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How to Start a Toilet Cleaner Production Business and Make Money in Nigeria

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Selling daily consumables is worthwhile. If you have good products, customers won’t stop knocking on your door. Most of the little things we use daily in our households return millions to the companies that manufacture them. We all know the popular brands of bleach we use to remove stains from our dresses. Without them, we may never be able to wear our dress again. See the kind of economic damages the simple solution saves us from. I was shocked the day I read about an Indian man who left his country willingly to start a company that produces bleach in sachets in Nigeria. But my countrymen won’t just open their eyes to see the available, untapped business opportunities in their land. 

In this blog post, I will be explaining in detail how anyone can start producing toilet cleaner and turn it into a profitable business. 

A toilet cleaner solution is a liquid substance that people use to clean their toilet in order to kill germs that cause infections. Toilets stink if not properly taken care of. Infections can lead to life-threatening illnesses—this is why the populace don’t joke about making sure their toilets stay clean always. 

Every household uses one thing or the other to clean their toilet. It can be detergent, water, liquid soap, etc. Everybody tries as much as s/he can to reduce the activities of harmful germs in his or her toilet.

The brands in the market are not affordable for some people, and also most people are not even aware of the cheap products in the market that can solve their problem better than what they are currently relying on. People use anything they think can work. 


This is one of the kinds of businesses that will always thrive no matter the economic condition. So, you don’t have to worry if you will be able to find buyers for your products. People buy toilet cleaners every day. 

Take a look at your street, count the houses you can see, think of how many toilets, and imagine how much money you can make within your vicinity. And all the residents in your vicinity are already using one or two products. Look at how many litres of toilet cleaner is being used in your area alone in a month. 

The chemical ingredients you are going to need for production won’t eat up your gain. You will always have a decent profit margin after every production. Just do your part by marketing and selling your product fast. Remember that turnover matters in every business.


Your mixing ratio must be correct to get a good solution that people will willingly and happily exchange their money for. If your product is not of good quality or not better than the one they are using, they will dump yours for the other working ones.

Your product will be competing with the likes of Harpic, Hypo, Jik in the marketplace. Package your product very well and don’t forget that marketing is a battle of perception. The way people see your product that’s how they will think it is. Do well in this aspect too. 


This business is not capital intensive. You need N10, 000 or more to start the toilet cleaner production business.


  • Water (15 litres)
  • Texapon (1kg)
  • HCL (2 litres)
  • Natrozol ( ⅓ kg)
  • Sulphonic Acid ( 1 litre)
  • Soda Ash (½ kg)
  • Caustic Soda (½ kg)


  1. Pour Natrozol ⅓ kg in 10 litres of water in a separate bowl.
  2. Dissolve Soda Ash ½ kg in 3 litres of water in another separate bowl.
  3. Pour Caustic Soda ½ kg in 2 litres of water in another bowl.
  4. Mix the Texapon and Sulphonic Acid without water. As in don’t add even a drop of water to it. Mix both together ordinarily.
  5. Pour HCL in a small quantity of water.
  • Pour the Caustic Soda solution into the Natrozol solution = “NC”.
  • Pour the Soda Ash solution into the “NC” solution = “NCS”.
  • Stir together properly with a stick and make sure you cover your nose with a mask and maintain a little distance.
  • Pour the HCL solution into the “NCS”. 
  • Stir together with the stick slowly and maintain a little distance with the mask on your face.
  • Leave it for a while.
  • Package the product in plastic containers for sale.
  • Use it tic clean your own toilet first—to see the work. 
  • Market it.
  • Tell people about it.

Now to you…

I believe that you have enough information now to start your toilet cleaning production business and make money. 

If you have any questions or contributions or contrary opinions, please leave a comment in the tab below. I would love to hear from you. 

If you want to speak with me personally, please do so by clicking here.

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How to Start a Bleach Production Business and Make Money in Nigeria

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Bleach production business is among the businesses that are easy to start and very profitable. Bleach is among the daily consumable products and almost everyone uses it. Like soap that its market can never become oversaturated. Bleach saves most of us from stains. 

Bleach is a chemical that can be used to remove stains from clothes. It can be used to whiten our dresses. In the kitchen and bathroom, bleach can be used as a disinfectant. 

Bleach production doesn’t require you to take a loan from the bank to start. You can start with N10, 000 or less. The equipment that you need for the product is already at your disposal. 

In this blog post, I will be discussing how you can make quality bleach that competes with market known brands like hypo, jik, etc. This easy to follow guide will launch you to the world of producing bleach and making money through it in Nigeria. Let’s go:


  • Big bowl.
  • Small bowls.
  • Stirring stick.
  • Long-sleeves shirt.
  • Spoon.
  • Net: for sieving.
  • Facial mask.
  • Eye-glassses.
  • Hand gloves.


  • Caustic soda (⅛ kg)
  • Soda Ash (¼ kg)
  • Water (15litres)
  • Chlorine (1kg)
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate- SLS  (4 tablespoonsful)


  1. Pour 15 litres of water in the big bowl.
  2. Add the color (1kg) to the water and stir properly.
  3. Pour your soda ash (¼ kg) into it and stir together properly.
  4. Pour the caustic soda and stir.
  5. Pour Sodium Laureth Sulfate- SLS and stir.
  6. You will need to cover the solution and wait for 24 hours.
  7. The liquid content is your bleach. Separate it from the settlements.
  8. Throw the settlement away or use it to wash the bathroom and toilet.
  9. Test the product. If it’s too harsh, you can add more water to it.
  10. Package the bleach for sale.


The chemical ingredients are available in every chemical market.


  • Individuals.
  • Hospitals.
  • Schools.
  • Hotels.
  • Dry cleaners.
  • Companies. 


Your product can be packaged in a plastic container and nylon. For marketing and branding purposes, you should consider designing and printing label stickers for your bleach. Don’t let it look like an ordinary bleach to them by selling without your brand name on it.

You can later be doing plastic gallon packages for dry cleaners, hotels, hospitals, schools, companies. They use bleach in high volume and it’s good for your business. There are other packaging strategies you can employ later as you are growing in the business, as for now, do the basics only.


