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How to Start a Lucrative Real Estate Business in Nigeria 

Real estate is currently regarded as one of the most lucrative and expanding industries. Starting a real estate business in Nigeria nowadays can earn you a sizable sum of money, whether you do it as an investor or a real estate agent. 

Owning your own real estate company is an excellent career path, but it has many obstacles and hurdles. There is fierce rivalry in the market between numerous new and existing businesses. But instead of being scared by the competition, concentrate on creating a distinctive brand that stands out from the others.

Many people are interested in learning how to launch a real estate business in Nigeria and generate money as a firm, an agent, and an investor—even without any prior expertise or substantial financial backing. 

Are you one of them?

Do you require the real estate sector’s potential business and investment opportunities? If the answer is yes, this article is all you need to read right now. In Nigeria, starting a real estate investment company or working as an agent is a tried-and-true strategy to get rich quickly. 

Aside from oil & gas, the real estate sector in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative and competitive, with a large number of emerging and existing firms. 

The majority of the wealthiest individuals in Nigeria and around the world have some sort of real estate investment in their portfolio. Because of Nigeria’s rapid population expansion, the real estate industry has continued to be very lucrative because people are constantly looking for commercial spaces, office buildings, and houses to rent or buy, and sometimes they need to speak with real estate agents or specialists before making decisions. 


What is Real Estate?

Real estate is defined as any property that consists of land and any building(s) or natural resource(s) thereon, such as water bodies, mineral deposits, and any associated flora or fauna. An organization engaged in the purchasing, selling, managing, or investment of real estate properties is referred to as a real estate business. Real estate can be divided into three (3) major categories according to how it is used: 

Residential properties include undeveloped land, houses, townhouses, condominiums, and private residences. Commercial properties include office buildings, retail stores, buildings, and warehouses. Industrial properties include farms, factories, and mines. 

Why Starting a Real Estate Business in Nigeria is Beneficial 

There is practically no end to the benefits of real estate investing. 

The following are just a few advantages of starting a real estate business: 

1. Passive Income 

The best part about rental property cash flow is that after all of your bills are paid, the extra money is viewed as passive income. You are paid monthly while operating the rest of your investing business. 

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2. Financial Success 

If you buy a piece of property in a desirable location or emerging neighbourhood and sell it after two or three years, the rate at which the price will have doubled will not be overemphasized.

3. Stability of finances 

Unfortunately, a large majority of people in today’s society lack a clear strategy for securing their retirement.

You are the only one in control of your financial future when you invest in real estate. You are securing your future if you create a real estate portfolio steadily over time. 

4. No Certain Initial Capital 

The business’s variable investment capital is an intriguing aspect because it allows everyone to try their hand at it. By working as a real estate agent, you may launch a real estate business without spending any money, and if you excel at it, you could earn millions. 

How to Launch a Real Estate Company in Nigeria 

To launch a successful real estate firm in Nigeria, follow these steps. 

1. Do your homework and select a relevant niche 

The real estate industry offers a variety of real estate vocations. You’ll need to conduct some research before choosing a real estate business specialization to determine exactly what would work best for your desired lifestyle and your professional objectives. You can start a real estate business that specializes in property management or real estate investing, or you can work as a real estate broker or agent.

You can either form a real estate limited liability company (LLC) or start functioning without a real estate license depending on the kind of business you want to run. 

Before creating a strategy, find out what each real estate vocation entails. 

One may make informed decisions and close better transactions with thorough market research. 

Consider your characteristics, your talents and shortcomings, and the industry that best fits those characteristics. 

• Being a real estate agent or broker can be a good fit for you if you’re a fantastic salesperson and enjoy interacting with people.

• A career as a property manager can be a good fit for you if you have excellent managerial abilities, are well-organized, or are detail-oriented. 

• The path to being a real estate investor may be for you if you enjoy doing the math, negotiating, or have an eye for improvements. 

2. Write a thorough and practical business plan 

Like any other industry, real estate cannot advance until a clear business strategy is in place. You should carefully design your firm to dominate this industry once you’ve determined the greatest niche for you and are looking to launch the business on a much larger scale.

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A formal description of business goals, justifications for why they are doable, and strategies for doing so can be found in a business plan. 

Any real estate investor’s business plan can be thought of as both their company’s “resume” and growth plan. Learn about the competition, consumer trends, supply and demand patterns, market prices, and the target demographic you should concentrate on. Investment professionals can take action by setting goals in addition to helping them stay focused. 

Think about the sources of finance for your company and how much cash you will need to invest to launch and grow your company.

Determine your business expenses, which may include: 

• Business tools, legal permits to run your company in Nigeria, marketing, office space, and phone service. 

• Software or online resources 

• Website design or hosting 

• Writing a formal business plan makes sure you have considered every aspect, and as an added benefit, you can submit it to potential lenders or partners if you need funding.

3. Manage Your Money 

There are various ways to invest in real estate with no money down, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t first assess your financial situation. 

When researching the real estate industry, you should be aware of the minimal money needed to launch a small or large-scale operation. Large-scale real estate business startup requires a significant amount of finance and investment, particularly in locations like Abuja, Lagos, and Port-Harcourt. 

If your financial capabilities won’t sufficient, it’s fine to look for alternative funding to launch and accelerate the growth of your business. A lender may likely ask you for details about your financial background when you approach them. 

It’s crucial to do your research before someone asks you a question. Review any current accounts or investments you have while requesting a copy of your credit report. Start-up capital might range from nothing to billions of Naira, depending on the area of the real estate market you choose to enter. 

Here are some possible financing solutions for you. 

Investors in real estate can: 

• Fund the company using your savings. 

• Present your business plan, marketing strategy, and growth proposition to potential investors or venture capitalists. These VCs might be eager to support your company in exchange for a cut of the revenue or stock ownership.

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• Start with a conventional loan or mortgage from a bank or other financial institution. The mortgage strategy is a very practical choice. However, high-interest rates may deter developers from using this strategy. 

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• Opt-in for non-traditional financing alternatives like business partnerships, crowdsourcing, and private money lenders. 

• Get involved in joint ventures. In this case, a landowner contributes their property as equity while a developer secures finance from their own resources or a sponsoring entity.

How to Become a Successful Nigerian Real Estate Agent 

• Keep in touch with former clients 

• Be open with your buyer

• Cultivate your online presence

• Networking is essential

• Respond to leads promptly

• Capitalize on technology

• Post videos online

• Advertise online

• Be familiar with your local area

• Don’t overlook social media.

• Observe your client.

How much funding is necessary to launch a real estate business in Nigeria? 

To start a real estate business in Nigeria successfully, it’s a good idea to have between 2M and 500M set aside to help with company formation, professional development, networking, building, filing or preparing the necessary documentation, and getting your marketing plan off the ground.

What are my options for making money in Nigeria with the landed property? 

Here is a few Nigerian landed property investment opportunities for you. 

• Leasing open space and flipping land 

• Property development and real estate 

• Rent for a Home/Office

Wrapping things up

Keep in mind that in this profession, no amount of money is too small. Starting a real estate business may seem overwhelming, but with the right training and advice, you can become a professional and earn millions as an agent or investor in Nigeria.

 Real estate businesses don’t focus on quick success. Instead, it’s a lengthy game that calls for a lot of patience. To build wealth, investments are necessary. 

Leaving your money in the bank, where you would receive minuscule monthly interest, is insufficient. Your business has the potential to assist you in achieving your objectives and achieving financial independence with the appropriate resources, training, and mentoring.

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