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Where Can I Learn Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria?

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If you are among the people who are asking themselves this question: where can I learn affiliate marketing in Nigeria, on this blog post, I will be providing the answer to it by informing you of the best places and means of learning affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative online businesses on this planet. 

You are not limited to a country. You can participate in any affiliate program of your choice. You can make money with it while you sleep. You can enjoy freedom and independence. You can become a global citizen. And it can put you on the path to financial freedom.

I know you are still asking yourself where can I learn affiliate marketing in Nigeria. I will fulfil my promise in the next few paragraphs. I will provide you with good information on where you can learn affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Gone are the days when you can only learn in a physical class–where the teacher must be in front of you lecturing. Now, things have really changed. You can learn anything at your own pace with an Internet connection and your gadget. 

The advantage is that the Internet has made everyone have access to the best teachers of all subjects/courses in the world. 

And guess what, you pay less compares to physical classes. And you don’t have to travel or move down to a place before you can learn what you want.

The Internet has made the means and resources of learning to be abundant, and readily available for anyone who wants them. 

Now let’s get in as I will be presenting to you five places where you can learn affiliate marketing in Nigeria. You are learning everything online at your own pace. 

However, if you encounter any difficulty, you can always reach out to ask questions, and you be provided with answers and explanations.

Let’s go!

1. Bruno Nwogu’s 0 – $2k Affiliate Marketing Blueprint Courses

Bruno Nwogu is a successful affiliate marketer in Nigeria with years of experience in the game. He loves to teach people what he knows and strategies to succeed as an affiliate marketer. He knows this subject very well.

Bruno has two best courses on affiliate marketing: The 0 to $2k Affiliate Marketing Blueprint and The Ultimate 0 to $2k Blueprint + Course. The former is an ebook only with full information on how to make money with affiliate marketing; while the latter is an ebook plus video clips on the course. Anyone you pick among them. 

As a Nigerian, he has helped thousands of people to make their dream of becoming affiliate marketers who earn a decent income online. 

As you are looking for where to learn affiliate marketing in Nigeria, look nowhere else. Take any of the aforementioned courses. 

2. Tamilore Adewuyi’s First Affiliate Sale Course

Another place where you can learn affiliate marketing in Nigeria is Tamilore Adewuyi’s Online Kingdom. It’s an affiliate marketing course with about 42 video clips that can anyone from a total newbie in affiliate marketing to an expert if actions are taken with the learning. 

In the course, First Affiliate Sale, you will learn tried-and-true techniques on how to start affiliate marketing and how to be profitable in it. In the course, he teaches techniques he used to make over N24million this year alone! 

You will learn how to find hot products, have working sales pitches, and drive targeted traffic to the products you are promoting. And these are among the most important things to know to make serious money from affiliate marketing anywhere you are in the world. 

Are you really ready to learn affiliate marketing now? If yes, CLICK HERE 

3. Affiliate Marketing Secrets by John Don

Another course you can also take to learn affiliate marketing as a beginner in Nigeria is Affiliate Marketing Secrets by John Don. It’s a complete beginner course where you will learn all you need. 

It’s a comprehensive video course for those who have a little budget to invest in their affiliate marketing learning in Nigeria. 

John Don was once in your shoe. He knows how it feels to want to learn something as a beginner. He knows your fears. This is why he created the course for you. 

Everybody is taking this course to start their affiliate marketing journey. What are you waiting for? Start now. CLICK HERE 

4. Affiliate Profit Per Minute by Praise Akinlami

Praise Akinlami is the number one affiliate marketer in Abuja. He has been helping people to make 6 – 7 figures in six months with his course, Affiliate Profit Per Minute.  You too can join the train today. 

Why do I need need to take this course? You may ask yourself. It’s a beginner-friendly in-depth course about affiliate marketing. You will learn in the course how to find hot products to promote and make money serious money from. 

The course is filled with massive bonuses on some other skills that will be very useful to you in the journey. 

Advertising, copywriting, sales closing, page building, traffic generation, WhatsApp marketing, social media marketing,  and email marketing are the skills you will also learn with affiliate marketing in the course. 

And they are worthy to have as skills. Not only that they will be useful in affiliate marketing, but also you can freelance them on the side and make a decent income. Ready now? CLICK HERE

5. Affiliate Accelerator Course by Franklin Emmanuel

If you are really serious about becoming an affiliate marketer in Nigeria, you should consider taking Affiliate Accelerator Course now. In the course, you will learn the secrets of how Franklin Emmanuel and his students have been making N1million every month consistently from this online business model. 

This is another comprehensive course that serious people don’t take lightly.

There are so many things to learn in this course with affiliate marketing. There are some highly-demanded skills like WordPress website set up, WhatsApp automation marketing, email marketing, YouTube ad secrets, and sales copywriting. 

I know some people in Nigeria whose their day-job is sales copywriting, and it’s fetching them a decent income. Some build websites for a living. You know what? You are learning all these skills along with affiliate marketing. 

You will also get 2000+ email swipes that can be sent to prospects for free. 

What are you waiting for? Act now

Wrapping things up

I’m happy that you make it to the end of the post. Now, where can I learn affiliate marketing in Nigeria is no longer a question with no answer. You can pick any of the above-mentioned courses and start the journey now. 

Do you have questions or opinions or suggestions? Leave them in the comment tab below. I can’t wait to hear from you. 

Are facing any challenges to start any business–online or offline–in Nigeria? Please, reach out to me. I would love to assist you. 

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How to Start A Lucrative Laundry/Dry-Cleaning Business in Nigeria

Image Credits: Unsplash

The dry cleaning industry is a necessity in Nigeria’s crowded metropolitan environment, not merely a service.

The demand for clean, well-pressed clothing is always growing, therefore, beginning a successful dry cleaning firm is a viable business venture. 

Nigerians take tremendous interest in their appearance, and this cultural characteristic offers a sizable opportunity for business people who want to start a dry cleaning business. 

Starting a dry cleaning service in Nigeria can be your ticket to success if you’re looking for a successful business venture with the potential for long-term financial stability.

This article is your in-depth manual for realizing your ambition of starting a successful dry cleaning company. 

It will walk you through the procedures needed to launch a profitable dry cleaning business in Nigeria and create a steady stream of revenue.

 It will also give you the information and resources you need to start this rewarding path, regardless of whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or a first-time business owner. 

Doing this isn’t hard, it’s about getting the right information. 

Prepare to learn how to capitalise on the lucrative dry cleaning market in Nigeria and establish a name and a career for yourself in this evergreen sector.

Let’s get started!

What is dry cleaning and laundry?

Dry cleaning is a method of cleaning clothes without using water, whereas laundry is essentially the skill of washing clothes with detergents, soaps, and water.

Alcohols and other organic solvents, such as benzene and toluene, are primarily used here. 

Dry cleaning is different from laundry.

Laundry is used to wash all of the clothes because they have likely been worn and are now dirty, whereas dry cleaning is used to deal with a specific stain on a piece of clothing to remove the stain and restore the item to its original condition.

Equipment Needed to Start the Laundry Business in Nigeria 

  • Pressing table and iron
  • bowls and buckets 
  • Soap (Detergents and bar soap)
  • Washing machine(s)
  • Access to power supply and generator 
  • Shelves, pegs, hanger
  • Standing fan or ceiling fan 

There are other items you might need but these are the basics. 

You’ll need to write all these out and put the average price for each. The total money you get would be added and make up your capital. 

How to Start a Lucrative Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria 

Here are the store steps to start a dry cleaning business in Nigeria and make massive profits.

Be guided that being successful in any business requires hard work, dedication and persistence.

  1. Write a Business Plan

One cannot overestimate the value of creating a laundry business plan.

You may believe that the above-mentioned washing supplies are the sole costs involved in starting your own laundry business in Nigeria, but this is not accurate. 

There are still what I refer to as hidden costs, such as location-opening a store in a location where thousands of people pass by every day and costs if you’re starting from home and cannot afford to pay for a shop.

You only need to make room in your home or flat for a laundry business.

Remember that there will be costs associated with this, such as rewiring, creating an area for drying clothes, and other things. 

Plan your laundry business in writing. You will have a clear understanding of how much money you need to raise once you have completed your laundry business plan. 

  1. Carry out Market Analysis 

First things first, you must thoroughly examine how dry cleaners function in your area to gain a thorough understanding of the industry. 

To operate a laundry business in your area, you need to do some research on the best method of operation, what equipment is required, where in your area is the best spot to start, learn about your rivals, and apply for the necessary registration and available licences.