  • Ensure that you produce quality bleach.
  • Ensure that your bleach is not too harsh.
  • Compensate any unsatisfied customer with another product.

Your turn…

With these easy to follow steps, I believe that starting and producing quality bleach for commercial purposes is possible. Don’t be bogged by any obstacle you think of. Start now. Start small and grow big.

If you have any contrary opinion or suggestion or question or complaint, please make use of the comment tab below. I would love to hear from you.

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100 Profitable Side Hustle Ideas for Full-time Workers in Nigeria

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A side hustle is a kind of hustle you run on the side to earn extra income apart from your day job. It’s usually born out of a passion to make extra income or to express one’s innate talent and offer it in the marketplace as a product or service to people who need it. 

One of the misconceptions about having a side hustle is people actually think it’s like having another job. No, it’s not. I hear many excuses from people who have not been able to start a hustle on the side without quitting their day job—because they fear having another job. 

In fact, neither do most side hustle ideas require a huge investment in the beginning nor capital in the beginning. 

Every side hustle idea has the potential to earn you money in your spare time. Some of them can earn you passive income for life. 

One of the most common questions is how to come up with side hustle ideas—and in my opinion, I will say it’s one of the easiest things to do. Maybe it’s because I have been hustling for a while. I enjoy executing business ideas on the side to minimize the risk of failure and headaches that come with not seeing expected results early. 

Coming up with side issue ideas is quite easy if you can open your eyes to see what’s happening around you. They do say: Learning to spot potential opportunities is one of the most valuable skills you can acquire. Observation is really powerful and can be profoundly helpful if you know how to utilize it.

 There are some certain questions you can ask yourself to discover hustle ideas under your nose or in your backyard. What are the painful problems you had that you have found a solution to? Can the solution be productized? Can it be monetized? What services do you need regularly and do you think can be done better? What kind of improvement do you expect to see in some of the products you use every day? What are you passionate about? Do you enjoy talking? Do you love to speak to people in public? Do you have leadership skills? Do you enjoy writing? Do you have eyes for visuals? Are you good with data analytics? Are you a wordsmith? Do you have any technical skills that can be monetized? How do you eat? Do you blend your fruits at home? Have you ever read about how people started their multimillion-dollar tech company on the side without dropping their day job? Can you play any musical instrument? Do you enjoy illustrating with computers? Do you like to solve problems? Do you know any programming language? Can you use Microsoft Excel software? Can you write a song? What are the things people ask you to do for them on a regular basis that you don’t charge money for? Can you negotiate? Can you market a product? Do you enjoy reading? Can you rant on social media? The questions are endless. By providing answers to some of these questions or asking yourself more questions and providing answers to them—your world will be open to side hustle ideas. 

What most people don’t know is that their side hustles can open doors for their way to financial independence and freedom. With time, constant drops of water can turn to the ocean. What matters most is discipline and consistency. I know people who pay their house rent with their side hustles. I have friends who make half of their monthly salary from their side hustle. 

In this mega blog post, I will be revealing 100 side hustle ideas you can have as a full-time worker without quitting your day job.

Let’s go. 

  1. Niche Blogging.
  2. Freelance Writing.
  3. Podcasting.
  4. YouTubing.
  5. Event DJ-ing 
  6. Cake Making.
  7. Catering and Cooking.
  8. Freelance Graphic Designing.
  9. Freelance Web Designing.
  10. Freelance Virtual Assistance.
  11. Freelance Digital Marketing.
  12. Affiliate Marketing.
  13. Teaching Skills Online.
  14. Baking.
  15. Ghostwriting.
  16. Child Care.
  17. Musical Instrument Playing.
  18. Domain Name Flipping.
  19. Barbershop.
  20. Website Flipping.
  21. Social Media Influencing.
  22. Snacks Making.
  23. Food Delivery Service.
  24. Logistics.
  25. Liquid Soap Making.
  26. Cosmetics Products Making.
  27. Cooking.
  28. Food Ingredients Selling.
  29. Online Tutoring.
  30. Small Business Bookkeeping.
  31. Real Estate Agency.
  32. Soup Selling.
  33. Food Items Selling.
  34. Computer Programming.
  35. Master of Ceremony.
  36. Fashion Design.
  37. Dresses Amendment.
  38. E-commerce.
  39. T-shirt Printing.
  40. Mini-importation Business.
  41. Phones and Computers Accessories Selling.
  42. Mini-exportation Business.
  43. Provision Store.
  44. Salon Equipment Selling.
  45. Used Books Selling.
  46. Phone Repair.
  47. Used Electronics Selling.
  48. Used Phones and Computers Selling.
  49. Photography and Videography.
  50. Travel Agent Service.
  51. Painting.
  52. House Cleaning Service.
  53. Laundry and Dry-cleaning.
  54. Fitness Training.
  55. Event Planning.
  56. Rental Service.
  57. Viewing Center.
  58. Egg Selling.
  59. Ice Block Selling.
  60. Editing and Proofreading.
  61. Ghost Journaling.
  62. Copywriting.
  63. Ghost Researching.
  64. Virtual Sports Forecasting.
  65. Sex Toys Selling.
  66. Kids Online Education Support.
  67. Career Guidance and Counselling
  68. Uber Riding.
  69. Tying and Dyeing.
  70. Sports Jersey Selling.
  71. Weight Loss Products Selling.
  72. Electronics Servicing.
  73. Book Lending.
  74. Costume and Make-over.
  75. Gele Tying.
  76. Herbal Health Products Selling.
  77. Printing Service.
  78. Safety Service.
  79. Relationship Advice and Counseling.
  80. Independent Radio Hosting.
  81. Gift Items Selling.
  82. Soft Drinks Selling.
  83. Talent Management Business.
  84. Building Materials Supplying.
  85. Load-moving Business.
  86. Motivational Speaking.
  87. e-evangelism.
  88. Internet Data Selling.
  89. Mobile Money Agency.
  90. Cloth Stain Removal Business.
  91. Interior Designing.
  92. Kid Tablet Selling.
  93. Scrap Selling.
  94. Kitchen Utensils Selling.
  95. Dropshipping.
  96. Forex Trading.
  97. Agri-tech Investing.
  98. Tech-startup Investing.
  99. Stock Broking.
  100. Fitness Tracker Selling.

