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How to Start an Ice Block-Making Business in Nigeria

We’ll talk about how to start an ice block business in Nigeria in this article. 

This is only one of many enterprises one can start and succeed in to earn a respectable life. We’ll examine the instructions for setting up and operating a profitable ice block business in Nigeria today as we go along.

In Nigeria, the ice block industry is flourishing. This is due to the numerous events and activities that take place throughout each week, whether on a workday or a weekend. 

Ice blocks are needed for a variety of purposes, but gatherings of all kinds call for their use most frequently when it comes to chilling and cooling drinks.

Nigeria is a country that experiences extreme heat in the dry season and has a power supply that is prone to seizures, making the ice block industry essential. 

This company makes ice blocks in large quantities and sells them to other merchants, who then use them to carry out their daily operations. People are provided ice blocks at parks, markets, schools, and other public places so they can cool off and preserve their food.

The appeal of this business is that you can launch it without undergoing any specific training. All you require is the will to succeed, together with a good working deep freezer, a superb generator set in perfect operating condition, and a respectable start-up fund to keep going until you reach the point where you can acquire ice block makers.

In light of this, we’ve included below the sequential steps you’ll need to take to bring your idea to life, along with the numerous supplies needed to set up an ice block business in Nigeria efficiently.


The steps associated with starting an ice block business in Nigeria are as follows:


You must create a business strategy before launching your ice block company in Nigeria. This will serve as a manual for how to manage your company systematically and differentiate you from the typical ice block manufacturer that lacks a thorough business strategy. 

Every important information that is necessary for operating your ice block business successfully must be included in your business plan.


The next step is to secure the funding needed to launch your ice block business in Nigeria. 

If you want to start small and expand from there, you should be aware that you will need a deep freezer, a sizable generator, some packaging supplies, and a steady supply of water to operate your business successfully. As a result, you should budget the money for these supplies and equipment.

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However, if you have the resources to start big, you might need one or two ice block makers, a powerful generator, an excavation hole, and your packing supplies. 

Before allocating the funds required to start your business, try to do some research on the prices of all these and other items you will need. As soon as your ice block business is up and going, you should be keeping an eye on your financial return on capital investment.


Find a nice site where your firm can flourish when you wish to launch your ice block business in Nigeria. 

If you commence small, you can start your ice block business from your house, but if you are launching big, you should locate your business in a heavily crowded location where other businesses are so that you can earn much from the population.

Additionally, you might concentrate your efforts in areas with dense pedestrian activity, such as marketplaces, schools, and avenues with heavy traffic. Target potential ice block buyers who need them frequently for personal, domestic, or commercial purposes. 

These regular clients include hotel owners, petty traders, and event planners, to name a few. If people continue to conduct business with you, your business will prosper.

Please be aware that the seasons have an impact on this business, and as a result, you can see fewer sales during the rainy season because fewer people buy cold beverages and edibles during rainy days than they do during cold weather. After all, the temperature is already cold. 

During the wet season, you might want to think about limiting the number of ice blocks you typically make in the summer.


As you read on in this post, we’ll go into more detail about the materials and equipment that an ice block business needs to operate smoothly.


As long as you are in business, advertising is essential. To help people recognize you for what you do, you should establish awareness that you are in the ice block manufacturing industry. You can utilize all the different forms of advertising to spread the word about your company to current and future clients.


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The supplies required to launch your ice block business in Nigeria right now are listed below. As follows:


Water is the most crucial ingredient needed to establish an ice block business in Nigeria; without it, your venture will fail as soon as it starts. Ice blocks are simply frozen water or water in its solid state, so make an effort to have a very reliable source of water supply since this business enterprise will demand a lot of water. A borehole can be used for this, but even without one, you can still run your business by purchasing water from nearby suppliers who provide it to you in trucks.


If you don’t have the money to buy an ice block maker, you can always start with a deep freezer and then swap when you reach a certain height. Even though ice block makers are superior because they are more appropriate for this type of business, deep freezers are still good.

Some ice block makers have compartments that are rectangular where you pour the water to give it the rectangular shape it needs to solidify when it cools. According to your financial capabilities, you can choose between buying ice block makers made locally or abroad. When making your decision, take into account the following factors:

• Freezing time: The amount of time it takes for the water to freeze or solidify after being injected into the machinery is known as the freezing time. To benefit your business, you need to be aware of which ice block manufacturing machines generate ice more quickly than others.

• Capacity: A machine’s capacity is how many ice blocks it can generate. The ability of ice block makers to manufacture ice blocks varies; some can produce 100 pieces at once, while others can only produce 50.

• Customer Service: This entails getting to know the makers or sellers of your ice block maker because you might need their help in the future if your machines start to malfunction and need repair or maintenance work done on them.


For your ice block business in Nigeria, you will need packaging supplies. Transparent polythene nylons are used as packaging materials to wrap and cover your ice blocks. When you need to retain the water before freezing it into solid ice, the nylons come in help.

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Due to Nigeria’s current erratic power supply, you must purchase a very good generator as a backup to your regular power source so that you may operate your ice block business in Nigeria comfortably and stress-free. A good generator, preferably a heavy-duty one, can help move all your machinery needed for making ice blocks.

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Ice blocks can be divided into two different categories: dry ice and anti-freeze ice blocks.


Chemicals are used to create anti-freeze ice cubes. These ice blocks, which are known as moulds, form more quickly than conventional ice blocks do. They are always in containers and significantly different from those made with nylons. 


Nylons of various diameters are used to create this kind of ice block. In this part of the world, they are the most widely used kind of ice blocks.


In conclusion, if done properly, launching an ice block manufacturing business in Nigeria is very profitable. You can launch an ice block production company and help it develop into a prosperous business by adhering to these crucial measures.

Ice blocks can be used for a variety of purposes. Such needs ought to be met by your company. These might involve preserving food and keeping beverages cold at a particular temperature to feel pleasant. You will be astounded by the amount of revenue an undervalued company may offer you if you attend to the needs of the clients. 

Your business’s profitability is still something you need to pay attention to. Before you begin operations, you will incur large expenses for the equipment needed. 

However, additional expenses are necessary for the day-to-day operations of the business. 

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