Make some observations regarding the pricing range per type of material in your local area as part of your competitor’s research. 

This will enable you to assess if it is worth it by giving you some idea of the profit you may anticipate after the day. 

You must be sure that your study is done depending on the location where you want to establish the business because the price, cost of operation, and regulatory requirements differ across every state, town, and even street.

  1. Buy the Laundry Equipments and Materials and Look for a Location 

You must list each piece of equipment you will require for your laundry business in this phase.

When you’ve finished, you may start listing the supplies and tools you’ll require to get started.

However, I have mentioned them above for simplicity.

You need to be attentive when choosing the right location for your dry-cleaning business in Nigeria.

You must first take into account three factors before deciding where to locate your washing shop: volume of foot traffic, the expense of operating a shop nearby, and the quality of life for locals.

Choose a location not because more than 1000 Nigerians pass by there every day. 

Finally, you must take into account the type of residents in the area and imaginatively evaluate location costs, or how much it will cost you to open a shop there.

  1. Get Your Company Registered and All Required Licences

Although the requirement for registering a laundry service varies by state, many dry cleaners choose not to register before opening.

However, to be on the safe side, attempt to find out during your market research if there are government taxes or permits to pay, legal licenses required, or associations of dry cleaners to join to operate a laundry service in your area.

  1. Build your Customer Base

In this case, you should still get started from your home or flat even though you lack the funds to rent a shop in the desired area. 

If you are carefree, waiting for the ideal moment to begin will cause you to postpone everything. Begin now!

Keep in mind that everything you require for the laundry business is on the list you previously created.

 If not all of them, go to the market and purchase some of them. 

Start by notifying your family and close friends about your company. 

The finest ploy you can use to get people to use your services is to promise to wash their clothing for an absurdly low price. 

And tell them you’re only doing this so they can get a feel for you. 

Use this trick on all of your friends, telling them they will receive even greater discounts if they refer their friends to your business.  

With this, they will be able to create free advertisements for you, and because their friends rely on their recommendations, their friends will be more likely to use your services. 

Continue doing this until you can afford other types of advertising. Keep in mind that it’s not just about attracting customers; it’s also about keeping them happy and tying them to the business.  

Providing them with exceptional services is the only way to accomplish this.

Wrapping things up

Starting a successful dry cleaning business in Nigeria requires careful planning, top-notch customer service, and a dedication to client pleasure. 

Understanding your industry, providing top-notch service, and embracing innovation will help you establish a successful company that not only generates revenue but also cultivates a following of devoted clients. 

It’s time to realize your entrepreneurial aspirations and start your rewarding path in the dry cleaning industry.

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Top 10 Best and Lucrative Business Ideas for the Year 2024

Photo by Nupo Deyon Daniel on Unsplash

Would you like to be informed about the top and best lucrative ideas for 2024?

Are you thinking of making your dream of becoming a successful business owner becomes a reality in 2024? 

Are you looking for profitable business ideas to dip your hands into? 

Starting and running a successful business is one of the surest ways of becoming rich, financially independent and free. 

However, picking the best business ideas to work contributes immensely to the results, and also speeds up success in the business. 

With over 200 million Nigerians, these business ideas have been tested time over time, and the markets are unsaturated. 

This means you can join the league of quiet multimillionaires who make money from these ten and best lucrative business ideas.

Let’s dive in:

1. Showbiz and Entertainment Business

The showbiz and entertainment industry in Nigeria generates over three billion naira, offering a lucrative opportunity for individuals to earn millions while in the spotlight. 

By creating entertaining content such as music, movies, videos, or social media posts, individuals can go viral at a low cost, depending on their audience. 

Starting as an influencer, and then progressing to a model and actress can lead to significant financial success in this industry.

2. Transport  Business 

Transportation services also present a lucrative business opportunity in Nigeria. Small vehicles such as tricycles, motorcycles, taxis, and buses may appear insignificant, but they can generate close to ₦100,000 per week. 

This income surpasses what many individuals earn in a month while working in air-conditioned offices. By purchasing a vehicle of choice and hiring a driver, individuals can passively make up to ₦150,000 per month without actively participating in the business.

3. Services for Security and Tracking

Selling, repairing, and installing security gadgets such as CCTV cameras, stun guns, GPS trackers, alarm systems, and more can be highly profitable, particularly in areas with high crime rates and affluent communities.

In urban areas, these machines perform most of the work, unlike physical security services. 

With this business, you can earn millions of Naira monthly.

4. Exportation Business

Contrary to popular belief, Nigeria has plenty of exportable goods. 

Exporting raw materials like cocoa, green vegetables, vegetable oil, yam, cassava, palm oil, and crude oil to other countries can lead to substantial wealth accumulation.

 There is high demand for these items outside of Nigeria.

5. Public Relations Services

If you possess the skill of engaging the public, then offering public relations services is an ideal choice.

There is a plethora of jobs available for public relations professionals, ranging from celebrities and governors to businessmen and politicians. 

This thriving business opportunity in Nigeria can easily ensure your financial freedom.

6. Agricultural Business 

Agriculture is a lucrative business idea for Nigerians, as planting crops and rearing animals can yield substantial profits. 

Cultivating staple foods such as rice, cassava, potato, and beans has been proven to be highly profitable.

7. Sports Trainer

Nigerians have a great love for sports: football, basketball, boxing, golf, cycling, and tennis. 

As a sports instructor or coach, many potential customers are eager to enlist your services, provided that you have the necessary qualifications and confidence. 

If you aspire to achieve rapid financial success in this industry, you can consider increasing your prices and aiming for opportunities such as coaching athletes to compete abroad or participating in events like the Olympics.

8. Car Spare Parts Sales Business

In Lagos alone, there are nearly three million vehicles consistently transporting people and goods within the state. 

Within this business sector, maintaining a steady customer base is hardly a challenge, particularly if you position yourself in the right location.

Popular cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Owerri consistently demonstrate a high demand for car spare parts, such as tire rims, brake pads, engines, windscreens, doors, and batteries.

Selling car spare parts stands out as an excellent business opportunity for those seeking financial freedom and quick profits. 

Due to the constant demand for vehicle parts, particularly in densely populated cities, this venture has proven to be highly lucrative in numerous instances.

It is entirely possible to generate profits of up to ₦35,000 from just a single trade.

9. Grocery Store and Supermarket  Business

Starting a grocery store or supermarket in your local area is a great idea for a small-scale business venture in Nigeria. 

Depending on how you approach it, it can also provide a passive income stream. 

This is considered one of the top business opportunities in Nigeria and can be successfully implemented anywhere in the country.

10. Hotel Business

The abundance of hotels in my neighbourhood is not surprising.

 Running a hotel business is always a lucrative idea, as there are numerous passive income opportunities associated with it.

People are willing to spend significant amounts, even up to ₦100,000, for just one night’s stay in hotels, bars, and lodges. 

If you start a small hotel, I would love to hear about your experience.

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From Zero to Hero: Segun’s Remarkable Journey as a Millionaire Affiliate Marketer

Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash

His name is Segun. Lived in the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria. Despite coming from a humble background, Segun possessed an insatiable thirst for success and a burning desire to create a better life for himself and his family.

 Little did he know that his relentless pursuit of his dreams would culminate in a remarkable journey as a millionaire affiliate marketer, with no money to his name.

Segun was an optimistic individual, always believing that there was a way to overcome every obstacle that came his way.

 Fuelled by his unwavering enthusiasm, he decided to delve into the realm of online marketing, specifically affiliate marketing, as a means to turn his dreams into reality. 

However, he faced a significant roadblock – he had no money to invest in his venture.

Determined not to let this setback dim his spirits, Segun secretly converted a corner of his room into his home office. 

With an Internet connection, a borrowed laptop, and an unwavering belief in himself, he began his journey into the world of affiliate marketing.

Segun deeply involved himself in studying the art of affiliate marketing, poring over countless articles, tutorials, and success stories during every spare moment. 

He devoured the knowledge like a man possessed, determined to ensure that he would not be left behind in the competitive online world.

With newfound insights, Segun embarked on a quest to find the perfect niche that would enable him to showcase his marketing prowess. 

After extensive research, he settled on promoting health and wellness products – a lucrative and evergreen market. 

Segun knew that he needed to establish himself as an authority in the field to win the trust of potential customers.

Using the power of the internet to his advantage, Segun started a blog dedicated to discussing health-related topics.

 Each article he penned was meticulously crafted, backed by in-depth research, and infused with his unique perspective. 

His passion for the subject matter resonated with his growing audience, and slowly but surely, his blog gained a steady following.

