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If you want to start a phone accessories business in Nigeria full-time or as a side hustle, but don’t know the best brands to buy and make good money from, this post is for you. 

In this blog post, you will learn about the top ten brands of phone accessories to sell and make profits from. 

Some time ago, I published a post about how to start a phone accessories business in Nigeria. People who want to go into the business find it really helpful.

I later discovered that people need more help on where to buy and the wholesalers/importers to buy from. This make me to went further to create an ebook— a complete guide on how to start phone accessories. It includes contact details details of importers in the two biggest phone accessories markets in Nigeria, Alaba International and Computer Village. 

Like most people going into business newly or starting a side hustle that involves selling physical products, making profits becomes easy when one knows the best products to stock and resell to customers. 

As somebody who has been in the phone accessories business for years, I know for a fact the importance of having knowledge of the best products to buy and resell to customers to make good profits. 

Business is prettily simple for me. I work to figure out how people spend their money. Once I discover what they want, I provide them at scale and make money. 

The phone accessories business is lucrative for everyone in Nigeria. It’s evident in Nigeria’s growing number of active mobile phone users. 

People buy phones every day. They need one or more accessories to enhance the functionality of their phones. Some of the accessories like screen protectors need to be replaced once damaged. They need to replace their chargers 

These reasons make the phone accessories business worth going into in Nigeria. People buy phone accessories every day in Nigeria. And if you can position yourself well in this business, money will keep flowing to your side. 

I have taken my time to gather this list of the top ten brands of phone accessories. Not that there are no other ones, but these ones have stood the test of time.

Let’s go!


When it comes to picking and selling original chargers and cables to customers, Shplus is on top of the list. 

Shplus chargers and cables are of good quality that people love to buy because they serve and are worth their money. 

There are different types of Shplus chargers and cables. The fastest one for a single USB charger is 9A. It charges fast and serves long. The cable is thick and strong. Unlike the regular ones that got broken after little usage.

If you are looking for the best chargers and cables to stock in your shop, go for Shplus. 

2. Oraimo 

No doubt, Oraimo is the top trending phone accessories brand in Nigeria at the moment. The adverts for their products follow you everywhere you go both online and offline. 

You know that 2baba is the celebrity face of the brand. This is among other reasons why the brand is getting a lot of people’s attention. 

However, the post here is about how worthy are Oraimo products for business. Do they worth stocking? Can you make good profits from them? Do they last? To some extent, yes. And I will provide my reasons for saying this and tell you about some of their products. 

Oraimo has chargers, power banks, cables, handsfree, car chargers, wireless chargers, wireless earphones, Bluetooth speakers, fitness trackers, smartwatches, etc. 

Their products are of good quality, however, the profit margins on some of them are low. You can make good profits on their chargers, cables, wireless earphones, and car chargers. The gains on their power banks, smartwatches, fitness trackers, and Bluetooth speakers are low. 

The main reason for this is because Oraimo is running adverts online to sell to end users directly. They have already determined the prices you can sell the products, and people have them on their minds. So, you may not be able to sell higher than the rates they are selling to consumers. 

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But I won’t lie to you. Customers do like to buy their products. You can stock more of the aforementioned profitable ones than the ones with low-profit margins. 

Where to buy it? 

You can buy original Oraimo products directly at the stores of the authorised dealers in Nigeria. They are located in the two big phone accessories markets in Lagos, Alaba Market and Computer Village Ikeja. 

Do you need help with this? Check the contact page to reach out to me.

3. TWS

TWS mainly manufactures inexpensive to averagely expensive wireless earphones. Their products are of different series. They are manufactured to copy Apple AirPods. 

They last long and are worth their money. And the profit margin per one, if you are selling to consumers, is 100%. For example: when you buy a product for N3, 000, you sell it for N6, 000. 

Customers love to buy them because they have models that look like Apple AirPods 2. When people put them on their ears, they fit in perfectly and deliver quality sound almost like Apple AirPods. If you don’t anyone, anyone won’t have an idea of what you put on. 

