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3 Easiest Ways to Start a Business/Hustle with No Money

Starting a business/hustle with no money is 100% possible at this age and time. Much easier than decades ago. With the power of the Internet, you can start a business/hustle with no money. 

If you will like to learn about the three easiest ways to start a business without money, this post is for you. 

What do I mean by saying it’s 100% doable to start a business with no money? You need zero money to start. As in you need zero financial capital to invest to begin the hustle/business. 

Instead of money, you will need a few ideas or just one, determination, and time. It’s zero financial cost to you. And I believe you already have these. 

One of the reasons that deter people from starting a business is the fear of losing money. What if the idea doesn’t fly? What if people don’t buy the product as projected? What if I lose the capital? How would I get the money back? 

As humans, we all have our fears as no one can beat his chest that things always go the way she or he plans. The solution to this kind of fear is to start without investing any money in the beginning, and as time goes on, you can use the revenue or get some money to scale the business or hustle. 

Without wasting time, let’s dive in!

  1. Solve problems for people with your skills or expertise  

There are numerous problems in this life. There are good and bad ones. Entrepreneurs love good problems. They make money and make the lives of other people better. 

People are looking for solutions to their problems every day. They have different problems. A problem is a problem, so long they perceive it to be a problem. Not all problems are equal. They are willing to pay to solve some; while they won’t mind stepping over some. 

The kinds of problems you are looking for are profitable ones. The ones people are eager to pay someone to get it solved for them. The ones you can provide solutions to without spending a dime. 

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Blog publishers have one common problem: they don’t have time to write content for their blogs. Most of them don’t want to have in-house writers because of the cost.  

 If you are skilled in writing, you can reach out to blog publishers if they need a freelance writer who can be helping them create good content for their blogs. You discuss the rate per word and get paid after completing the task. 

If words flow to you naturally, you should be able to churn out a thousand words in an hour. Let’s say you charge N2 per word, that’s pretty N2, 000. Imagine if you are able to dedicate 6 hours daily to create 4 posts in a day, that’s N8, 000. 

You are not tied to a client. You can work for more people no matter how far they are from you. You can increase your fee as time goes on. 

Too many writing assignments?  You can outsource them. Hire good writers to create content for you. Pay them lesser than you charge. Keep the difference. Isn’t that sweet? 

Even, if you are not natural at writing, so long you can communicate clearly with people, you can learn it and with practice and learning–simultaneously, you’ll get better at it in no time.   

You can start freelance writing with your phone. When you’re making good money, get a laptop to make the work easier for you. 

There are other hustles too. Numerous to mention all. Are you good at playing a musical instrument? Why not start teaching people who want to learn too, and you get paid to do so? You need no money to start this. 

Many students do have issues with mathematics. Are you a good mathematician with teaching skills? You can be making money with this hustle by simply getting a few students who want to excel in Maths. Next-level idea? You can start a tutorial centre later on and employ good tutors. 

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Let’s move to the next way.

  1.  Help people to do what they want

Helping people to perform basic tasks is another hustle you can start with no money. Very easy and straightforward. 

 In cities, people are busy. Commuting to work is stressful. Returning home drains their energy. No time. 

These people have one task or the other to do. They want to take delivery of their online orders. They want to pick up their wear from dry cleaners. They want to buy groceries. They want to do shopping. They want to clean their homes. Some even want to walk their dogs. But, there is no time. 

They can’t hold all the tasks till the weekend. Even if they do, other activities will zap out their energy. So, no time still. 

Some even have time to perform certain tasks, but the tasks are worth less than their hourly rates. So they feel they are unproductive by spending their time on unworthy tasks. The people that fit into this are highly skilled people whose jobs involve serious thinking like software engineering. 

Marketing this hustle to people doesn’t cost you money. Word of mouth and social media apps will do the work–especially Twitter. 

This hustle can be later scaled to a full errand business. Do you want to know how big the market is? Do some research on your own.

On to the final way. 

  1. Help businesses to market and sell their products online

It pisses me off when I hear young people complaining that they are broke and there are many ways to make money offline and online. Especially, those people who live close to major markets. 

If you live close to markets or you know major distributors of some products that buy often, you can be helping these businesses market their products online. 

Day by day, people are getting comfortable with shopping online. Most of the owners of these businesses still run in brick-and-mortar way. Some actually want to sell online but don’t know how. Some are just too busy. 

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As someone who is looking for ways to start a business with no money, this can be a straightforward path for you to thread. You can make profits the same day you begin the hustle/business. 

This is how to go about it: think of some high-demand products you can market easily online. Get at least a distributor or wholesaler. Explain to him/her that you want to be selling his/her products online–at no cost–like you want to be his/her online salesperson without salary take pictures and promote them online. Add some money to the wholesale price. Get paid and keep the margin. That’s all. 

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In Nigeria, there is a young man who owns an online store for sports kits–jerseys, pants, warmers, and footwear. His company doesn’t stock the products. He partners with brick-and-mortar businesses that do. He takes pictures, uploads them on his website, promotes the business, takes orders and delivers them on time. Pretty.

Wrapping things up

These are the easiest three ways you can start a business/hustle anywhere you are on the earth. All the paths give room for upgrading and scaling later on. Prettily straightforward. No headaches. 

Please, do let me know if you have any questions, contributions or contrary opinions about this information. Simply leave comments below. I would really love to hear from you. 

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Start now! 

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