While his blog was becoming increasingly popular, Segun began to dabble in social media marketing.

He created profiles across various platforms, invested time and effort in understanding their algorithms, and skillfully leveraged their potential to drive traffic to his blog. Soon, his online influence began to expand exponentially.

Armed with a growing follower base, Segun curated and shared useful content and recommendations related to health and wellness products. 

His genuine and personal approach won him the trust of his audience. Segun meticulously crafted his affiliate marketing strategies, ensuring that every product he recommended was of high quality and aligned with his audience’s needs.

As his audience trust and engagement soared, Segun’s affiliate marketing commissions started pouring in. 

Every dollar earned was reinvested into his expanding business, enabling him to scale his online ventures further. He eventually created his website, utilising his earnings to optimise it for maximum visibility and user-friendliness.

Segun’s tireless efforts eventually caught the attention of well-established players in the industry. 

They recognized his unique approach and the massive reach he had cultivated. Esteemed companies sought collaborations with Segun, eager to tap into his growing influence and credibility. 

These lucrative partnerships proved to be the turning point in Segun’s journey, catapulting him into the realm of millionaire affiliate marketers.

Segun’s inspirational rise to success not only transformed his own life but also became a beacon of hope for aspiring entrepreneurs who lacked financial resources. 

His story showed that with unwavering optimism, determination, and an unyielding belief in oneself, anyone could achieve extraordinary success – even without money.

Today, Segun stands tall as a millionaire affiliate marketer, inspiring countless individuals around the world to embrace their dreams and pursue their passions. 

His story serves as a powerful reminder that the possibility of greatness lies within every one of us, waiting to be unleashed against all odds.

You too can start the journey today. What are you waiting for? 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need assistance with starting, or growing any business or side hustle. 

I would like to hear from you. You can leave comments below. 

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The 3 Most Important Things to Make Serious Money from Affiliate Marketing

Photo by Merakist on Unsplash

Have you been wondering about the important things to make serious money from affiliate marketing? 

Are you an affiliate marketer that’s struggling to make decent money? 

Do you want to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria but you will like to know what makes people record success from the business? 

Are you looking for an online business that makes money passively? 

If you answer yes to any of the questions above, this post is for you. You will thank yourself if you read it till the end. 

If you know what works and what doesn’t, recording success in any endeavour will be easy except if you don’t ignore what doesn’t bring results and work on what works. 

Having the right information about affiliate marketing is crucial to making money in the space. 

When they ask most millionaires affiliate marketers about the important things that make them serious money, these three things I’m going to be discussing always come on top of their list. 

If you’re just hearing about affiliate marketing for the first time, I will explain it in a few words. However, if you want to know more about it, I recommend that you read this article: 

What is affiliate marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is a kind of online business/hustle where marketers promote companies’ and individuals’ products, and services offers, and get paid per sale made or per lead generated. 

Affiliate marketers earn a certain percentage of the selling price of products, services and offer they are promoting.

It can be 10%, 30%, 50%, and even 100% commission. You may be thinking why would product owners give 100% commissions and earn nothing? 

Some of them may want to support the marketers. Some are tired of generating income from the same product. Some just want to build their email list. Some products and inexpensive, and because of this, they don’t want to share the money with the marketers. 

Without wasting time, let’s dive into the three most important things to make serious money from affiliate marketing. 

1. Attention

Attention is the number one most important thing you need to make serious money from affiliate marketing. As you know that we are in the Information Age, getting attention has never been more important than now. 

People’s attention is low at this age because of numerous distractions here and there. Still, you have to devise means of getting people’s attention for your affiliate marketing business. 

Thriving businesses and individuals fully understand that they need attention to survive. Without it, there is no customer, sales, gigs, revenue, or profits. 

You need people’s attention to read your adverts. You need people’s attention to read your newsletters. You need people’s attention to drive traffic to your blog, and sales page. 

There are some ways to get people’s attention. You have to be intentional about it. You can build an informational blog around the affiliate marketing niche you are promoting. You do some SEO research to discover keywords with high search volume and create compelling informational articles to provide people with solutions. 

You can also get attention by being active on social media, online forums, and Quora actively sharing helpful content.

After gaining attention, then you can convert it to traffic. 

2. Traffic

Traffic is the second most important thing you need to make serious money from affiliate marketing. You need the traffic to grow your blog. You need traffic to sell products on your sales pages. You need traffic for whatever affiliate product you are marketing. 

If you own a blog for your affiliate marketing, you have to employ strategies to keep those people whom you have got their attention to keep coming. You need to be creating compelling content regularly. You need to engage your blog readers in the comment section. You need to ask about their problems if they need any form of assistance. 

Furthermore, you have to employ working SEO strategies like keyword analytics and research to know the kind of information people need.  

Also, you have to build backlinks to your blog. You can write guest posts on other authority blogs. You can leave comments on several ones. 

If you can build and get the traffic, you can finally convert everything to the audience. 

3. Audience 

The audience is the third most important thing you need to make serious money from affiliate marketing. All the previously mentioned two things are leading you to this final thing. 

If you get people’s attention, build traffic to your blog, create good content to keep them coming, and engage them well, they will become your audience. 

After that, you shouldn’t stop at having them as mere audience. You will build an email list. Add a pop-up call to action form on your blog to tell readers to subscribe in order not to miss any updates. Once you set up your email list, keep your eyes on it to see if your blog readers are signing up or not, and keep tracking the results. 

As your mailing list is growing, you can start promoting affiliate offers to your subscribers. If you have 100,000 subscribers, 50% read your offer, and 10% out of the 50% buy what you promote–that’s 5000. Now, multiply by the amount of your commission. That’s serious money. 

The beautiful thing is there is no limit. You can grow your mailing list more and more. You can strategically promote more products to them and make serious money. 

Wrapping Things Up 

You have the three most important things to make serious money from affiliate marketing. You can start your affiliate marketing journey today. You can work on these three things to make serious money as an affiliate marketer. 

You can leave comments below if you have questions, suggestions, or contributions. 

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Top 10 Businesses That Can Make You A Millionaire in Nigeria and Africa

Image credits: Pexels

Do you want to become a millionaire in Nigeria or anywhere you are on the continent of Africa? This post is for you. 

The good thing about the wealth game is it’s positive-sum, not zero-sum. Your being a millionaire doesn’t disturb my ability to become one. We all can be rich. We all can be wealthy. We all can be millionaires and multimillionaires. 

Millionaires and billionaires in this world own businesses and assets that generate income for them while they sleep, are on vacation, exercise, eat, work, and spend time with their families and loved ones. 

Their income is not tied to time. They leverage other people’s time and money to get things done. They multiply their efforts quickly to get quick results.

One of the surest ways people become millionaires is by owning and running a profitable business. If you check the top ten richest people on the soil of Africa, you will see that they all own businesses. 

Not all businesses can make you a millionaire actually, and this is why this post is written for you to discover the top ten businesses that can make you a millionaire in Nigeria and Africa. 

Successful businesses have one thing in common: they provide solutions to people’s problems using leveraging products and services that the populace can afford to pay for. 

Here are the top ten businesses that can make you a millionaire even a billionaire in Nigeria: 

1. Hotel business

The hotel business can make you a millionaire even a multimillionaire in Nigeria. The hotel business is one of the surest businesses that generate revenue daily. And the leverage and opportunities to make so much money are huge. If you have the required resources to start the hotel business, you shouldn’t waste time on it.

There is one thing about the hospitality industry in Nigeria and Africa: the bar of excellence is low. The services of most hotels are nothing to write about. If your hotel is in a good location, accessible for customers, can be easily found, and you provide good and affordable service, success is guaranteed. 

The revenue from one hotel can be used to build another one. One hotel can be used as collateral to get a loan from a bank to build another hotel or to expand the business and meet the demand of the customers. This is how some billionaires in Nigeria have more than 200 hotels in different locations across Nigeria. You can join the league too.

There was a time when a friend approached me to assist him to get a relatively affordable hotel for his staff who are coming to work in Lagos. 

There is this new hotel I know. A room is N10,000 per night. Small rooms though. The hotel has 64 rooms. My mind was at peace knowing that there were enough rooms for customers and can never be fully booked. But I was wrong with my assumption. 

I went to the hotel in the evening to book three rooms. I was shocked to hear that all the rooms are fully booked by customers. I asked again, “But you have 64 rooms?” The receptionist said all are filled. Surprised. I asked if there is a possibility of getting one the following day. But I was told twenty customers have booked 20 rooms ahead for the following day– that’s one-third of the total number of rooms.