These are the side hustle ideas I believe any full-time worker can execute while keeping their day job.

In the later blog posts, I will be writing and expanding on each one of them. I will be exposed in detail to how you can go about any of them easily and work. 

If you have any questions or comments or contrary opinions or contributions, please, put them in the comments tab. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Also, if you need any assistance or guidance on how to go about any aforementioned side hustle ideas, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I would love to hear from you. 

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How to Start a Used Electronics Business and Make Money in Nigeria

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There are many profitable overlooked business opportunities in Nigeria. There are more than 200 million people living in our country. Economically, our population serves as a big advantage for us over some other African countries. Diversification is what makes Nigeria stand out from the rest of the African countries. In today’s world, diversification is a superpower. Our people have different tastes and interests – which make it difficult to satisfy the market needs and it leaves millions of naira on the table – the majority of the people don’t get what they want because accessing what they want is frustrating. 

The used electronics market is very wide in Nigeria. People know and want to use good stuff but most times their purchasing power denies them the ability to get what they want and when they want it. So, if they cannot afford the new stuff, they opt for a used but good one available in the market. Some people even have the belief that used made-in-USA products are better than newly made in china. Some people will prove to you that they can never put their money on new stuff – because it’s as if they are wasting the money – if they can get a foreign fairly-used product, why not save the money or use it for another thing. 

There is a popular saying that Nigeria serves as a dumping ground for other developed countries because of the kinds of used kinds of stuff that we import into our country. As an entrepreneur, if you hear anything or any complaint, you ask yourself: what are the business opportunities available for me?

Some smart Nigerians have been taking advantage of Nigeria being the dumping ground and becoming stinkingly rich by importing and selling used electronics to the populace. You don’t know what you don’t know. There are several types of electronics that enter our country on a daily basis: television sets, refrigerators, washing machines, generators, audio devices, laptops and desktop computers, electric sewing machines, etc. 

You will need to pick and decide the kind of used electric product that you will like to be selling. You may choose to be selling let’s say used laptop and desktop computers and accessories. Or selling all used electronics you can lay your hand on. 

Picking a niche is very good most especially in the beginning. People want to know who and where they can get a particular kind of product at any time they want it with no disappointment. And if you regularly sell good stuff to your customers, they will always recommend you and they will take you as an authority in the business. In the market, I know some guys who only sell used laptop chargers and they are doing fine with it. If I want to buy a laptop charger, I prefer going to their place rather than a multi electronics shop because I believe the seller will dedicate his time and energy to pick the correct chargers from where he buys them as he only sells charge. Let’s take for instance: When we are sick – let’s say we have a problem with our eyes, we’ll prefer a doctor that is specialized in treating eyes than a generalist that takes care of everything. The same goes for business. The beauty of the business side is you can always go for other things later after you have established yourself as an authority in a particular product. 

What do you want to sell? 

Thinking of what to sell is among the first and most important things to do in starting any business. No business exists without selling anything – be it a product or service. Business is selling and selling is business. 

As the headline reads, you will be selling used electronics. Electronics that you will be selling will be of good quality and they will be clean. You will be selling electronics that are in high demand. It’s tough to sell what nobody wants and if you force people to buy from you, you will appear to them as a nuisance. So, go for products that people demand on a regular basis.

Products like used generators used laptops, used chargers, used refrigerators, used television sets, used kitchen electronics move well in the market. Your products will be of a reasonable price to people. Nigerians don’t like to be cheated and for this reason, they are always suspicious and once they notice any sign of cheating, they won’t buy from you. So, put reasonable prices on your products.

If you are confused about the price that should sell your product, you can do a retail price check in the market. Also, checking free classifieds websites like can be very helpful. 

Where would you be sourcing your products from? 

You can source your used electronics from any place of your choice because they are almost everywhere. You can source for them on the Internet. As a hustler who has dipped his hand in this kind of business before, I can tell you for free that it’s better for you to get your products in the markets and warehouses in Lagos here. 

You can’t find used electronics in all markets – even if you do – the price will leave nothing for you after making the sale. There are some markets and warehouses where you can get your used electronics at a wholesale and a good price. Popular Ladipo Market is a good place to source your electronics from. Odo Olowu Warehouse is good to go. Alaba International Market is fine but the sellers there are tricky though you can get your electronics there at a very good price.

Knowing how to navigate through Alaba Market requires tons of skills. Arena Market in Oshodi is good too. Before you buy there, make sure you go to people that sell wholesale or make it known to the seller that you’re reselling else you won’t make any gain. Also, in Computer Village, Ikeja, you can get fairly used laptops and desktop computers at wholesale price. It’s like Arena’s case in terms of pricing.

You have to open your eyes widely and know where to put your legs to save yourself from buying products that you will end up using or dashing out. You can also get your products from people who are relocating to another country – this offers you an opportunity to get guaranteed working fairly-used electronics at a giveaway price. 

For a fee, I can take you to the market and show you where you will be buying your used electronics from. I can teach you some tips and tricks of the market – to avoid stories that touch. I can follow you to the market, assist you in negotiating and buying any electronic of your choice. 

How will your business help people? 

As a used electronic seller, one of your daily activities is to figure out why people buy the kinds of products that you are selling. And I think, some of the reasons they buy is they want to save money and buy quality stuff at the same time. Make it clear to people how you will be helping them to achieve this. You can lower your price than what your competitors offer in the market. When you are sure of the kind of product(s) you sell, you can give like a two weeks warranty – this will help you to build trust and get referrals without spending a dime. 

How much will you put on the price of your product? 

You are buying your used electronics from somewhere. Neither you manufacture them by yourself nor do you extract them from the ground. To make a profit, you must price your product higher than the price you get them. And you must make sure that you are getting your electronics at a good price from the market so that you will have enough upside when you are selling to your customers. 

