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How to Start Honey Business and Make Money in Nigeria

Have you ever thought about an easy business to start with little capital? Honey business is one of those businesses that don’t require you to take a loan from a commercial bank or look for investors before you can start.

Selling honey in Nigeria is quite lucrative because there is always demand for a pure one for its benefits. Nothing brings joy to the heart of a businessman like seeing people wanting and buying what he brings to the marketplace–this is often the case when you are selling what people want, not what you think they want. 

There is no human being on this planet who will know the benefits of honey and still not want to buy it. Imagine how much you will make if you are able to sell honey to 10% of honey buyers in Nigeria. 

Another good thing about selling honey in Nigeria is you are not geographically limited to selling to people in your location alone. As buyers are everywhere, you can ship your product down to them. 

Without taking much of your time, as the headline reads, I will be revealing how anyone can start selling pure honey and make money in Nigeria. 

Lets go.

What is Honey?

Honey is a thick liquid that is brownish-yellow or gold in colour. It is produced by bees and is created from nectar extracted from flowering plants. This nectar is generally taken when bees are pollinating flowers and other plants. 

Furthermore, bees are the biggest pollinators on earth. 80% of our cultivated crops are pollinated by honeybees. Without bees on earth, there will be famine which will eventually lead to the death of people. Human beings cannot survive up to a year if bees disappeared from the planet. 

What are the Benefits of Using Honey and Why Do People Buy it?

  • Honey has about 67% glucose and fructose–this makes it to be used as a better alternative sweetener to white sugar for overall health benefits.
  • People apply honey on their face as facemask to clear up the skin.
  • Honey contains polyphenols which contribute greatly to the improvement of memory-related functions of the brain.
  • Honey has antiseptic properties and people use it in traditional medicine to treat antibiotic resistance bacteria infections.
  • People buy honey to treat cough and upper respiratory tract infections.  
  • Honey is used to boost the immune system.
  • Honey speeds up wound healing.
  • People use honey with garlic to regulate their blood pressure.
  • Honey can also be used to treat dandruff and prevent hair loss.

How Profitable is Honey Business in Nigeria? 

Selling pure honey in Nigeria is worthwhile and lucrative. There is always a demand for pure honey because people use it every day for its benefit.

Let’s do some calculations: If you get 25 litres of honey for N30, 000, you use a 75cl container to sell it to your customers at the rate of N1, 700, you will get about 30 bottles of 75cl in it ( N1, 700 X 30 = N51, 000 ) By the time you subtract your expenses from the revenue, you will be left with a decent profit. Can you see that the business is worth it? 

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How to Detect If Honey is Pure or Adulterated

Your pillar of success in this business is rested on mastering the skill to differentiate between pure honey and adulterated one. There are several means to do this and I will be writing some on this post. 

  • Pure honey has no foam.
  • Pure honey is quite thick.
  • It has a nice smell. 
  • If pure honey is dropped into a glass cup of water, it will go straight down to the bottom, won’t dissolve. 
  • Get a piece of cloth, rub a small amount of honey on it, light your match stick and fire the cloth. If the honey is pure, it should catch fire.
  • Put tiny honey on your match stick, then light it on your match box. If the honey is pure, it will light. 

How to Source for Pure Honey in Nigeria 

Pure honey can be sourced directly from the farm, but the farm has to be one with a good reputation for selling pure honey. It’s common practice among bee farmers to mix things up with their honey so that they can make more money from sales. 

It can also be sourced from reliable sellers in the market where it is sold. Proper care has to be taken so that you won’t exchange your hard earned money for the product you may not be able to sell to your customers.

(Note: You can reach out to me if you want to buy pure honey to resell)

How to Market Your Honey Business 

Tell everyone that you know about it. Leverage the power of the Internet to promote it on your social media profiles too. 

Business is customer and no business survives without paying ones, so employ different marketing strategies to bring people to your door for business. You won’t toil that much to get customers because people really need pure honey, and it’s hard to find an unadulterated ones in the market. 

