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5 Lucrative Digital Skills You Can Learn in 2023

There are massive opportunities to make money in the digital space if you have one or more skills to offer people who need the service. After all, we are in the Digital Age and you cannot go wrong if you pick a skill to learn.  

If you have been thinking about learning a digital skill, especially if you are planning for the new year 2023,  but you want to be sure that the skill you’re picking to learn is lucrative, in this blog post, I will be showing you the top five lucrative digital skills you can learn in 2023. 

The skills that will be listed here have changed many people’s lives for the better. They have changed people’s stories. These skills have lifted numerous people out of poverty.  And to date, there are gaps to fill if you are ready to join the league. 

What is digital skill?

Digital skill is the ability to use digital devices like computers, smartphones, and digital cameras to solve problems and create value for people. 

It’s the knowledge of handling and operating digital devices to perform tasks seamlessly and provide solutions to problems.  

Nowadays, digital skills are worthy soft skills to have for anyone who is looking for a good-paying job. And we can say in the highly-competitive labor market, those who have no digital skills can bid their jobs farewell anytime soon. 

There are numerous digital skills available. You need to think about the one you can pick easily to learn and never get tired of working with. 

What makes people like having digital skills is the flexibility they offer and the unlimited opportunities to work with who they want to, when they want to, and how they want to—so long they have Internet access. 

Digital skills enable people to work for themselves. They can freelance their services on a contract basis, work with anyone, and get paid. 

As there are numerous digital skills, I will be picking five of them that, in my opinion, are lucrative and easy to learn by anyone without getting tired easily.

As for all the digital skills, once you start any of them, you will keep updating your knowledge to stay relevant in the field. 

1. Graphic Design:

Graphic design involves designing and creating graphic elements for prints and screens.

Graphic design is the creation of visual compositions to solve problems and communicate ideas through typography, imagery, colour, and form.

It involves using design software like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD, Canva, Figma, and CorelDraw  to create visual content like logos, advertisement banners, labels, packages, UI mockups, etc 

A graphic designer designs advertisement banners for companies and individuals to create awareness about products available for sale. Not limited to that. Graphic design is a broad skill. There are different types of graphic design: visual identity graphic design, marketing and advertisement graphic design, UI/UX design, packaging graphic design, publication graphic design, illustration graphic design, motion graphic design, etc. 

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You can start as a generalist and later specialize in one or two later on. 

The first step to take if you want to pick up graphic design as a digital skill is to acquire the knowledge. It starts with learning and knowing the principles of design and the theoretical side of design by reading design books, blog posts, and watching youtube videos.  

After this, you can proceed and enrol in a class–online or offline. There are design companies, schools, and startups that offer graphic design training. 

If you don’t have time to enrol in a physical class, you can go for online ones. There are paid graphic design courses on Udemy for like $10. If you cannot afford that at the moment, you can take the free ones available on Youtube.

You need to have a computer and the essential three software like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign installed on it for learning and practice. Yes, you will learn all three. If you master them, you can pick up any design software easily. 

If you learn and practice simultaneously and consistently in a month, you should be close to the intermediate level.

Most of us know good designs when we see them. Take snapshots/screenshots of good designs you come across and replicate them when you get home. This is one of the fastest ways to learn the skill. 

Once you’ve taken the knowledge to a certain, build a portfolio. Do free work or volunteer to design for non-profit organizations. Put the works in your portfolio.

After that, you can build an online presence, optimize your LinkedIn profile and start applying for junior design roles in companies. Or you can start applying for design contracts. 

Do you need any assistance? Send a mail to me. 

2. Web Design

Website design involves creating, setting up, and designing web pages to communicate information with an audience. 

A web designer is responsible for creating the design and layout of a website or web pages. Web designers work on a brand new website or update an already existing site. 

No doubt, web design is a lucrative skill that can be picked up by anyone passionate about it.

A good web designer can never be out of jobs as there are always available roles in companies to fill up. And also, individuals and some cooperate entities hire good freelance web designers for work. 

It takes learning and consistency to become a web designer. You can enrol in online or offline web design courses. And you can be a self-taught designer with free YouTube videos and Google searching. 

This is what the learning path looks like: you start with HTML, then CSS, and then Javascript for web design only. After that, you can learn bootstrap and WordPress. In less than three months with consistency and practice, you should become a web designer. 

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3. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is another lucrative digital skill worthy of having in this age and time. 

Digital marketing is a kind of marketing that focuses on using online channels like social media, email, content, and website to promote businesses and brands to reach audiences and acquire new customers.  

There is high demand for skilled digital marketers now. Businesses are building their online presence. Brick-and-mortar businesses are expanding to online space. Its cost-effectiveness makes businesses and individuals prefer it to traditional marketing. 

Learning digital marketing is easy if you want to. Google offers one of the best yet free online training available. You can take the course, Fundamentals of Digital Marketing for free. After completing the course and passing the final assessment test, a certificate will be issued to you. This certificate can be used to get a job. And you can work as a freelancer. 

If you have a passion for marketing and want to pick up a lucrative digital skill to learn in 2023, digital marketing is a good choice.

4. Programming

Programming involves writing command syntaxes in computer languages to give detailed instructions to computers for certain tasks to execute. 

Like humans, computers have languages. But not the same with humans. Programming languages are developed to communicate with computers to pass instructions and solve problems. 

Being able to understand and instruct computers in languages they understand is a superpower in this Age. It gives you unlimited leverage to scale whatever you’re doing. You can automate boring tasks. It gives opportunities to solve problems simply and inexpensively. 

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Computer programmers code web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, and complex software to solve everyday problems and add value to people’s lives. We can say software is the lifeblood of computer hardware.

Programming is another lucrative skill you can learn in 2023. You can learn everything for free at your own pace. 

There are free and paid online boot camps you can join. There are numerous YouTube videos to learn from if you are ready to.

FreeCodeCamp, in my opinion, is the best free boot camp to learn computer programming. It also has a YouTube channel for video tutorials from experts in the field. The boot camp is really good for live coding. And with consistency, in three months, you’re a programmer. 


If you are a skilled programmer and know your onions, you can never go hungry. Good programmers change jobs like socks because of the job opportunities in the space.

If you have a passion for programming, go for the skill. 

5. Cybersecurity    

Cybersecurity is also known as computer security. It involves processes of preventive measures for systems, networks, computers, and data against unauthorised access and attacks. 

Cyber security is a promising field. We are becoming comfortable with digital payment solutions. Our health records are saved in the cloud for easy access and management. 

As the adoption of technologies into our daily lives has increased, so are the threats. If attackers/black hat hackers have unauthorised access to our data, a lot of damage can be done in minutes. 

Cybersecurity is a wide field and there are huge numbers of jobs. Demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals is growing faster than the rate at which people are gaining the necessary skills. 

If you are interested in the skill, you can start learning today. It takes time to become a cybersecurity professional in any area you want to specialize in. 

Cybrary is a good platform for learning and it’s free. I assume you may not know anything about the field, and if my assumption is right, you can enrol in this free beginner course, the Entry-Level Cyber Security Course. It will open your eyes to the field of cyber security, and from there you will decide the next thing to do. 

The learning path of cyber security is like this: you begin with computer and networking basics, you learn Linux OS, you learn hacking basics, learn Python language,  then pick an area of specialization, read books and take courses in your chosen specialized field. 

Wrapping things up 

These are the five lucrative digital skills you can learn in 2023. Digital skills make it easy for people to learn, earn and grow. 

They equip you to become valuable in the marketplace. If you have no digital skills, you can pick any one of these because their profitability has been proven time and time again. 

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