 If you do the maths, you can have an idea of how much this one hotel will be making monthly.  And the owner has other hotels in different locations. This is serious money. 

If you don’t have the huge capital to start the hotel business, you can start with whatever you have. Small hotels in a good location that provide only short time lodging rake in money, too. You can start small and expand later on. 

Another way of starting the business is to look for a hotel in a good location but with bad management and maintenance. This usually happens to inherited hotels. The family or kids of the late owner don’t usually run them well. 

You can make an offer that you will take over the hotel and be paying them rent annually. They don’t have to bother about the hotel business. You will do some renovations, and position the hotel well to attract customers. They will get their money as agreed. 

Ensure everything is written and agreed upon. And all the parties involved should sign the documents. That’s all. If you have good management skills, you will be recording profits every year. 

2. E-commerce business

E-commerce is a kind of business that involves the buying and selling of goods or services over the Internet. 

It is a type of retailing that provides for distance transactions of goods with customers, without the need to maintain a physical business location.

Customers shop directly on the website of the business from wherever they are to buy their desired products, and the business delivers the products to their delivery address.

In Nigeria and Africa, people are getting comfortable with shopping online without needing to visit the physical location of the business. Even, these days brick-and-mortar businesses are coming online to sell too. 

Konga, Jumia, and Amazon are the best examples of thriving and profitable e-commerce businesses. The owners of these companies are billionaires and multi-billionaires. 

In Nigeria and other African countries, millions of people shop daily on e-commerce platforms, and they love it because it involves no stress. 

And the good thing about the market is: it’s unsaturated to date. If you want to become a millionaire in Nigeria or anywhere you are in Africa, you can join the league. 

Here are the most popular categories for online purchases in Nigeria as of 2023: clothing, shoes, bags & accessories, cosmetics & body care, consumer electronics, food & beverages, health products, household appliances, books, toys & baby products, furniture & household goods, stationery & hobby supplies, DIY& garden products. 

Most successful e-commerce companies started by selling a category of product and later expand to become multicategories. Amazon started with books only. Look at Amazon today. Amazon is not just an e-commerce business again, but a technology company that provides cloud services for businesses. 

3. Internet service providing business

The population of Africans and Nigerians connecting to the Internet are increasing rapidly. People connect to the Internet for different reasons: education, entertainment, social, work, business, etc. 

Millions of people need a good Internet connection to surf the web and browse the Internet. Africans pay more for Internet plans than other continents. If you can provide unlimited Internet service for people at affordable rates, in no time you will become a millionaire. 

If you research how much Telecom companies make on Internet data sales every month in Nigeria, you will discover how huge the market is. And most of them provide bad services. 

And according to my findings, Internet Service providers run away from customers because they cannot meet their demand for services. Are you surprised? They simply run away because they can’t meet up with the needs of customers, and as a result, they avoid connecting them.

4. Transportation business

If you want to become a millionaire in Nigeria and Africa, the transportation business is worth looking into. 

We spend heavily on food, rent and transportation daily to move from one place to another. We buy goods and get them delivered using transport companies’ services. 

Logistics alone is huge, and still a mess because the players don’t meet up with the demand and always disappoint.

 You can start a logistics company today to provide better services and leverage the use of technology to serve customers better than the current players. 

The transportation business is huge. Logistics is not the only profitable niche to focus on. Everybody cannot own a car, but almost everybody moves from one place to another. They need taxi/bus services to get to their destination. 

Here is an idea: you can start a transport company to provide cheaper, more flexible and more convenient transport services to working-class people in cities. You pick them up at some point in the morning to work and drop them off in the evening. This business model is highly scalable and you can generate millions in profits.  

You can also look into giving out buses and cars on hire purchases to individuals who cannot afford to pay for cars outrightly. You can set up a company to provide this service to people. 

You carry out your research. You buy the car or bus of their choice for them. You sign an agreement on weekly payment terms. You include penalties so they can take the payment seriously. 

How much will you give the car out? It depends on the price of the car and the agreement with the client. Some companies and individuals do add almost 100% to the actual cost of the car. 

There are numerous millionaires in the transportation business in Nigeria and Africa at large. You can join the league by starting the journey now.

5. Food and beverages business

The food sector takes about 40% of the total economic activities in Nigeria. Households spend about 50% of their income on food, according to the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics. Some of the richest people in Nigeria and on the continent of Africa own food and beverage companies. 

Almost 200 million people are living in Nigeria. They need food and drinks daily for nourishment. As broke as many appear, still they eat at least once daily. 

The size of the food and drinks market in Lagos is roughly N1.1 trillion. There are different players in the market. Every business takes a share of the market and makes profits.  

You can start a food restaurant. You can start supplying raw foodstuffs to restaurants. How about the selling of affordable, processed and clean beef? How about a meal and soup delivery business for busy individuals? You can become a major distributor for food companies. How about opening a flour depot? You can also open a soft drink depot. How about buying foodstuffs from farms and sell in the city? You can open a foodstuff store in a residential area. You can be a major distributor of an energy drink brand.

6. Education Business

The education sector is a huge one in Nigeria. It is estimated that 60 per cent of Nigeria’s population is under the age of 25, making it the youngest country in Africa. As this demographic continues to grow, so too does the demand for consumer goods, services, and retail offerings–which education is among. 

Nigerian parents value and know the importance of education. They send their kids to the best schools they can afford. They send their kids to the best training centres for skills acquisition. They register them at tutorial centres to ace their exams. 

And also, the major spendings of Nigerian parents are on food, rent, and education. Schools make millions in Nigeria. It’s evident in the springing up of private primary, secondary, and tertiary schools. The best schools you can find in Nigeria and Africa are owned by millionaires. 

The education sector is huge. You can decide on the area you want to focus on. Be it school, training place or tutorial centre. You hire teachers, instructors and managers to run the place for you.

7. Real estate business

The real estate business is a multimillionaire, billionaires business. Real estate is money at rest. The real estate business can make you a millionaire in Nigeria and Africa. Think of the most valuable buildings, and estates. They are all owned by multimillionaires and billionaires in the world. 

The real estate business can fetch you fortunes you can’t ever imagine. There are several ways people make money in the business. People buy virgin hectares of land, patiently wait for its appreciation then start selling it plot by plot to individuals and companies. 

There are also property development opportunities in the business. You help landlords/landladies to develop their properties. You share the apartments or buildings according to your agreed terms and conditions. You sell or lease or rent out your share. 

People who flip properties too make millions. They buy properties from desperate sellers and wait for some time to resell them. Property flippers buy undervalued properties and resell them to buyers. 

Millionaires also make money from long leases. The owners lease their properties to them for years. They sign an agreement. They make the payment and rent them out to people to get rents annually. A long lease is usually 18 to 25 years. 

The real estate business can make you a millionaire in Nigeria and Africa

8. Information technology business

The opportunities to make millions from Information Technology are not fully tapped because numerous problems are waiting to be solved with technology for people. There are many opportunities to build digital solutions to everyday problems. 

If you are passionate about Information technology, you can start a business in the space and make millions. And the beautiful thing about I.T. business is scaling is fast and less costly unlike other products and service-based businesses. There are leverage opportunities to scale the business fast. 

What solution can you offer? What problems do you want to solve? Ulesson is solving educational problems. Okra is solving payment processing problems. WhoGoHost is providing web and cloud hosting services. Many tech companies are meeting the demands of people daily. 

All these aforementioned companies make millions. One thing about the Internet technology business is quietness. You can be making your millions without noise. 

9. Agricultural business

Don’t look down on agriculture because it’s a multibillion-naira business in Nigeria. Farmers save lives. They provide us with food and raw materials for our industries. They generate millions from sales of their farm produce. 

The agricultural business is huge and has many chains. You can become a millionaire if you go into agricultural business. 

If you don’t want to farm yourself, you can focus on the processing. You can sell farm inputs. You can provide storage facilities for farmers. You can offer affordable logistics services. You can go into agro exports.

There are many lucrative agricultural business ideas. Here are some of them you can try out if you want to become a millionaire farmer in Nigeria and Africa: poultry farming, fish farming, tree farming, cassava farming, rabbit farming, goat farming, cattle farming, vegetable farming, beekeeping, mushroom farming, grasscutter farming, livestock feed production, palm oil processing, organic fertilizer production, farm machines repair, servicing and sales, etc. 

Bill Gates is the biggest private farmland owner in the United States. Nigeria billionaire Cosmas Maduka have 5000 hectares of farmland in his home state, Anambra.

 In Nigeria, there is a cassava farmer who makes millions from his cassava farms. Same as many soya beans farmers.