They have series like i7, i8, i9, i12, i18, i22, i99, etc. The higher the series number, the better the quality. 

I would tell you from my experience that you should not sell series below i12. Anything lower than this gives issues. One ear may not turn on. One may not connect. One may be turning on and off by itself.

 To return items back to the markets will take your time and transport fare. Save yourself from these. Simply stock series from i12 upwards and you will thank me later.  

Where to buy: 

You can buy TWS earphones in bulk at good rates at Alaba International Market, Ojo, Lagos. But if it’s too far for you, Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos is good, too. 

I published an ebook on how to start a phone accessories business in Nigeria, there are verified contact details of importers and wholesalers in both two big markets to buy phone accessories in Nigeria. You can read more about the ebook here


Foxconn is the best brand of iPhone cables in the market. It lasts long, charges fast and doesn’t burn phone circuits like some cables. 

If you want to buy iPhone cables to resell to customers, go for Foxconn cables. Not only that it’s quality and your customers will like them, but it’s also profitable for you too. You make 100% profit, even more selling to end users. 

Obviously, if a product is of quality, there will be counterfeits in the market, but with knowledge, you can easily spot the fake ones from the original. And I will give you an easy tip to identify original ones. 

The part of the cable that you plug into phones must be magnetic. As you are going to the market to buy phone accessories, you can carry a small piece of magnet to test the cables before you make a purchase. You just need to put the magnet on the part of the charger you plug into the phone. If it attracts the magnet, that means the cable is an original one. Fake ones don’t attract magnets. 

Furthermore, the good sellers of this brand in the market simply called the cables magnet. When you tell them you want to buy magnet iPhone cables, they already know what you are talking about.

Where to buy:

The best place to get the original Foxconn cables is Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos. There are more original ones in this market than Alaba International Market. I’m not saying that you cannot buy at Alaba, but if you are not familiar with the market, you will come back home with fake ones.

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In my published ebook, how to start phone accessories business in Nigeria, the number one contact on the list of the verified wholesalers in Computer Village sells original Foxconn cables. He also sells original iPhone accessories. You can read more about the ebook here and how to get one. 


Samsung needs no introduction. It is one of the most innovative technology companies in the world. The companies manufacture tech products and gadgets to make life easy for people. 

Samsung also manufactures quality gadgets and accessories. Accessories like chargers, handsfree, cables, Bluetooth speakers, headsets, buds, etc. 

Not all Samsung products are profitable. And some people run away from the products because they are perceived to be expensive. This makes people run away when they hear the name Samsung.  

However, there are still Samsung accessories you can sell and make good profits from. Samsung has one of the best available PD (fast) chargers in the market. Their neck bands too can be sold and make money from. Chargers, corded earphones, and headsets are all good. Do not near the Samsung fitness tracker and smartwatches because they don’t sell fast like that. 

Where to buy it?

Computer Village, Ikeja and Alaba International Market. 

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Lonio has one best power banks and PD chargers in the markets. Their products deliver results beyond expectations. 

If you want to buy a good power bank brand that your customers will keep coming to buy more, go for Lonio any day any time.

Lonio also has a multi USB socket to charge gadgets. It’s good for people who have multiple gadgets to charge at the same time.  

I prefer Lonio power banks to Oraimo’s any time, any day. The weight of the power bank doesn’t determine the quality for Lonio. The most important thing is the powerful battery packed into the banks. 

Where to buy:

The best place to get the original Lonio power banks, sockets and PD chargers is Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos. Most of the ones you come across at Alaba Market are copies, not 100% original. 

In my published ebook, how to start phone accessories business in Nigeria, the number one contact on the list of the verified wholesalers in Computer Village sells original Lonio products. In fact, he is among the top importers of products in Nigeria. You can read more about the ebook here and how to get one. 


Huawei is one of the most innovative technology companies in the world. Huawei changes so many people’s perceptions about Chinese products–which are perceived to be low-quality products.  