How will you get paid? 

One of the key secrets of running a profitable business is making it easy for your customers to pay for your products and services. It’s advisable to ask your customers how does s/he want to pay you – whether it’s by cash, transfer, bitcoin, cheque, etc. You can even allow your customers to pay in instalments but on the condition that the product will be released after they have completed the payment. You are just starting out, so losing money now can stunt your business growth.

Later, when you grow big, you can be giving your trusted customers a pay later option but with a signed agreement – they will pay a certain agreed percentage, sign an agreement with you that they spread the remaining balance within a stipulated period of time, take the product home to start using it. 

How else will you be generating revenue from your business?

After selling the product, you can provide after-sales services like repair. It’s not required that you know how to fix electronics by yourself but you must already have contact with good technicians and build good relationships with them – so that when your customers need repair service, you will take the electronics to them and get it fixed for you. You charge your customers higher than what the technician charges – you will be making cool money and at the same time, your customers won’t have to worry about where to fix their electronics since you are there for them. 

Selling electronics accessories like cables, chargers, parts is a good way to make additional money from your business. 

After the purchase of a product from you, some customers will definitely need installation service – flatscreen televisions will need to be hung – providing this kind of service will make you earn extra money on every tv that you sell. 

If you sell used laptops and desktop computers, you can also assist your customers to install software on them. For instance: when a customer buys a used laptop from you, you can ask what kind of software he would need and can you help him or her to install it for a fee. He’ll be glad that you provide the service, he doesn’t have to be looking around for somebody that can do that for him. 

How will customers learn about your used electronics? 

You can start by introducing your business to friends and family members. If you have enough capital, renting a shop in a good residential area that’s easily accessible for customers – enables you to display used electronics for people to see. 

Everybody is online these days. The beauty of the Internet is it connects everyone to everyone. Consider having a Facebook page where you will be displaying your products for prospective customers to see. You can also spend a little amount of money on targeted Facebook ads to reach people. Also, posting on some business Facebook groups can help customers to know about what you are selling. WhatsApp can also be used to promote your products. These days, people have turned their status to a showroom for their business, why can’t you? 

Nigeria’s number one forum,, has a section called technology market, you can reach thousands of people by posting about your used electronics there. I’m talking from experience. 

Online free classified platforms like, Olist attracts millions of buyers every day. Don’t disregard the opportunity of taking your own share of the amount of money that people exchange for goods and services on these platforms. If you can spend some money by promoting what you sell, you will get better results within a short period of time. 

There are so many other means of reaching your potential customers. If you think deeply and look around, you will discover so many means of making people learn about your products and services. 

How can you encourage referrals?

From my own experience, as a hustler, one of the best ways to encourage referrals is to sell good products to your existing customers. Make every purchase worthy of it. Provide excellent customer service. For free, they will be telling their friends and family members about your business – and if any one of them wants to buy one of the products you are selling – they will not hesitate to recommend you. 

Telling your customers how you are rewarding customers that introduce your business to new people is a good thing to try out. Everybody wants to be rewarded. Almost everybody values their time and energy and if they know convincingly that they will be rewarded, they will bring customers to your doorstep. 

What return are you looking at per annum to declare your business profitable? 

Right from the beginning, it’s good to have some metrics for measuring business progress in mind because you cannot hit a target you cannot visualize. You have to set a target for yourself, else, you will not put enough time and resources to make your used electronics business profitable. You can determine your business metrics by asking yourself some questions like: what number of customers are you looking forward to having? What kind of profit do you want to be getting per product you sell? What do you want to declare as annual profit? 

Getting business off the ground and growing takes time and effort and commitment, most especially and importantly, in Nigeria. Almost everything will go against you, even, yourself, too. You just have to make up your mind that you want to make the business successful. When you set your mind to achieve anything, you will. 

You can start your business now. It’s not too late. 

I would love to hear from you as you have made up your mind to take the first bold step to start your business. 

“Make it happen now, not tomorrow. Tomorrow is a loser’s excuse.”  – Farrah Gray 

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How to Start a Wholesale Provision Store Business and Make Money in Nigeria


Nigeria is a country of more than 200 million people. These people have their daily essential needs. They have baths with soap brands of their choice. They take care of their teeth with toothpaste every morning. They drink coffee before leaving home, and some of them take it to their various offices. They love to drink tea; health concerns make some of them opt for herbal tea. For average Nigerians, growing-up milk must be on their provisions items list. We all know that little kids need some essential nutrients to live a healthy life. Some people cannot do without rubbing lotion on their bodies after having their bath. People use hair spray to keep their hair shiny and glowing. I have friends who cannot eat bread without mayonnaise. I know some people who prepare noodles with Titus Sardines. No matter the economical weather, there are some things they can never compromise on. People will always have baths and fill their bellies. 

In this blog, I will be writing about how to start one of the highly lucrative businesses, a wholesale provision store, that caters for the aforementioned daily needs of people. 


It’s a kind of business where you buy products from distributors, super wholesalers, and companies at wholesale price and you sell them to retailers, and consumers at wholesale and retail prices. The people who run this wholesale provisions store do sell their products in dozens, in packs, and cartons. It’s not a retail store where you buy items in pieces. 

The wholesalers source their goods from companies, super wholesalers, distributors, and big provisions markets in order to make profits on their products. 

In this business, turnovers matter most—being able to sell your products fast to customers and go to the market to restock. 