Agricultural business can surely make you a millionaire in Nigeria and Africa.

10. Construction materials business

Here and there, estates are springing up. Massive mansions are being erected. You won’t travel some kilometres without sighting construction work going on. You will see trucks transporting construction materials. You see guys offloading tons of cement from delivery trucks. If you visit markets, you will see people queueing up to buy one material or the other. 

Construction material business can make you millions in Nigeria and Africa. The fastest way of becoming a millionaire in this business is to be on the top of supply chains. You can be a major distributor of companies that produce materials. You can own trucks and use them to load granite from quarries and supply them to your customers. 

Wrapping things up 

You have made it to the end of the exhaustive list of the top ten businesses that can make you a millionaire in Nigeria and Africa. All of them are time-proven. One of the best ways of going into any of them is to look at the unsatisfied need of the market and provide affordable solutions. 

Are you ready to start now? 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need assistance with starting, or growing any business or side hustle. I would like to hear from you. You can leave comments below. 

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How to Start an Ice Block-Making Business in Nigeria

Photo by Alexandre Caron on Unsplash

We’ll talk about how to start an ice block business in Nigeria in this article. 

This is only one of many enterprises one can start and succeed in to earn a respectable life. We’ll examine the instructions for setting up and operating a profitable ice block business in Nigeria today as we go along.

In Nigeria, the ice block industry is flourishing. This is due to the numerous events and activities that take place throughout each week, whether on a workday or a weekend. 

Ice blocks are needed for a variety of purposes, but gatherings of all kinds call for their use most frequently when it comes to chilling and cooling drinks.

Nigeria is a country that experiences extreme heat in the dry season and has a power supply that is prone to seizures, making the ice block industry essential. 

This company makes ice blocks in large quantities and sells them to other merchants, who then use them to carry out their daily operations. People are provided ice blocks at parks, markets, schools, and other public places so they can cool off and preserve their food.

The appeal of this business is that you can launch it without undergoing any specific training. All you require is the will to succeed, together with a good working deep freezer, a superb generator set in perfect operating condition, and a respectable start-up fund to keep going until you reach the point where you can acquire ice block makers.

In light of this, we’ve included below the sequential steps you’ll need to take to bring your idea to life, along with the numerous supplies needed to set up an ice block business in Nigeria efficiently.


The steps associated with starting an ice block business in Nigeria are as follows:


You must create a business strategy before launching your ice block company in Nigeria. This will serve as a manual for how to manage your company systematically and differentiate you from the typical ice block manufacturer that lacks a thorough business strategy. 

Every important information that is necessary for operating your ice block business successfully must be included in your business plan.


The next step is to secure the funding needed to launch your ice block business in Nigeria. 

If you want to start small and expand from there, you should be aware that you will need a deep freezer, a sizable generator, some packaging supplies, and a steady supply of water to operate your business successfully. As a result, you should budget the money for these supplies and equipment.

However, if you have the resources to start big, you might need one or two ice block makers, a powerful generator, an excavation hole, and your packing supplies. 

Before allocating the funds required to start your business, try to do some research on the prices of all these and other items you will need. As soon as your ice block business is up and going, you should be keeping an eye on your financial return on capital investment.


Find a nice site where your firm can flourish when you wish to launch your ice block business in Nigeria. 

If you commence small, you can start your ice block business from your house, but if you are launching big, you should locate your business in a heavily crowded location where other businesses are so that you can earn much from the population.

Additionally, you might concentrate your efforts in areas with dense pedestrian activity, such as marketplaces, schools, and avenues with heavy traffic. Target potential ice block buyers who need them frequently for personal, domestic, or commercial purposes. 

These regular clients include hotel owners, petty traders, and event planners, to name a few. If people continue to conduct business with you, your business will prosper.

Please be aware that the seasons have an impact on this business, and as a result, you can see fewer sales during the rainy season because fewer people buy cold beverages and edibles during rainy days than they do during cold weather. After all, the temperature is already cold. 

During the wet season, you might want to think about limiting the number of ice blocks you typically make in the summer.


As you read on in this post, we’ll go into more detail about the materials and equipment that an ice block business needs to operate smoothly.


As long as you are in business, advertising is essential. To help people recognize you for what you do, you should establish awareness that you are in the ice block manufacturing industry. You can utilize all the different forms of advertising to spread the word about your company to current and future clients.


The supplies required to launch your ice block business in Nigeria right now are listed below. As follows:


Water is the most crucial ingredient needed to establish an ice block business in Nigeria; without it, your venture will fail as soon as it starts. Ice blocks are simply frozen water or water in its solid state, so make an effort to have a very reliable source of water supply since this business enterprise will demand a lot of water. A borehole can be used for this, but even without one, you can still run your business by purchasing water from nearby suppliers who provide it to you in trucks.


If you don’t have the money to buy an ice block maker, you can always start with a deep freezer and then swap when you reach a certain height. Even though ice block makers are superior because they are more appropriate for this type of business, deep freezers are still good.

Some ice block makers have compartments that are rectangular where you pour the water to give it the rectangular shape it needs to solidify when it cools. According to your financial capabilities, you can choose between buying ice block makers made locally or abroad. When making your decision, take into account the following factors:

• Freezing time: The amount of time it takes for the water to freeze or solidify after being injected into the machinery is known as the freezing time. To benefit your business, you need to be aware of which ice block manufacturing machines generate ice more quickly than others.

• Capacity: A machine’s capacity is how many ice blocks it can generate. The ability of ice block makers to manufacture ice blocks varies; some can produce 100 pieces at once, while others can only produce 50.

• Customer Service: This entails getting to know the makers or sellers of your ice block maker because you might need their help in the future if your machines start to malfunction and need repair or maintenance work done on them.


For your ice block business in Nigeria, you will need packaging supplies. Transparent polythene nylons are used as packaging materials to wrap and cover your ice blocks. When you need to retain the water before freezing it into solid ice, the nylons come in help.


Due to Nigeria’s current erratic power supply, you must purchase a very good generator as a backup to your regular power source so that you may operate your ice block business in Nigeria comfortably and stress-free. A good generator, preferably a heavy-duty one, can help move all your machinery needed for making ice blocks.


Ice blocks can be divided into two different categories: dry ice and anti-freeze ice blocks.


Chemicals are used to create anti-freeze ice cubes. These ice blocks, which are known as moulds, form more quickly than conventional ice blocks do. They are always in containers and significantly different from those made with nylons. 


Nylons of various diameters are used to create this kind of ice block. In this part of the world, they are the most widely used kind of ice blocks.


In conclusion, if done properly, launching an ice block manufacturing business in Nigeria is very profitable. You can launch an ice block production company and help it develop into a prosperous business by adhering to these crucial measures.

Ice blocks can be used for a variety of purposes. Such needs ought to be met by your company. These might involve preserving food and keeping beverages cold at a particular temperature to feel pleasant. You will be astounded by the amount of revenue an undervalued company may offer you if you attend to the needs of the clients. 

Your business’s profitability is still something you need to pay attention to. Before you begin operations, you will incur large expenses for the equipment needed. 

However, additional expenses are necessary for the day-to-day operations of the business. 

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How to Start a Lucrative Pure Water Production Business in Nigeria

Image Credits: PremiumTimes

If you read this post till the end, you will learn about how to start a lucrative pure water production business in Nigeria.

Due to the demand it fills, the pure water production business in Nigeria is immensely lucrative. Even when they are not eating, Nigerians cannot exist without water. Life’s fundamental component is water.

Nigeria is a hotbed for the pure water industry. Pure water is the only available resource to quench thirst because of the growing population, the government’s failure to provide safe, affordable drinking water, and possibly because of prevalent anxiety over the amount of sugar in soft drinks.

The vast majority of the populace of the teams consumes pure water. In fact, most people drink pure water, including you and me. This is the reason why, besides information technology, it is a developing and successful industry in Nigeria. 

No matter where you are in Nigeria, you may start a business selling pure water and make money if handled effectively because there is a market in every city and hamlet.

Profitability of the Pure Water Industry 

Nigeria’s demand for portable drinking water is so great that the pure water industry is profitable. In truth, a lot of people utilize pure water for cooking in some locations where borehole water is poor. Everyone consumes pure water and even those who don’t still use it for other things. 

A large number of underprivileged people makes the pure water industry in Nigeria profitable. 

Pure water is in high demand because it is mostly consumed by people with low purchasing power.

