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Usman Atanda

My name is Usman Atanda – the man behind StartHustleNow.com. I’m a serial hustler from Lagos, Nigeria. Here at StartHustleNow.com, I cover topics such as Business Ideas, Side Hustle Tips, Business Tips, Side Hustle Ideas and much more. My ultimate goal is to make the building of legitimate and lucrative small businesses and side hustle to be achievable. I provide good information based on my practical experience and lessons learnt over the years as a small business owner.

My Story

I’m an introvert who loves to set rules for his living by himself. I enjoy the freedom and cherish self-reliance a lot. I enjoy hustling and working for every kobo that I earn.

Early in life, I discovered that I have certain skills that I can exchange for money because I was eyeing some toy games buy which I know that my parent will never buy for me. I can write very fast than all my classmates. I started my first hustle when I was in primary four. Guess what kind of hustle I had then? I helped two of my classmates to write their notes in the exchange for Miksi Powdered Milk. Ever since then, I have not looked back.

Over the years, I have started many businesses and multiple side hustles. I have recorded successes and failures. I have learnt many business lessons that I think are worthy of sharing with people who want to dip their legs into the ocean of business. I think with my personal experience, I can help people who want to go into the business to save their resources. 

Once in a while, I do read business blog posts written by people who have never run any business in their life. Most of their posts are purely theoretical and I have nothing against them. I just believe that people can learn better from individuals who run businesses.

As a hustler, I always look for available and untapped business opportunities to work on. I have piled up notes on business ideas. I realize that there is no how I can execute all of them and I think the better thing for me to do is to share them with people who may want to work on them. And this blog will serve as an open library and discussion for every willing being who wants to start their own business.

I believe that it is good for everybody to own a business or at worst a side hustle. Expenses and inflation reduce the value of our currency and one the means of balancing things up on one’s side is to own a hustle — that people are ready to exchange their money for. It is always good to have another source(s) of income in case of necessity.

I promise to share profitable business ideas and information with as many Nigerians as I can to make them able to start and make money running any business of their choice.

I can be reached personally at: usman@starthustlenow.com

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