  • Business Plan: You need to have a written business plan—it will serve as a compass, and guide for you and your business. It isn’t really necessary to have a 100-page business plan before starting, a single-page plan with actionable strategies can deliver better results.
  • Capital: You need to have some amount of money to start this business. The capital required to start this business depends on how big you want your business to be,  and the number and kinds of products you want to be selling. Some of the capital will go into renting a shop/space for your business. 
  • Shop/Space/Store: Having a shop that customers can easily access is good for this business. If you have enough money at hand, it’s recommended to get a big shop so that you will be able to stock all goods your customers can ever need. Also, people tend to like one store for everything they need.
  • We are in the convenience era and everyone tries to minimize the amount of stress they go through on a daily basis. Advice: Don’t let more than 40% of your capital go for paying rent and securing a shop alone. If you don’t have money for the size of shop you desire now, you can rent a small one and store the remaining products in your home.
  • Second Advice: Don’t let the shop that you are renting be far from your home except if you are renting in a market. Five minutes walk home is good; 8 minutes is not bad; 10 minutes is not recommended except if you want to be spending money on transportation. I know someone who stocked her products in her living room when she started the business. She used a small shop till she was able to rent a big shop. So, don’t give way to any excuse. 
  • Tricycle/Minibus/Delivery Bike/Wheelbarrow: This is not really necessary as you can employ the service of other people to do what you want. Do you wonder why I put Tricycle / Minibus / Delivery Bike on this list, you will need them for disruptive business strategies. I do tell people not to ditch their business ideas because they see many people doing the same businesses they want to start.
  • A lot of people can be in the business, but the question is are they running them well? Is their business delivering good value to customers? And the honest answer is NO—and if you are ready, this is a gap to fill—do what others don’t and can’t do, and see results they can never dream of. Period. 
  • Tables & Shelves: You will definitely need these to arrange and display your goods for customers to see. Also, it will help you to discover easily when you are running out of some products. 
  • Chairs and Benches: Some of your customers will trek to your store and they will need to sit and relax while making the purchase. It’s your business to make them comfortable, so a place to sit conveniently will do a whole to your business development.
  • Some people will like to write their buying list in your shop. They will need a place to sit to be able to write legibly. In addition, there will be some sets of customers who will love you to pick all the products they need for them while they are sitting. After all, the customer is king and you are in the business to serve. Don’t be rude to them. Smile often. Things will become easier when you have a salesperson in your store. 
  • Books: One of the reasons why SMEs die quickly in Nigeria is the lack of bookkeeping. Take every record of what you buy and sell every business day. Don’t postpone it until later. You will need data for making business decisions and your books will serve as your database for now.
  • Furthermore, when you finish using a book, find time to scan every page with the free Adobe Scan app on your smartphone and save everything as a single book on the cloud. Why? If any damage happens to the physical book, you can always go to the e-document in the cloud. 


Let me first put this simply: buy your products from where you can get them at the best price. It is not a must that you must buy from a single place. Buy at where you will be able to sell them at profitable rates. 

  • Markets: A market is a place where you can buy your provisions at the best price. Though, you can’t get all your products in all markets. Take for instance: Lagos, some of the best markets to source your goods from are on the Island—Lagos Island to be precise. Popular, Idumota Market, Balogun Market, amongst others. 
  • Super Wholesalers: Super wholesalers are the people who buy products directly from the companies in large quantities and they sell to wholesalers only. They have big stores in the markets, on the street, and any place suitable for them—but they always prefer busy places. Buying from them makes sense for your business. Some of them offer a pay-later option, but you must have proven to them that you pay back on time. 
  • Distributors: These people buy directly from the companies and distribute and sell products to wholesalers and retailers. There is a thin line between Super Wholesalers and Distributors. Some of the super wholesalers turn to distributors when business is dull. Some distributors even buy from wholesalers. One key difference between super wholesalers and distributors is: that distributors sell on the go. They get orders from wholesalers, and retailers and deliver the goods to their business place. 


Let fast-consuming goods be on top of your list. Stock what people demand most. Buy what people use every day. In order to help you to think of what to buy and make a profit, I will be listing some of the fast-moving products you should consider. 

  • Soaps. ( For bathing and washing)
  • Toothpaste.
  • Beverages.
  • Drinks.
  • Deodorant.
  • Perfumes.
  • Body Spray.
  • Baby Diapers.
  • Hair cream.
  • Liquid antiseptic.( Dettol and others)
  • Baby food.
  • Biscuits.
  • Body lotion.
  • Snacks.
  • Bread.
  • Starch.
  • Corn flakes.
  • Coco pops.
  • Super Glue.
  • Hypo.
  • Harpic.
  • Hair relaxers.
  • Water Dispenser Bottles.
  • Noodles.
  • Salt.
  • Maggi.
  • Key holder.
  • Sugar.
  • Spaghetti.
  • Takeaway Plastics and disposables.
  • Mosquito coils.
  • Mosquito repellent cream.
  • Insecticide.
  • Umbrella.
  • Custard.
  • Pen.
  • Razor blades.
  • Cigarette.
  • Wrapping paper.
  • Alcohol Sachet Drinks.
  • Nescafé.
  • Nylon.
  • Bagco bag.
  • Batteries, etc.


  • First, rent your shop in a good location. The residential area is good. 
  • Don’t let it be too far from the main road. 
  • If possible, let your shop be on the main road.
  • The road should be motorable–at least even with portholes. 
  • In your business location, design, print, and share fliers to people living and doing business there. Make sure you list the most consumable goods and prices there in bulk. 
  • Location, location, location.
  • Distribution, distribution, distribution.
  • Tell your family and friends. Tell your friends to tell their friends that there’s a place where they can buy their provisions in bulk. 
  • The best way to beat competitors is to outthink them and come up with business strategies that they can never think of. 
  • Attend to customers, and deliver your products in the most friendly and reasonable manner. Package things properly.
  • As you are gaining customers, make a list of working-class people—office workers and small business people—who earn a decent income, and do monthly packages for them based on what they buy regularly. You can give them the option of paying after they earn their salary. (Imagine having a list of 500 working-class people for who you make N1, 000 on what you sell to them, that’s N500, 000 profit every month!)
  • If you are in Lagos, consider marketing to Mallams that sell things in kiosks, because they are among the best customers you can ever think of. Move around and tell them that they don’t even need to come to your shop, they just need to make a call, give you their address and tell you the products they want to buy. You get a Hausa Wheelbarrow who will be delivering the orders for you. I forgot that you have your own wheelbarrow, get mallams that shine shoes, give them space to be doing their business in front of your shop, and you will seal an agreement with them that, anytime you have an order, they will deliver it with a wheelbarrow, and get paid per order, N50 only. They will like it. Ten orders in a day is an extra N500 to their pockets! They will love it. Your customers too will be patronizing their shoe services.
  • Open early and close late.
  • Always stock your products before you run out of them. Leave the phrase, “it’s finished” out of your dictionary.
  • Read, read, read.
  • Grow, grow, grow. 
  • Sell, sell, sell. 