A Pure Water Facility Will Require the Following Equipment 

Below is a list of the tools used at the Pure Water Factory 

1. Surface pumping machine

2. PVC water tanks

3. Submersible pumping machine

4. PVC pipes and plumbing fittings

5. Reverse Osmosis Module

6. Micro-filter cartridges

7. Industrial water filtration modules

8. Ozone generator

9. Ultra-violet (UV) sterilizer

10. Ultra-violet (UV) lamps

11. Dosing pumps

12. Liquid chlorine

13. Calcium hypochlorite powder

14. Hydrogen peroxide

15. Isopropyl alcohol (IPA)

16. Green sand

17. Activated charcoal

18. Alkali (NaOH, KOH)

19. Mineral acids (HCI,

20. Diesel Generator

21. Distribution Van

In addition to cleaning supplies, this list includes equipment for your pure water production business in Nigeria.

How to launch a Pure water business in Nigeria 

Below are the procedures required to launch a pure water production company in Nigeria:


Probably never gets tired of hearing this line. It is highly significant. Entrepreneurs are strongly advised to conduct market research before launching a new firm.

 When people don’t know enough about a particular business idea, they are more likely to learn enough by conducting thorough research into the business as a whole and the product, industry, rivals, and hazards. Consider the sachet water industry that is currently under discussion. As there are many people participating in the company, you may find out specific information about it online or through the producers.

Use the internet sensibly. You’ll need to look up specific information about the company online. Equipment types, sachet water production techniques, and various marketing strategies that can be used in the already-developed market are just a few examples of the things to consider.

Entrepreneurs should be aware of all of these factors and more before launching their firms. That is something that will also be discussed in the venture’s business plan. 

All new firms must have a business plan, of course, since it aids in thoroughly studying the many parts of the business and how you anticipate conducting business.

You may decide if the business is something you can do and are willing to invest your time in by doing some study. It also provides answers to a number of open-ended inquiries. Also, it will be useful to know how much is anticipated to be sufficient to serve as capital and all the facilities required to establish a profitable sachet water business.

2. Business plan 

Given the availability and growth of the market and demand, there is no need for a comprehensive feasibility study and report. 

A business plan is necessary to determine upfront how the project will be financed and how much cash is required. 

The necessity of a business plan at this point arises from the fact that it specifies the amount and source of the necessary funds. Depending on the category you invest in, the scale of a pure water business might range from using a two-bedroom apartment to blocks of apartments.

3. Register the business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and NAFDAC. 

Every business entity, whether a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company, must register with the CAC for accountability.

In a similar spirit, every company that sells food, drugs, or consumables must register with the appropriate government agency. Also, each business is required to register with the proper tax department (Federal Inland Revenue or the State Internal Revenue). 

If NAFDAC registration proves challenging and time-consuming, or you choose to operate on a relatively small scale and avoid NAFDAC protocol, you can also seek a license from another well-established pure water company in a different region of the country.

4. A suitable location for business (factory site) 

You must either build a suitable residence yourself or rent one with access to the market. Access to the market and acquisition costs might need to be balanced. The main factor is success. Therefore, additional infrastructure must be set up, like industrial security, power, an access road, etc. 

5. Drill a borehole and place tanks above it 

This guarantees a constant supply of water. A borehole might cost anywhere between N200,000 and N600,000.

6. Install a water-purification distillation system. 

Distillation may be used on all incoming water types and is the most efficient method of water filtration for producing clean water. Distillation systems create safe, 99.9% pure water even when dealing with water that contains bacteria and parasites, unlike other treatment techniques like reverse osmosis and carbon filters, which are dependent on water pressure, temperature, pH, and chlorine. 

Distilled water is water that has been heated to the point of boiling in order to extract contaminants from the water, which then turns into steam or vapour. The steam is then refrozen into a pure liquid state. The contaminants are eliminated while remaining as residue.

Methods for purifying water distillation eliminates biological pollutants found in water, including bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, volatile vapours, cysts, organic and inorganic compounds, and more. Nearly all minerals, trace elements, and solids are absent from distilled water. It is pure, healthful, and natural. All other waters are compared to steam-distilled water as the gold standard. 

Depending on the startup capacity of the business, you could deploy a full-scale distillation plant or a UV sterilisation process. The price of purchasing distillation equipment could reach millions of Naira. As the actual cost will be part of the expenses listed in the business plan, it cannot be predicted with accuracy and needs to be examined.

7. Purchase a sealing Machine 

According to the projected daily production volume, a piece of automatic sealing equipment must be in place. Before beginning the job, the cost must also be confirmed. 

8. Acquire packaging machines 

The company’s name and the brand name of the purified water must be printed on rolls of appropriate nylon material. The number of rolls purchased should match the enterprise’s capability.

9. Recruiting 

Hire workers such as machine operators, packagers, cleaners, drivers, one salesperson, one security guard, and a supervisor. This will guarantee that the relevant posts are adequately staffed. 

10. Power supply 

To power the processes, a generator set also needs to be installed. There are many manufacturers and generator capacities, and it all depends on the capability of the business as well as the start-up funding. 

11. Purchase a truck for delivery 

For the truck to be successful, it must be able to transport adequate bags of pure water for distribution to a large number of consumers.

12. Sales and Distribution of Clean Water 

Power (electrical) issues are one of the main issues facing the pure water sector in Nigeria. Power shortages and the ongoing rise in diesel prices have been serious issues. Due to this issue, the price of pure water or water in bottles has drastically grown.

Nonetheless, customers continue to purchase water because they require it for survival and the necessity for portable water. You need a distribution van to efficiently distribute your pure and table water. Pure water will be delivered to customers and merchants using this van. 

Giving huge discounts to customers and retailers will help you advertise your pure water business in Nigeria as a new entrant in the industry.

Wrapping things up

Notwithstanding the dangers and issues, the Nigerian pure water industry is nonetheless profitable, especially in places where the availability of pure water is very limited. Even though the pure water industry requires a lot of capital, you can still turn a profit during the first year of operation.

What do you think about this business? I would like to hear from you. You can leave comments below. 

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How to Start a Lucrative Bread Bakery Business in Nigeria 

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

In most parts of the world, bread is the third most common food staple. Nearly every racial, cultural, and religious group consumes it in large quantities across the continents. Especially when it is newly baked, everyone enjoys the aroma and flavour of the bread. It is among the easiest and least expensive foods to obtain when you are hungry. 

Considering this, it is reasonable to say that beginning a bread bakery business anywhere in the world will be a successful venture. 

The ideal product to deal with, as I have always maintained, is one that is in high demand in the market, and bread is one of such products.

In Lagos, nearly 10 million loaves of bread are consumed each day, compared to 53 pounds of bread consumed annually by Americans. The average French citizen is said to consume three loaves of bread every day. In total, 36 billion loaves of bread are barely enough to feed everyone on the planet for two weeks. 

So, if you’re considering investing in a business right now, I urge you to think about opening your own bread bakery. I used to supply sliced bread to Lagos, and I am aware of the revenue we generated back then. The same is true for bakers; their business generates very outstanding profits that are more than those of the national average.

When you have the factors of production and are able to comply with the regulations set by the regulatory authority, setting up a bakery that specializes in bread is not too difficult. 

In this post, I will explain in plain English how to open a bread bakery anyplace in the nation, but first, let’s take a closer look at the profit potential and potential hazards associated with this line of work.

How can I establish a bread bakery business in Nigeria? 

It takes more than just a penchant for baking to start a bakery. Given the amount of bread that needs to be produced every day, it needs business expertise, perseverance, constant work, and strong project management abilities to generate funds. 

Bread manufacturing is simply one aspect of the bakery sector. Additionally, you may make finger foods like doughnuts, cakes, and cakes. However, bread baking is the most common.

You need enough funds to begin operating a bread bakery business and buy the required equipment. Even if starting a bread business doesn’t cost much money, the necessary tools must be readily available. The crucial actions you must take when deciding to establish a bread bakery business in Nigeria are listed below:

• Opt for technical expertise 

If you want to start a bakery, you should first become skilled in baking. If you’ve been a baker, you could be able to advance your knowledge and abilities by applying to a catering institution, where you’ll get training on how to operate at a more professional level.

Even if you are not interested in baking and have no prior experience in the industry, you can still opt to enrol in a catering course and learn how to bake successfully from beginning to end. Baking for your home or for yourself is considerably different from baking for the industry. 

Through formal training, you will gain knowledge about food processing. This can help you better understand the subtleties of the food sector. Whether you perform well in the catering industry may depend on your level of competence in the baking sector.

• Develop a comprehensive business plan. 

Though starting a business may be exciting, you must proceed with caution. Before launching a bakery in Nigeria, a complete business plan for the bakery should be created. A solid business plan can help you address any problems and challenges you may encounter in the long run. 