Huawei produces phones, tablets, routers, cables, smartwatches, chargers, switches, fitness trackers, etc. I cannot name all here. 

Huawei fitness trackers are more profitable than their smartwatches. The chargers, cables, and USB sockets can be sold. If you stock these Huawei products, you will thank yourself for doing so. 

Where to buy it? 

Computer Village, Ikeja and Alaba International Market. 


The new age is an indigenous mobile accessories brand in Nigeria. The company manufactures accessories such as power banks, chargers, earphones, wireless chargers, wireless handsfree, etc. 

I bet you know the New Age through their power banks and J.J Okocha’s adverts. New Age is well known for its power banks, meanwhile, the company manufactures other products too. 

According to New Age, they are on a mission to build a world-class phone accessories brand targeted at customers’ satisfaction through innovation. How true is this? Let’s move on.

I can beat my chest that you should only sell the product the New Age is popularly known for–which is the power bank. People demand the power bank more than their other phone accessories. Not that other products are not of good quality, but your business is to sell what people want to buy and make good profits. 

Where to buy it? 

The new age power banks can be bought from the dealers at the Alaba International and Computer Village Ikeja. 

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Recrsi is a good brand of phone accessories to sell in Nigeria. They produce quality products at good rates for resellers. 

At the moment, Recrsi doesn’t have an office in Nigeria. They don’t have any authorised dealers, but only importers who bring in their products from China. 

The best Recrsi product you can sell is chargers and cables. They have one of the fastest and strongest 3.1A USB cables in the market. 

If you are looking for good phone accessories brands to sell in Nigeria, add Recrsi cables and chargers to your list.

Where to buy it? 

Alaba International Market is the best place to buy Recrsi chargers and cables. 

In my published ebook, How to Start Phone Accessories in Nigeria, on the list of the verified sellers at Alaba Market, the number one wholesalers imports original Recrsi cables. Read more here.

10. JBL

JBL produces some of the best Bluetooth speakers in the market. If you want to pick a brand of Bluetooth speaker to sell to your customers, go for JBL, you will not regret it. 

There are two different types of JBL speakers: the original ones and the copied ones. The copied ones are not fake, but not as quality as the original ones. The original ones are much more expensive and most customers don’t buy them. This implies that you should stock more copied ones as many people can afford to buy them. 

Another thing you must take note of is that you should know the differences between the original ones and copied ones. This will prevent you from buying copied ones at the price of original ones from the market. More so, it will prevent you from making mistakes while selling to customers. 

To know the original ones is not difficult. Ask the seller to give you the two. Power them on. Inspect their body properly. Play the sound and listen attentively. When you spot the differences, note them down, and ensure that you don’t forget them.  

Where to buy it? 

The JBL speakers can be bought from the wholesalers at the Alaba International and Computer Village Ikeja. 

Wrapping things up 

Now you have the top ten brands of phone accessories you can sell and make good profits from in Nigeria. Also, you have more ideas about how to start a phone accessories business in Nigeria, where to buy phone accessories in Nigeria, and how to identify good products. Picking what accessories to sell is no longer an uphill task if you act with the information in this article. 

The mentioned phone accessories brands are not the only available ones. As it is impossible to list everything here this is why I pick ten among them.  There are other brands like Anker, Tecno, AKG, T&G, Zealot, Advance, Lenovo, iTel, Xiaomi, Meigou, etc. 

Do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need any guidance in starting and growing any legal business in Nigeria and Africa. 

You can read more about my book on how to start a phone accessories business in Nigeria. People find it really helpful because they have been able to begin their accessories business journey and make a good income. 

Please, do let me know if you have any questions, contributions or contrary opinions about this information. Simply leave comments below. I would really love to hear from you. 

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      I’m happy that you find the article helpful. Thanks for your kind words. Do let me know if there are other things I can help you with.

      And I would like you to check this ebook out. The ebook is packed with detailed information on how to start a phone accessories business in Nigeria with no experience in the business.

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