  • Don’t spend money on anything that won’t get the business idea off the growing.
  • Buy the products that people use every day.
  • Don’t joke with your bookkeeping.
  • Don’t spend anyhow. 
  • Every kobo matters. 
  • How you do your business matters more than the business.

Now to you…

Don’t give up on starting your wholesale provision business. It’s very lucrative. Don’t postpone it. Start now. It may not be easy now, but it can be more difficult tomorrow. No excuse. Start the hustle now.

I will love to hear from you as you have made up your mind to start your money-making venture. 

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How to Start a Mobile Phone Accessories Business as a Retailer in Nigeria

Photo credits: Unsplash

There are over 100 million active mobile phone users in Nigeria. Since the introduction of mobile phones into the country in 2001, many business opportunities have been created and many millionaires have sprouted up and some are still sprouting. The mobile phone business has a very big market and leaves room for new players to come in. Every market player takes his/her share of the market. It’s kind of a free market to enter for anybody that’s ready for business. 

100 million users rely on essential and non-essential phone accessories to enjoy the full functionality of their mobile phones. The introduction of smartphones also created some new markets for new products: micro USB chargers, iPhone chargers, type-c USB chargers, handsfree, screen guards, power banks, pouch, wireless chargers, wireless handsfree, etc. These accessories have become things we can hardly do without and it makes selling phone accessories in Nigeria very profitable. It’s an existing market, so you shouldn’t bother if you will be able to find customers for your accessories. 

I think it’s good to write about this profitable business for people who are looking forward to entering it in Nigeria. This business can be run as a full-time business and side hustle. 


Let’s take for instance: you can get an original fast USB charger for N1, 000 at wholesale price, and you sell it at the rate of N2, 000—that’s 100% profit on a single item. Some customers can even pay more than this. In addition, the non-too-original charger goes for N500 at wholesale price in the market, and you sell it to your customers for N1, 500—that’s 150% profit. 

You can buy an original earphone at wholesale price in the market for N900 per one and you sell it to your customers for N1, 500 or N2, 000. In this business, you will need to use price discrimination. Some customers are capable of paying N3, 000 for the earphone conveniently. Try and size any customer before you give him/her the price. But one thing: ensure you make it extremely easy for those who can pay more to get the product easily—you can take a bike to deliver the product. 


The answer is simple: phone accessories. Mobile phones have so many accessories, and I would like to list them here in order to be able to know which ones you will like to sell. 

  • Charger ( Corded and Wireless)
  • Earphones ( Corded and Wireless)
  • Power bank
  • Memory card
  • OTG flash drive 
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Screen guard
  • Pouch
  • Phone car holder 
  • Phone table holder
  • On-hear headset
  • Solar charger 
  • Smart watch
  • Fitness tracker
  • Cover

Business advice: If you are starting small without a shop, maybe you want to be selling online or in a show glass or in someone else’s shop, go for products that don’t fade out in the market. Products like Charger, USB cables, USB adapters, OTG flash drives, earphones, power banks, memory card, Bluetooth speaker don’t fade out quickly compared to cover, screen guard, pouch, etc. 


Starting a phone accessories business as a retailer doesn’t require a huge amount of capital. There is no need for you to wait till you have a million naira  in your account before you can start. If you are starting without renting a shop, especially in Lagos, you can enter the business with as little as N10, 000 only and you reinvest the profit back into the business. A sum of N10, 000 will get you 3 pieces of original USB charger, 3 pieces of original iPhone charger, 2 pieces of the original corded earpiece, 2 pieces of original USB cable, and 2 original USB adapters. 

If you are renting a shop to start the business, you may need to have something like N300, 000 — N400, 000 or more—it depends on the location and the size of the shop you are renting. A busy location is good for this business. If you must rent a shop on the street, let it be close to the junction where people are passing regularly. Also, your shop must be easily accessible for people. Someone like me can’t climb stairs because I want to buy a charger.  A tiny shop on a major road is better than a spacious shop on the inner street. You may also consider selling at both wholesale and retail price to grow the business quickly.


  • The Computer Village, Ikeja is a good place to buy your products at wholesale price.
  • The Alaba International market makes sense for business too.
  • Import from China. (Mini-importation)
  • Funmimall sells mobile phone accessories at Computer Village and Alaba prices.


  • Rent a shop at a good location. 
  • Create awareness in your business environment in any little way—like playing music or a recorded voice: “buy your phone charger here!” every day. 
  • Let your business be on the Google map. 
  • Create a free Google My Business profile for your business.
  • Advertise your products on
  • Encourage your customers to refer new customers to you and reward them for it.
  • Create a free Facebook page for your business.

Business advice:

  • You are dealing with human beings, you must be friendly with your customers. Greet and treat them well.
  •  Ensure you always put a smile on your face. 
  • Be enthusiastic about your business. 
  • Make it easy for your customers to buy from you. 
  • Always have products in stock. 

In conclusion

I believe that if you handle this business the way you suppose to, it can fetch you a decent income to live on. How you are running your business is more important than the business itself. So, run it well.

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Your Turn

If you have a contrary opinion or suggestion or question or contribution, please, do leave a comment in the tab below and I will reply ASAP. I would really like to hear from you.

I just published an ebook about how to start a phone accessories business and make money in Nigeria.



10 Good Reasons to Start a Business

Business image
photo credits: Unsplash

“People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.” — Simon Sinek

The breeze of the Covid-19 pandemic unveiled and taught some hard lessons except for the people who don’t want to learn or like to deny reality.  It all started in a province in China and spread to the rest of the world. Most companies are retrenching because there is no revenue. All economical activities were put on hold except for essential workers and some people who can conveniently run business activities from their various homes with an Internet connection. 