A strong business plan will explain the corporate strategy, the type of bakery, the products to be promoted, and the price ranges.

• Developing policies and tactics

 To create a successful bakery, your business plan should address a range of issues, including money, consumer accessibility, market growth, the firm’s geographic area, organizational structure, and management. 

• Budget

 You will need a specific quantity of financing depending on how much you want to start your own bakery. It would be preferable if you only have enough money to purchase the initial set of tools. However, when more money is put into a bread business, the profit grows.

• Pick an appropriate location

A decent site is required for a bakery business. A bakery should be located in a city or town where it is easy for retailers to access it. 

If a bakery is located in a remote area where it would be difficult to find, there won’t be enough room for expansion. The location of a bakery is important and can determine its success or failure. 

A bakery ought to be located in a pleasant and convenient area. If you want to grow beyond a small-scale bakery, you should look for an attractive workspace.

• Identify your specialization 

You must outline your business strategy’s focus in the baking sector. If you put your plans on paper, you will be more capable of preparing for the future. This includes any bread or pastries you plan to serve. Keep in mind to provide room for growth and advancement in this. 

• Potential end users

Your bakery business plan must include information about your target demographic, or the kind of customer you predict would frequent your shop, as well as their location and your strategy for reaching them.

Assessment of revenue 

No company, no however small, can function without investment financing. As a result, you would need to discuss how you want to acquire money and how much you anticipate earning in the long run. 

• Write down your ambitions. 

You must set attainable goals if you want your bakery business to prosper. Putting your goals in writing can help you stay motivated to reach them within the allowed time. 

• Advertising strategies 

The bread sector faces fierce competition, thus marketing strategies cannot be taken lightly. To stay one step ahead of the competition, you must plan and acquire new skills.

• Register your business. 

With the corporate affairs commission, you must register your bakery. It only requires that you come up with something original, check to see whether it is still available and hasn’t previously been licensed by another business, and then enrol it. Since you will be delivering food to the general public during this process, a NAFDAC permit is also necessary.

How much does it cost to open a bread bakery business in Nigeria? 

The price to start a bakery in Nigeria varies depending on the kind and size of the bakery you want to open. In Nigeria, you need between N5 million and N9 million to open a large bakery. It will still cost you between N400 000 and N800 000, including equipment if you opt for a standard-sized bakery rather than one that operates on such a massive scale.

Required types of equipment for opening a bread bakery in Nigeria. 

The following is a list of the essential tools for setting up a bread bakery in Nigeria: 

  • Baking Appliance 

A baking oven is used to prepare bread. The commercial baking oven that expert bakers use to create enormous quantities of bread is available for purchase. An industrial bake oven is more convenient even though it is expensive. 

  • Slicing Equipment 

If you want to produce sliced bread, you must get a slicing machine. Sliced bread is the most popular and commonly purchased variety in the Nigerian market. This could make it easy to spread within the household. Your income will rise if you slice bread.

  • Pans for baking 

Depending on your needs, you might have to make or buy baking pans. Certain large, heavy ovens do come with baking pans, though. Spend some time properly cleaning your baking pans after each use. 

  • Mixer for flour 

The flour and other ingredients for pastry are combined in the flour mixer. The two types of mixers available are traditional electrical mixers and local mixers. Both of them are useful, so you can get whichever fits your budget the best.

  • Wrappers for bread 

Professionals who only work in this industry give the wrappers. You should keep a supply of wrappers, commonly known as nylons in popular culture, on hand. Make sure you have a contract in place with a wrapper provider before your bakery starts producing items. Because of this, bread wrappers will always be available. 

  • Long-Lasting Generator 

The Nigerian baking sector requires a generator. In order to ensure prompt and dependable output in your bread business, it would be excellent if you had a substantial backup generator.

The Difficulties of Establishing a Bread Bakery Business in Nigeria 

The following are some difficulties that could arise when opening a bread bakery in Nigeria, Africa, or many other locations: 

• Lack of inventive new recipes 

• Unhealthy conditions for baking 

• Governmental barrier 

• Poor power supply

• Lack of investments

• Lack of industrialized equipment

• Lack of managerial skills

• Lack of money for large-scale manufacturing

• Lack of sufficient government aid 

Wrapping things up Sum It Up

In most countries, bread ranks third among the most common staple food. Almost everyone enjoys the taste of bread, especially when it is newly baked, and it is widely consumed throughout all continents. 

Make sure you employ skilled workers to serve as bakers, flour mixers, and moulders. Others include drivers, lifters of bread pans, cleaners, and oven workers. These duties are necessary to produce bread that is excellent, complies with specifications, and is competitive with other products on the market.

Additionally, you need to perform research and study market dynamics in order to provide tasty and nutritious foods. This new market could help you save a lot of money if you take the time to create healthy alternatives to fatty foods. Be open to criticism so you can improve, please your customers, and provide them with tons of satisfaction.

What do you think about this business? I would like to hear from you. You can leave comments below. 

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How to Start a Lucrative Poultry Farming Business in Nigeria

Photo by Arisa Chattasa on Unsplash

Poultry farming is the practice of breeding different domestic birds, such as chickens, turkeys, emus, ducks, geese, and others, for their eggs or meat.

Since this has been a widespread practice in Nigeria for so long, the farming and agricultural systems can no longer function without it. 

Among the most profitable agricultural business ventures in Nigeria right now, poultry farming cannot be left out.

If you have enough space in your home to accommodate the desired number of birds, you may start your business without having to invest a significant amount of money.

Nigerian Poultry Farming 

As a result of population growth and greater urbanization, the demand for livestock products, especially poultry, is quickly growing in Nigeria and throughout Africa. 

One of the agricultural sectors in Nigeria with the quickest growth is poultry farming.

Nigeria’s poultry sector has a 2017 market value of about N1.2 trillion, according to ThisDay Newspaper. 

Nigeria produces the most eggs in Africa from the standpoint of market size, followed by South Africa.

Nigeria banned the importation of chicken in 2003, except for day-old chicks, which increased indigenous poultry output. 

The majority of the chicken in Nigeria is farmed in “backyards” or on farms with fewer than 1,000 birds due to the country’s very fragmented poultry industry.

The most popular type of poultry farming, which includes raising chickens, turkeys, geese, and ducks, is the one where farmers frequently receive a large number of chickens, either for their flesh or their eggs. 

The enormous demand for the final product—chicken and eggs—in the market and even in many Nigerian homes today makes poultry farming very lucrative because it appears to be a potent source of animal protein in addition to fish, pig, and beef.

How to Start a Poultry Farm in Nigeria in 6 Steps 

Are you preparing to launch your poultry farm? If so, you should think through every facet of the business before starting it. 

You must proceed carefully at every step, from assembling some fundamental equipment to rearing the poultry and selling your enterprise. 

There are various sorts of poultry farming, including raising ducks, chickens, quails, turkeys, emus, broilers, etc. But the fundamental ideas and methods remain the same. 

The five fundamental steps you must take to launch a successful snail-farming business in Nigeria are listed below:

Step 1: Determine What Sort of Poultry Bird You Want To Rear 

It’s critical to have a clear idea of the varieties of hens to farm before starting your poultry farming business enterprise, with breeds that lay lots of eggs being the most crucial consideration. 

Currently, two main breeds are popular among poultry producers in Nigeria, in addition to birds raised locally.

Broilers: Young males and females are bred for meat production. In only six weeks, they go from a hatch weight of 40 g to a weight of roughly 1.5 to 2 kg.

Layers: Hens are killed for meat after being used to produce commercial eggs. From the age of one day, layer chickens are grown. They begin laying eggs at 18 to 19 weeks and keep doing so for another 72 to 78 weeks.

Cockerels: Cockerels are used to produce meat and have a unique market need, just like broilers, although their growth is much slower than that of broilers, which have a rapid rate of expansion. In a variety of conditions, cockerels can live.

Step 2: Pick a Good Farm Site 

Your company greatly depends on the location of your poultry farm. You need a farm location to start raising poultry. The number of birds you intend to raise should be taken into account while determining the size of the poultry farmland. 

It’s usually advisable to start small if you have adequate area in your backyard and can’t afford to move to a new location. You can start with what you have, but as soon as you can afford it, give it a top priority to upgrade your farm.

An ideal location for a poultry farm should be free of city noise and activity. It ought to be a serene, pollution-free atmosphere. Water sources close to the farm must be sufficient, hygienic, and fresh.