Disruptive Marketing Strategies for Honey Business

Every business is capable of turning you into a millionaire—no matter how small the profit margin is— and if you are ready to give what it takes, you can make a whole lot of money. For instance, soft drinks dealers don’t make much profit per pack but their ability to sell packs in high volume makes the business lucrative. 

I do tell people not to be deterred by the number of competitors in the marketplace, because I believe that with good marketing innovation, you can beat anyone. 

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Selling pure honey in Nigeria is worth living on as a business if you can be deploying marketing strategies constantly in the market.

There are the strategies you can employ if you want to make serious money selling pure honey in Nigeria: 

Start a blog. 

Innovation brings in more customers for your business. Starting a blog about the benefits of honey or natural health products and tips is one of the strategies you can deploy to gain a large number of customers in the marketplace. 

If you are a skilled user of words that can churn out good content, and you can research widely on the Internet within a short period of time, you are a good candidate for this strategy. However, you can hire a freelance writer to do the writing task for you if you don’t have the time or you are not that good with words. 

The question is how do you go about this? Create and design a self-hosted blog, (if you don’t have the technical know-how, you can hire me to do it for you), write articles about the benefits of pure honey, place your honey business ad banner on your blog, create social media pages for your blog, promote it well and see customers trooping in. 

Setup and design a website for the business.

Every business needs a website and yours is not left out. If you are ready to handle this business as a serious one take advantage of the available opportunities in the digital space, get a user-friendly website designed for your business. 

Owning a website grows your brand as well as gives you credibility locally and internationally. You have to keep up with the trend and maximize your profits.

You can have a simple e-commerce site that people can shop on for honey and get it delivered to their address with no hassle. I won’t lie to you, this strategy requires good management and seriousness, but everything can be learned and done if you are determined. 

Not only that you will stand out among other honey sellers, customers will also take you seriously. And as your business is booming, you can be adding other natural health products to what you sell on the website. 

Brand and package your product well.

Marketing is about perception. The way people perceive your product determines how they value its worths. 

Good branding and packaging will also help you to stand out from the crowd, and be recognized. You will create a positive lasting impression in people’s hearts. 

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Design a good brand identity(logo) for your product, fine label, get a fine container that is different from what people use to package and sell it. 

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As people are seeing your product and get familiar with the brand, you will build trust in their hearts and they will bring customers to your doorstep.

(Note: You can hire me to design logo and eye-catching labels for your brand to promote your business)

Employ “sachetization” strategy

Let me explain what I mean by sachetization. Sachetization is a business strategy that ensures that products are affordable to consumers. It means selling products to consumers at a certain quantity they can afford. 

Sachetization strategy is common in FMCG business. Fast-moving consumer goods are packaged in sachet in various sizes for consumers to buy. 

Many years ago, Promasidor the company producing Cowbell milk discovered that majority of Nigerians couldn’t afford to buy tin milk. They started producing milk in sachet and their main competitor was surprised to see the size of the market being captured by Cowbell. That’s how the milk market-leading company started selling her product in sachets too.

Not that you will be selling your honey in all sizes of sachet like FMCG, but you can package yours in a pouch as shown in the picture below. 

The main reason for using a sachetization strategy is to ensure that a large number of people can afford your product. Selling in a small plastic container won’t be a bad idea as well.

Wrapping it up

The honey business will remain a lucrative one to venture into because of its benefits and market demand. Business ideas only cannot make anyone rich in Nigeria and other parts of the world without taking action. You have to be prepared and give all that it takes. 

Honey business can be a full-time business as well as a side hustle for anyone. 

The market demand for honey and honey products are unmet in Nigeria due to some reasons. For entrepreneurs, there is money to be made in this pursuit. 

Your turn

I believe you can make money selling honey in Nigeria following this simple guide. Do you have any contrary opinion or contribution to make? Or you were once in business before? Please, leave comments in the tab below. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to me. I can’t wait to hear from you, and please, start your hustle now!

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Start now!

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