. 

Come with me. 

  1. Niche Blogging.
  2. Freelance Writing.
  3. Computer programming.
  4. Podcasting.
  5. YouTubing.
  6. Ghostwriting.
  7. Domain Flipping.
  8. Home Cleaning Service.
  9. T-shirt Printing Service.
  10. General Printing Service.
  11. Catering and Cooking.
  12. Carpet Cleaning.
  13. Phones and Computers Accessories Selling.
  14. Graphic Design Service.
  15. Web Design Service.
  16. Commercial Cleaning Service.
  17. Virtual Assistant Service.
  18. Private Labeling.
  19. Online Tutoring.
  20. Affiliate marketing.
  21. Furniture Selling.
  22. Use Household Items Selling.
  23. Book Flipping.
  24. Tutoring.
  25. Real Estate Agency.
  26. Outsourcing.
  27. Used Phones and Computer Selling.
  28. Snacks Making.
  29. Cosmetics Production.
  30. Food Ingredients Selling.
  31. Photography and Videography Service.
  32. Farming.
  33. Social Media Influencing.
  34. Used Clothes Selling.
  35. Used Book Selling.
  36. Online Fitness Training.
  37. Contract Working Service.
  38. Marketing.
  39. UI/UX Design.
  40. Mobile App Development.
  41. Ghost Journaling.
  42. Travel Guiding.
  43. Language Teaching.
  44. Mini-importation.
  45. Kid Tablet Selling.
  46. Fitness Tracker Selling.
  47. Energy Saving Product Selling.
  48. Mini-exportation.
  49. Phone Repair Service.
  50. Barbering.
  51. Costuming and Making Over.
  52. Computer Repair Service.
  53. Laundry and Dry Cleaning.
  54. Hair Dressing.
  55. Mobile Money Agency.
  56. Internet Data Vending.
  57. Tying and Dying.
  58. Weight Loss Products Selling.
  59. DIY Assistance.
  60. Shopping Helping.
  61. Provisions Selling.
  62. Small Business Bookkeeping.
  63. Rental Service.
  64. Drawing.
  65. Digital Illustration. 
  66. Digital Marketing.
  67. Bug Crowding.
  68. Furniture Making.
  69. House Painting.
  70. Load-Moving Service.
  71. Food Delivery Service.
  72. Agri-tech Investing.
  73. Ghost Reporting. 
  74. Online Kids Tutoring.
  75. Clothing Materials Selling.
  76. Footwear Selling.
  77. Sport Jerseys Selling.
  78. Jersey Customizing Service.
  79. Viewing Center.
  80. Wholesaling.
  81. Retailing.
  82. Building Materials Supplying.
  83. Liquid Soap Making.
  84. Insecticide Making.
  85. Mosquito Repellent Making.
  86. Shoe Making.
  87. Proofreading and Editing.
  88. Website Flipping.
  89. Fashion Designing.
  90. Virtual Consulting.
  91. Tech Support.
  92. Flier Sharing.
  93. Data Science.
  94. Book Lending.
  95. Information Gathering.
  96. Interior Design.
  97. Dress Amendment.
  98. Information Marketing.
  99. Waste Recycling.
  100. Dry-cleaning and laundry. 
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In the later blog posts, I will be writing comprehensively on each of the side hustle ideas in order to make their execution almost effortless.

Now to you…

I believe that you can use at least one of the mentioned ideas to earn income on the side. 

Let me know which one looks most promising to you by leaving a comment. I would love to hear from you.

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