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100 Profitable Side Hustle Ideas for Full-time Workers in Nigeria

A side hustle is a kind of hustle you run on the side to earn extra income apart from your day job. It’s usually born out of a passion to make extra income or to express one’s innate talent and offer it in the marketplace as a product or service to people who need it. 

One of the misconceptions about having a side hustle is people actually think it’s like having another job. No, it’s not. I hear many excuses from people who have not been able to start a hustle on the side without quitting their day job—because they fear having another job. 

In fact, neither do most side hustle ideas require a huge investment in the beginning nor capital in the beginning. 

Every side hustle idea has the potential to earn you money in your spare time. Some of them can earn you passive income for life. 

One of the most common questions is how to come up with side hustle ideas—and in my opinion, I will say it’s one of the easiest things to do. Maybe it’s because I have been hustling for a while. I enjoy executing business ideas on the side to minimize the risk of failure and headaches that come with not seeing expected results early. 

Coming up with side issue ideas is quite easy if you can open your eyes to see what’s happening around you. They do say: Learning to spot potential opportunities is one of the most valuable skills you can acquire. Observation is really powerful and can be profoundly helpful if you know how to utilize it.

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 There are some certain questions you can ask yourself to discover hustle ideas under your nose or in your backyard. What are the painful problems you had that you have found a solution to? Can the solution be productized? Can it be monetized? What services do you need regularly and do you think can be done better? What kind of improvement do you expect to see in some of the products you use every day? What are you passionate about? Do you enjoy talking? Do you love to speak to people in public? Do you have leadership skills? Do you enjoy writing? Do you have eyes for visuals? Are you good with data analytics? Are you a wordsmith? Do you have any technical skills that can be monetized? How do you eat? Do you blend your fruits at home? Have you ever read about how people started their multimillion-dollar tech company on the side without dropping their day job? Can you play any musical instrument? Do you enjoy illustrating with computers? Do you like to solve problems? Do you know any programming language? Can you use Microsoft Excel software? Can you write a song? What are the things people ask you to do for them on a regular basis that you don’t charge money for? Can you negotiate? Can you market a product? Do you enjoy reading? Can you rant on social media? The questions are endless. By providing answers to some of these questions or asking yourself more questions and providing answers to them—your world will be open to side hustle ideas. 

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What most people don’t know is that their side hustles can open doors for their way to financial independence and freedom. With time, constant drops of water can turn to the ocean. What matters most is discipline and consistency. I know people who pay their house rent with their side hustles. I have friends who make half of their monthly salary from their side hustle. 

In this mega blog post, I will be revealing 100 side hustle ideas you can have as a full-time worker without quitting your day job.

Let’s go. 

  1. Niche Blogging.
  2. Freelance Writing.
  3. Podcasting.
  4. YouTubing.
  5. Event DJ-ing 
  6. Cake Making.
  7. Catering and Cooking.
  8. Freelance Graphic Designing.
  9. Freelance Web Designing.
  10. Freelance Virtual Assistance.
  11. Freelance Digital Marketing.
  12. Affiliate Marketing.
  13. Teaching Skills Online.
  14. Baking.
  15. Ghostwriting.
  16. Child Care.
  17. Musical Instrument Playing.
  18. Domain Name Flipping.
  19. Barbershop.
  20. Website Flipping.
  21. Social Media Influencing.
  22. Snacks Making.
  23. Food Delivery Service.
  24. Logistics.
  25. Liquid Soap Making.
  26. Cosmetics Products Making.
  27. Cooking.
  28. Food Ingredients Selling.
  29. Online Tutoring.
  30. Small Business Bookkeeping.
  31. Real Estate Agency.
  32. Soup Selling.
  33. Food Items Selling.
  34. Computer Programming.
  35. Master of Ceremony.
  36. Fashion Design.
  37. Dresses Amendment.
  38. E-commerce.
  39. T-shirt Printing.
  40. Mini-importation Business.
  41. Phones and Computers Accessories Selling.
  42. Mini-exportation Business.
  43. Provision Store.
  44. Salon Equipment Selling.
  45. Used Books Selling.
  46. Phone Repair.
  47. Used Electronics Selling.
  48. Used Phones and Computers Selling.
  49. Photography and Videography.
  50. Travel Agent Service.
  51. Painting.
  52. House Cleaning Service.
  53. Laundry and Dry-cleaning.
  54. Fitness Training.
  55. Event Planning.
  56. Rental Service.
  57. Viewing Center.
  58. Egg Selling.
  59. Ice Block Selling.
  60. Editing and Proofreading.
  61. Ghost Journaling.
  62. Copywriting.
  63. Ghost Researching.
  64. Virtual Sports Forecasting.
  65. Sex Toys Selling.
  66. Kids Online Education Support.
  67. Career Guidance and Counselling
  68. Uber Riding.
  69. Tying and Dyeing.
  70. Sports Jersey Selling.
  71. Weight Loss Products Selling.
  72. Electronics Servicing.
  73. Book Lending.
  74. Costume and Make-over.
  75. Gele Tying.
  76. Herbal Health Products Selling.
  77. Printing Service.
  78. Safety Service.
  79. Relationship Advice and Counseling.
  80. Independent Radio Hosting.
  81. Gift Items Selling.
  82. Soft Drinks Selling.
  83. Talent Management Business.
  84. Building Materials Supplying.
  85. Load-moving Business.
  86. Motivational Speaking.
  87. e-evangelism.
  88. Internet Data Selling.
  89. Mobile Money Agency.
  90. Cloth Stain Removal Business.
  91. Interior Designing.
  92. Kid Tablet Selling.
  93. Scrap Selling.
  94. Kitchen Utensils Selling.
  95. Dropshipping.
  96. Forex Trading.
  97. Agri-tech Investing.
  98. Tech-startup Investing.
  99. Stock Broking.
  100. Fitness Tracker Selling.
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These are the side hustle ideas I believe any full-time worker can execute while keeping their day job.

In the later blog posts, I will be writing and expanding on each one of them. I will be exposed in detail to how you can go about any of them easily and work. 

If you have any questions or comments or contrary opinions or contributions, please, put them in the comments tab. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Also, if you need any assistance or guidance on how to go about any aforementioned side hustle ideas, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I would love to hear from you. 

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