It’s clearly written everywhere that almost everybody is in the business including the government. Some countries choose not to distribute relief materials to their citizens because they think doing so will empty their pockets of voluntarily donated funds by some private organizations. So, the government, too, wants to make a profit from the pandemic. Also, the government chose to ease the lockdown because of the fear of a downturn. 

The question now is: if the government can be in business why can’t you start your own business? 

Some people will say they are not business people, and in my opinion,I would say that they don’t truly know who they are. Capitalism is intrinsic to us. Everything we do in life is transactional. If you do me a favour, you will be expecting me to have your back someday or the reward from the Almighty. So, in the real sense: nothing goes for nothing and nothing comes for nothing. 

I have read about people who simply started their businesses by offering to help people and they get paid in return.  

Talking without backing it up with reasons is a pure waste of time and squandering time is an irresponsible act. So let me discuss the reasons why I think you should start your own business. 

1. Freedom and flexible work schedule:

Being a business owner makes someone become independent and also have some lifestyle flexibility. You have nobody telling you when, where, how to work, or what to work on. If you are the type that hates conforming to rules from bosses, you may consider starting a business. Not that owning a business is easier than being an employee, but it provides you with flexibility and freedom. You can work for hours without noticing because you are working for yourself and the way you run the business is flexible. 

2. Help people and society:

Businesses can bring about development to society and the products and services they provide can help people impressively. Some people want to solve a painful problem, by providing people with clean drinking water, or providing cheap and clean sustainable energy for small businesses. Some entrepreneurs may be motivated to help people by creating jobs for them. 

For example, Mo Ibraheem, the former technical director for British Telecom, in the late 1990s wanted to help people to be able to speak to their loved ones no matter how far they are – this made him start his successful Celtel Telecommunication company.

3. You could lose your job: 

This era has proven to people convincingly that job security only exists on paper. Your company may choose to downsize tomorrow, and if you are found unworthy to keep as an employee, you may be fired. Jobs may not be as safe as you think. Because of the risk of losing your job, you may want to start a business on the side so that you are prepared if it happens, or so that you can quit your job and escape the risk of losing your job.

4. Being in control of your time:

As a business owner, you have some control over how you spend your time. To run a successful business, you will probably have to do some things you don’t want to or do things on a certain schedule. But at least you have some choices. You may choose to resume late on Monday because of traffic. You are free to work from home. Even, on some days, you may not want to work at all. You are accountable to yourself. Nobody can shout at you because of this. 

5. Earn passive income:

This is one of the reasons why I like business. It offers so many leverage opportunities. If you build your business to the extent that business activities run without your involvement, you can choose to go on vacation for months and earn income while sipping your coffee on the beach of the Bahamas. You won’t have to be conditioned to be anywhere you don’t want to be. 

6. Don’t have a boss – you are your own boss:

You are not being instructed what to do, except maybe your customers or investors, but not always. You have a choice to listen to them. 

7. Make money:

Starting a business can certainly be a great opportunity to make money. People start businesses because they want to make a ton of money. Your business can help you to make money by providing you with profits. 

8. Be creative:

Starting and growing a business requires serious creative thinking. Some people use their businesses as a place to showcase their creativity. Creative business owners or leaders exist in the game for a long time. 

9. Retire early: 

Most jobs are more stable and the income is regular but have less upside. For business owners, the upside is unlimited and if you make a lot of money, you can choose to sell your business and retire early. We have read stories of young millionaires who built products and businesses from scratch and sold it to retire and travel around the world. 

10. Be diversified: 

If you have multiple products or businesses, you won’t have reason to depend on a customer, job, industry, boss, income source, etc. Diversification is a time-proven investment strategy made to lessen risk and increase the chances of winning economically. 

Key Takeaways…

Nothing can offer you lifestyle flexibility like your own business.

The business offers unlimited upsides and limited downsides.

Owning a business makes retiring early possible.

It’s quite easy to change society for the better by creating a product or service. 

You have a choice to listen to whoever deems fit to listen to. 

Business, if built properly, has a great possibility of turning into a cash-dispensing machine. 

Now to you…

Do you know of any other reason why people start a business that’s not listed here? Or do you have any opinion that you will like to air? Please, go ahead by leaving a comment. 

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How to Start a Barbershop Business and Make Money in Nigeria

Photo credits: Unsplash

As a saying goes: Barbers are millionaires. No doubt, most of them will never become millionaires in their lifetime because not everyone is capable of translating what’s in the realm of intangible to tangible. 

Barbershop Business is a recession-proof business. As long as hair grows on people’s heads and faces, the barbershop business will always be thriving. It is one of the overlooked businesses that spin money. There is no limit to how much someone can make running a barbershop business in Nigeria.

People tend to look down on barbershop owners and barbers because they assume that they are barely surviving. No doubt, the majority of people are bad with numbers. A little amount of money multiplied by the number of customers in a day multiplied by thirty is more than an average 9 to 5 worker’s salary. 

A barbershop is a place where people go to have their haircut, hair treatment, and shave. Haircare and treatment products are also sold in the barbershop. The barber is the chief pilot of the barbershop. Management and technical affairs of the shop are handled by the barber. 

The barbershop business can be run as a side and full-time business by every willing human being. 

I do see posts written by people who have never been involved in the business before discussing how profitable the art of barbering is. Truth to be told: they are right about the figure, but they are not telling you all the truth — they don’t have firsthand experience in the barbering business. Running a barbershop business goes beyond the figures. If the frameworks that produce the figure are not in order, the business can be a bad one for the owner. As an experienced person in this line of business, I think I can do better justice to the post. If your barbershop is not being run well, making a profit from it in Nigeria will be a mirage. 

In this blog post, I will be covering the most important things in detail on how to make money in Nigeria by running a barbershop business. 

A well-run barbershop in a good location can fetch N200, 000 in profits every month. And there are even no limits to how much you can make running this business because there are so many means of increasing the barbershop revenue through products and services.

