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5 Easy Online Business Ideas You Can Start Now

Do you want to learn about five easy online business ideas you can start now with no stress? This post is for you. 

The flexibility, financial security and independence of having and running online businesses make it worthwhile. Not only that online businesses are the easiest businesses to start, but also simple and straightforward to manage because of the flexibility. 

Most online businesses require no physical store or location to start and run. You can simply run them with your mobile devices and Internet connection. 

They require little to no capital to start because you already have the needed resources at your disposal. You don’t have to invest heavily in the inventory, no need to break the bank to start. 

Some online businesses are so easy to the extent that you don’t even have to offer a physical product, just a service. And with an Internet connection, you can attend to customers no matter the distance. 

You can be running your online business in the corner of your room. On vacation? Your business is with you. Travelling the world? You can carry the business anywhere with you. 

The continuous development and innovations of the Internet and technology prove to us that there is an online business out there for everyone, even with no business experience. 

Overall, starting an online business is the easiest thing to do in today’s world. There are millions of online businesses you can start today. I will be covering only five out of them. And I’m picking five out of them that I think they are very easy to start. 

Let’s go!

  1. Internet data vending

Internet data vending involves selling internet data bundles to smartphone users for internet connectivity and access. 

It’s a data bundles dispensing kind of business where you register on the online platforms of dealers, and sub-dealers to use them for data delivery to people. This is one of the easy online business ideas you can start now.

As an Internet data bundles reseller, you register on the websites of the dealers, and sub-dealers, verify and upgrade your account to reseller, top up your wallet, and start selling data bundles to people who make orders for them. That’s all. 

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All can be done online with your mobile phone and the internet, and you can send data to anybody anywhere in Nigeria. Distance is not a barrier. 

You can make up to 50% in profits on data sales. And this online business gives room for expansion as you can later own a website where you will have resellers using your own platforms for data vending. 

Are you thinking of an easy online business to start now? Start a data vending business today. 

  1. Affiliate Marketing 

Another easy online business idea you can start now is affiliate marketing. It’s a kind of online business where you promote other people’s and companies products and get a commission per sale made or per action taken. 

Starting an affiliate marketing business is pretty straightforward. Decide on the kind of product you want to promote, pick a platform, and decide on how you will promote it–via blog, social media, and email marketing. 

The beauty of affiliate marketing is you can create a blog to promote a particular product once, and you will be receiving commissions from it so long as the product is available. 

  1. Dropshipping 

This is how dropshipping works: you get a supplier/wholesaler for the products you want to sell. You get the pictures of the products. You use the pictures for adverts online. When customers make orders for products and pay you, you forward the customers’ details and delivery address to your supplier and pay for the products. Your supplier takes care of the delivery. You confirm from your customers if the products have been delivered or not. The difference is your profits. That’s how it works. 

It’s an easy online business you can start now with no money. No investment in any inventory. 

Gone are the days when there are few dropshipping suppliers, but now things have changed. A lot of business people have adopted the business model. 

Are you in Nigeria and do you need suppliers? I can help you. Reach out to me.

  1. Youtube channel 
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If you don’t know Youtube, we can say you are just coming out from a hole and you have been there for like twenty years. Youtube is an online video app to watch and stream different kinds of videos. There are all kinds of videos on Youtube. 

Having a Youtube channel is a form of business on its own. And you don’t need money to start one. If you get a certain number of subscribers and views, you can apply to monetize it and turn it into a money dispensing machine.

You have to consider the niche of content you will be uploading on Youtube. And it is always advisable to go with the niche you are passionate about so that you won’t get bored of creating and uploading content. 

It’s easy to get a niche if you can think about it enough. Ask yourself questions. What are the things you are passionate about? Do you like to teach? Do you have hobbies you will like the world to know about? Would you like to share stories about your life with people? Are you good with giving relationship advice? Do you love gadgets and accessories? Think and start a Youtube channel and see money flowing in. 

  1. Freelance writing

Freelance writing is an easy online business you can start now. It involves finding clients, taking of writing assignments from them, agreeing on the rate per word, and delivering them on time. 

If you are you are skilled in words, freelance writing is good for you. There are different kinds of writing jobs you can take from clients. You can be helping them to create content for their blogs. You can be helping them to write their books. You can be helping them to write their newsletters. You can be helping them to create written content for their social media pages. 

Pick a niche so that you won’t stretch yourself too thin, and clients will perceive you to be a specialist. 

You can start a freelance writing business today. Register on freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. Update your profile with all the necessary information. Then, start bidding for jobs. 

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Another way of getting contracts from clients is by reaching out to them through their email. If you like to be specialized in blog article writing, check the contact pages of the blogs you will like to write articles for, send proposal emails to their email addresses, wait for the response, and follow up. 

When you have many clients more than you can attend to, turn the writing hustle to full business by recruiting and hiring writers to work with you.

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Wrapping things up

These are five easy online businesses you can start now with little to no resources. Once you’ve made up your mind on any one of them, just start and learn on the way. These online businesses won’t just make you good money, but they will offer you a kind of freedom that most people don’t have the opportunity to experience. 

There are other easy online business ideas you can start now apart from the aforementioned ones. Business ideas like podcasting, virtual assistance, data entry, social media marketing, blogging, website flipping, domain name selling, e-commerce store, web design, graphic design, digital marketing, P2P virtual currency exchange, stock trading, crypto trading, etc. 

They are all lucrative. Some of them require some forms of learning to start. They are all easy and straightforward. In the later blog posts, I will be expanding on all of them and providing you with the necessary information to start and grow them.

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Start now! 

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