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How to Start a Lucrative Pure Water Production Business in Nigeria

If you read this post till the end, you will learn about how to start a lucrative pure water production business in Nigeria.

Due to the demand it fills, the pure water production business in Nigeria is immensely lucrative. Even when they are not eating, Nigerians cannot exist without water. Life’s fundamental component is water.

Nigeria is a hotbed for the pure water industry. Pure water is the only available resource to quench thirst because of the growing population, the government’s failure to provide safe, affordable drinking water, and possibly because of prevalent anxiety over the amount of sugar in soft drinks.

The vast majority of the populace of the teams consumes pure water. In fact, most people drink pure water, including you and me. This is the reason why, besides information technology, it is a developing and successful industry in Nigeria. 

No matter where you are in Nigeria, you may start a business selling pure water and make money if handled effectively because there is a market in every city and hamlet.

Profitability of the Pure Water Industry 

Nigeria’s demand for portable drinking water is so great that the pure water industry is profitable. In truth, a lot of people utilize pure water for cooking in some locations where borehole water is poor. Everyone consumes pure water and even those who don’t still use it for other things. 

A large number of underprivileged people makes the pure water industry in Nigeria profitable. 

Pure water is in high demand because it is mostly consumed by people with low purchasing power.

A Pure Water Facility Will Require the Following Equipment 

Below is a list of the tools used at the Pure Water Factory 

1. Surface pumping machine

2. PVC water tanks

3. Submersible pumping machine

4. PVC pipes and plumbing fittings

5. Reverse Osmosis Module

6. Micro-filter cartridges

7. Industrial water filtration modules

8. Ozone generator

9. Ultra-violet (UV) sterilizer

10. Ultra-violet (UV) lamps

11. Dosing pumps

12. Liquid chlorine

13. Calcium hypochlorite powder

14. Hydrogen peroxide

15. Isopropyl alcohol (IPA)

16. Green sand

17. Activated charcoal

18. Alkali (NaOH, KOH)

19. Mineral acids (HCI,

20. Diesel Generator

21. Distribution Van

In addition to cleaning supplies, this list includes equipment for your pure water production business in Nigeria.

How to launch a Pure water business in Nigeria 

Below are the procedures required to launch a pure water production company in Nigeria:


Probably never gets tired of hearing this line. It is highly significant. Entrepreneurs are strongly advised to conduct market research before launching a new firm.

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 When people don’t know enough about a particular business idea, they are more likely to learn enough by conducting thorough research into the business as a whole and the product, industry, rivals, and hazards. Consider the sachet water industry that is currently under discussion. As there are many people participating in the company, you may find out specific information about it online or through the producers.

Use the internet sensibly. You’ll need to look up specific information about the company online. Equipment types, sachet water production techniques, and various marketing strategies that can be used in the already-developed market are just a few examples of the things to consider.

Entrepreneurs should be aware of all of these factors and more before launching their firms. That is something that will also be discussed in the venture’s business plan. 

All new firms must have a business plan, of course, since it aids in thoroughly studying the many parts of the business and how you anticipate conducting business.

You may decide if the business is something you can do and are willing to invest your time in by doing some study. It also provides answers to a number of open-ended inquiries. Also, it will be useful to know how much is anticipated to be sufficient to serve as capital and all the facilities required to establish a profitable sachet water business.

2. Business plan 

Given the availability and growth of the market and demand, there is no need for a comprehensive feasibility study and report. 

A business plan is necessary to determine upfront how the project will be financed and how much cash is required. 

The necessity of a business plan at this point arises from the fact that it specifies the amount and source of the necessary funds. Depending on the category you invest in, the scale of a pure water business might range from using a two-bedroom apartment to blocks of apartments.

3. Register the business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and NAFDAC. 

Every business entity, whether a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company, must register with the CAC for accountability.

In a similar spirit, every company that sells food, drugs, or consumables must register with the appropriate government agency. Also, each business is required to register with the proper tax department (Federal Inland Revenue or the State Internal Revenue). 

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If NAFDAC registration proves challenging and time-consuming, or you choose to operate on a relatively small scale and avoid NAFDAC protocol, you can also seek a license from another well-established pure water company in a different region of the country.

4. A suitable location for business (factory site) 

You must either build a suitable residence yourself or rent one with access to the market. Access to the market and acquisition costs might need to be balanced. The main factor is success. Therefore, additional infrastructure must be set up, like industrial security, power, an access road, etc. 

5. Drill a borehole and place tanks above it 

This guarantees a constant supply of water. A borehole might cost anywhere between N200,000 and N600,000.

6. Install a water-purification distillation system. 

Distillation may be used on all incoming water types and is the most efficient method of water filtration for producing clean water. Distillation systems create safe, 99.9% pure water even when dealing with water that contains bacteria and parasites, unlike other treatment techniques like reverse osmosis and carbon filters, which are dependent on water pressure, temperature, pH, and chlorine. 

Distilled water is water that has been heated to the point of boiling in order to extract contaminants from the water, which then turns into steam or vapour. The steam is then refrozen into a pure liquid state. The contaminants are eliminated while remaining as residue.

Methods for purifying water distillation eliminates biological pollutants found in water, including bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, volatile vapours, cysts, organic and inorganic compounds, and more. Nearly all minerals, trace elements, and solids are absent from distilled water. It is pure, healthful, and natural. All other waters are compared to steam-distilled water as the gold standard. 

Depending on the startup capacity of the business, you could deploy a full-scale distillation plant or a UV sterilisation process. The price of purchasing distillation equipment could reach millions of Naira. As the actual cost will be part of the expenses listed in the business plan, it cannot be predicted with accuracy and needs to be examined.

7. Purchase a sealing Machine 

According to the projected daily production volume, a piece of automatic sealing equipment must be in place. Before beginning the job, the cost must also be confirmed. 

8. Acquire packaging machines 

The company’s name and the brand name of the purified water must be printed on rolls of appropriate nylon material. The number of rolls purchased should match the enterprise’s capability.

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9. Recruiting 

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Hire workers such as machine operators, packagers, cleaners, drivers, one salesperson, one security guard, and a supervisor. This will guarantee that the relevant posts are adequately staffed. 

10. Power supply 

To power the processes, a generator set also needs to be installed. There are many manufacturers and generator capacities, and it all depends on the capability of the business as well as the start-up funding. 

11. Purchase a truck for delivery 

For the truck to be successful, it must be able to transport adequate bags of pure water for distribution to a large number of consumers.

12. Sales and Distribution of Clean Water 

Power (electrical) issues are one of the main issues facing the pure water sector in Nigeria. Power shortages and the ongoing rise in diesel prices have been serious issues. Due to this issue, the price of pure water or water in bottles has drastically grown.

Nonetheless, customers continue to purchase water because they require it for survival and the necessity for portable water. You need a distribution van to efficiently distribute your pure and table water. Pure water will be delivered to customers and merchants using this van. 

Giving huge discounts to customers and retailers will help you advertise your pure water business in Nigeria as a new entrant in the industry.

Wrapping things up

Notwithstanding the dangers and issues, the Nigerian pure water industry is nonetheless profitable, especially in places where the availability of pure water is very limited. Even though the pure water industry requires a lot of capital, you can still turn a profit during the first year of operation.

What do you think about this business? I would like to hear from you. You can leave comments below. 

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