Let’s take for instance: a decent location in Lagos where they cut hair for N500. Most customers have their haircut twice a month while some do theirs every week. A handful of people cut their hair twice a week. If your barbershop has 500 customers, your average customers will have their haircut twice in a month ( N500 X 250 X ( 2 ) ) = N 250, 000.

Out of your remaining customers, 250 people, 150 people have their haircut every week, and by the time you do the calculation: ( N500 X 150 X ( 4 ) ) =  N300, 000. The last set of customers have their haircut two times a week— 50 in number: ( N500 X 50 X (8) = N200, 000.

By the time you add everything together, you’ll have N750, 000 in revenue in a month. Meanwhile, some barbershops are capable of even generating more than this by providing some extra hair services. The revenue is calculated based on haircuts alone. We’ve not talked about shaving, hair colouring, hair treatment, clipper sales, and hair product sales. Look at how much is on the table. 


  • Your barbers are the most important engine of your business. Their place comes before the customers. If you have millions of customers today, bad barbers can chase them out tomorrow with bad services. A single good barber can bring thousands of customers within months. And, in reality, customers are not coming to your shop to have a haircut, they are coming to meet the barber in the shop for a haircut.
  • Barbers are the magnets that attract revenue and they are capable of growing it exponentially. So, if you want to start a barbershop in Nigeria, it’s advisable to have basic knowledge of handling clippers and cutting hair. As in you should be able to do at least a skin-punk haircut. It’s not necessary that you should be working as a barber there, but in case of necessity you should understand the settings of clippers, with time and constant practice, you will be a barber. Your barbers will respect you too because you are not a novice.
  • I’m not saying you should go and get a diploma in barbering, but you can spend some time with barbers in their shop once in a while and pick things up. I know barbers today who learned by watching their barber friend working.
  • Furthermore, you can rely on YouTube videos to learn the skills by watching and practising—simultaneously. Consider getting at least a good barber in place and reach an agreement with him before renting a shop. You can hire more barbers to join him later based on the agreement you have on the ground.
  • Location is the second important factor for the growth of your business. The residential area is the best for running a barbershop. Your business should be in a strategic location that is easily accessible to people. People should be able to find and describe your shop for their friends and family.
  • You can run your barbershop in all locations. Some are bad for business while some are good. If the shop is not on the main road that leads to other streets, at least it should be close to the junction. If you have hotels, schools, and churches in your location, it’s a plus for your business because you will be able to gather customers easily. I’m talking from experience. 
  • You can’t start this business without money and it’s advisable not to borrow to launch. You can borrow to grow but you shouldn’t in the beginning. It takes time for a barbershop business to grow and make money in some areas. When you borrow and you don’t see profits coming early as projected, your impatience with the result can collapse the business entirely, so everything will be equal to zero in the end. Get this right. A huge part of your capital will go into paying rent, so ensure you spend wisely by securing the shop in a good location. 

  • All businesses in this world have downtime and barbershop is not left out. Some weekdays will be better than weekends. Sales will be dull sometimes, but it isn’t the end. A huge crowd is coming after the dryness. If you understand this you won’t have issues with your own self and your barbers. No unnecessary headache. 

  • If no one comes to your barbershop for any service, you won’t stay in business. Your business is customers’ satisfaction. If a good barber leaves your shop to open on the next street, you may experience a drastic drop in revenue. You may struggle for months to stay back on your feet. Now imagine if two good barbers leave at a time, you will experience a serious downturn.

  • Customers follow barbers that satisfy them. So, apart from haircuts, find another means of relating with your customers. It can be through products or other business services. Their contact is important. Keep in touch with them regularly. 

  • Ensure you get your shop in a location where you won’t be spending much on power. There are good rechargeable hair clippers now. Your inverter can take care of the fan, bulb, television, and sterilizer. It will save you a lot from spending much on your power generator. 

  • You can’t do this business if you get angry easily. You are going to be dealing with people and they are the most complex machine to handle. You will need to wear patience as your favourite dress. Your barbers and customers will frustrate and stretch your patience, endure so that you can make money in the business. 


  • Original hair clippers.
  • Barbering chairs.
  • Waiting chairs.
  • Mirror. 
  • Sterilizing machine.
  • Towel warmer.
  • Hair brushes, sets of combs, and face brushes.
  • Scissors. 


No business remains a business without paying customers. Location plays an important role in attracting a good number of customers to your barbershop. Your business is location-based, so securing a shop in a good environment is the number one marketing strategy you should employ because people have their haircuts locally. Your customers should also be able to describe where your shop is to prospective customers.

Awareness can also be created in the business environment by sharing fliers, and stickers. Eye-catching visuals will make people know about your barbershop and the services you offer.

SMS marketing is another inexpensive means of creating awareness about your business. The individuals/companies that provide this service have phone numbers of people living in every geographical area. You can employ their service and all they’ll do for you is to send well-crafted SMS to the number of the people you want to reach in your business area. 

Furthermore, it costs you nothing to make your business findable on Google Maps. Put all the necessary information about your business on it. It will make it easy for new customers to know about your business. And they can easily locate your barbershop for hair services. 


There are other means of generating revenue from the barbershop business apart from cutting hair. You can be selling products like hair cream, aftershave, shaving cream, shaving powder, clipper’s blade, and hair clippers in your barbershop. As there’s no limit to how much you can make from the business, so you should not limit yourself to a certain figure. Having some show glasses well-positioned in yourself for displaying your products is good for the business to make sales. 


Like other businesses, if your service is good, your customers will bring their family and friends to come and patronize your business. 

You can also encourage referrals by giving a free haircut to every customer after having three haircuts consecutively in your barbershop. The best way to keep track of this is through their presented receipts of three haircuts. 

In conclusion 

Like every other business, as you are preparing to execute your barbering business idea, challenges will surely come your way, but don’t give up. Face it. Workaround it. Make your business idea a reality. In no time, the business is capable of turning you into a millionaire. 

Do you have something that you will like to contribute to the post? Or is there anything that you think I left uncovered? Or do you have one or two questions about this business? Don’t hesitate to make it known by leaving a comment in the tab below. I would really love to hear from you. 

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