Additionally, the location must be clear of predators and fowl enemies like foxes and leopards. So that farm products may be transported more conveniently when they are ready for sale, the site must be easily reachable from major roadways.

Step 3: Provide the birds with suitable habitats and shelters. 

After acquiring a farm property, housing is a critical component of poultry farming. For the security and survival of your commercial poultry birds, suitable poultry housing is required. 

The poultry breeds and farming techniques have a significant impact on the housing system you select. According to different types of chicken growing techniques, housing design differs. 

The new home should have ample room for the birds to run about freely. To reduce the risk of flooding, shelters must be raised sufficiently.

The area should be big enough to let the birds fly about freely. The shelter also needs to be sufficiently ventilated and shielded from sunlight.

Step 4: Feeding and Medicating the Poultry Birds 

High-quality, nutrient-dense feed is a requirement for commercial chicken production.

The bird is always healthy and extremely productive thanks to high-quality and well-kept meals. Because contaminated feed might infect birds, the feed must always be kept clean and dry. 

The secret to success in the chicken farming industry is providing fresh, wholesome food. Water is not needed to be scarce for your birds. A lack of sufficient water supply may hamper their growth.

Many diseases of chickens can be avoided with the right treatment and vaccinations. You need a veterinarian who is available to check on your birds whenever necessary if you are a commercial poultry farmer. 

If your birds contract an infectious condition, numerous routine treatments and immunisations contribute to their overall health and keep them protected from bacterial and viral infections.

Step 5: Promoting and Selling the poultry Birds 

Every poultry farmer wants to have successful sales following each harvest since raising chickens is a lucrative industry. T

herefore, you must focus on the sales and marketing aspects of your company. Don’t focus on the operational side of your organization to the point where you neglect the sales side. 

However, the following suggestions can assist you in marketing and selling your chicken: going online, selling to hotels and restaurants, advertising your items, hiring marketers, home delivery, etc.

Step 6: Be devoted and disciplined

It would be excellent if you developed this habit in every interaction. Particularly when they are young, raising birds may be challenging and time-consuming. The possibility of experiencing many deaths at various phases is another factor. 

These things take place. It’s unavoidable to lose one or two birds; losing ten to twenty or more is more likely. 

Don’t be afraid to move forward, though. The advantages are substantial. Hard effort, commitment, and dedication are the foundations of everything great, though. It is far from sufficient to obtain a good breed. 

The top priority is to make sure you pay great attention to your business. Less mortality and greater productivity are ensured. 

You now have the necessary information to begin a chicken farming business in Nigeria.

A Poultry Farming Business’s Startup Cost 

Most business owners are unable to afford the huge capital investments that many new ventures require.

In addition to taking a while to pay back your investment, a normal startup business does so as well.

A small-scale chicken operation, on the other hand, has a cheap initial investment and quick financial success. 

Within six months, you can obtain a 100% return on your capital investment by starting with as little as N50,000 (which essentially covers the expense of purchasing and feeding the day-old chicks).

Furthermore, after just three weeks of starting, you can start making money because it only takes 21 days for chicks to hatch. Nobody else in the industry can turn things around so quickly.

Challenges Faced by the Poultry Farm Business in Nigeria 

Nigerian poultry growers encounter frequent issues despite the economic potential of the industry.

Finding dependable employees to help run the farm is one of the most frequent issues. Epidemics are another frequent issue. These can happen if birds are not properly immunized or when they come into contact with wild birds.

A flock can be abruptly wiped off by infectious diseases like Newcastle disease and avian influenza.

Theft is a further difficulty that poultry breeders encounter. In rural locations where farms are frequently neglected for extended periods, this is particularly prevalent.

Despite these difficulties, if done correctly, chicken farming can be successful in Nigeria. The Nigerian poultry sector has enormous growth potential due to the country’s expanding population and rising demand for chicken meat and eggs.

Wrapping things up

Nigerian commercial poultry farming has generated and is continuing to create lucrative business opportunities for entrepreneurs and it is undoubtedly a fantastic source of employment for unemployed people. 

The option that is easier and less dangerous for most business owners is to raise day-old chicks and sell them to growers. You have the freedom to decide, though. 

In addition to boosting the economy, poultry farming employs a large number of people. Small-scale farmers may find poultry farming to be more feasible because it often requires less land and funding than other livestock farming endeavours.

Nigeria’s agriculture depends heavily on the production of poultry. In addition to ensuring the food security of the nation, it gives small-scale farmers a source of income.

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How to Start a Lucrative Foodstuff Business in Nigeria


In Nigeria, the food industry is quite lucrative, just like the provision industry. It is the kind of business that can be quickly launched. Foods like beans, rice, garri, crayfish, etc. are fast-selling food items, but they must be preserved properly to prevent deterioration and financial loss. The majority of Nigeria’s wealthy businessmen got their start in the food industry. 

Food can be purchased and sold in retail establishments, public spaces close to residential areas, open markets, and even online. Everyone with a strong interest in business can establish this enterprise.

Your level of entry into the business will be based on how much funding you have. You can establish a food distribution or wholesale business if you have a significant amount of money, such as ten million naira. With little money, however, you are limited to purchasing from wholesalers and selling to merchants and customers.

Why Start A Foodstuffs Business In Nigeria? 

Check out some of the reasons listed below if you’re wondering why starting a foodstuff business in Nigeria is a good idea:

• There’s a huge demand for it

One of the few goods we absolutely require is food. There are very few families in Nigeria that can go for more than one day without eating rice. The human body needs food to keep its organs operating properly. 

• It can be done anywhere

Yes, you heard me correctly; the food business can be conducted wherever, no matter the location. If you live in a city or a rural area, you can still sell your goods and make a good profit. 

• It can be done any season 

The food industry is not like the fruit industry, which is influenced by the season. You are always welcome to purchase food in bulk from wholesalers and sell it at any time of the year.

• The enterprise will bring in money for you. 

Every business owner wants to generate a decent profit, and working in the food industry will assist you. Despite the fact that this is not a “get rich quick” scheme, you will be content with the profit rate at which your business is expected to grow after a few months of operation.

Is Nigeria’s foodstuffs industry profitable? 

Yes, the food business is incredibly lucrative and may drastically alter your life if you are willing to put in the effort to convert nothing into something, this is the short and easy answer to this issue. 

A logical person would also wonder why the food industry is profitable, but let me tell you that no matter the state of the economy, it doesn’t matter how hard we have to work to earn food; what counts is that we eat at least twice or three times every day.

The food industry is one of the industries that will never go out of business, particularly in Nigeria, where there are an estimated 200 million people and a fast-growing population. These 200 million people consume food every day. Even though there are currently a lot of people in the company, there is still a lot of demand since there must be more vendors to satisfy the needs of more than 200 million people in the country.

Steps to Starting Foodstuff Business in Nigeria

  • Obtain capital for your foodstuffs shop 

Obtaining business funding is the first step in starting a food-related business. It is preferable to self-fund the firm rather than borrow money to do so. However, if you absolutely must borrow money, make sure to do so from a reputable source or a lender that you are confident won’t bother you every day. 

There is no set amount needed as startup capital for the food industry or the raw food industry. However, if you want to start a small-scale food business in Nigeria, you can do it with between N500,000 and N1,000,000 in funding.

You’ll require between N2,000,000 and N5,000,000 on a medium scale and between N10,000,000 and above on a huge scale. When addressing the capital requirements for any business, we frequently express scepticism. 

This is due to the fact that starting a food business, for instance, in a rural location will demand a different amount of cash than starting a similar business in an urban area. 

The startup capital requirements for a food business will vary even across two nearby cities or towns. The best course of action is to determine the prices of food goods outside (within your area).

  • Do Market Research 

Market research is the next stage to starting a successful food business. In addition to the information we’ve provided in this post, you’ll still need to conduct your own market research into the food industry. This is crucial because market prices for food goods fluctuate daily, making it impossible to rely on historical prices. 

Once more, prices differ from one place to another. We always advise readers to conduct their own marketing research on any companies we discuss on our website. Therefore, while we work to provide you with all the information you need to launch a successful food business, conduct your own market research and familiarize yourself with the current trends in the market.

  • Hire a Store or Warehouse 

Renting a reputable shop is a crucial step to consider when beginning a food business. Renting a quality store is crucial since you cannot afford to expose your products to hazards that could cause them to spoil or be damaged. 

It is advisable to rent a warehouse rather than a store if you plan to start a wholesale food business. You will be able to purchase bulk food items in this room without worrying about them spoiling. 

Additionally, you should make sure that the store is shielded from pests and rodents that can ruin a lot of the food as well as sunlight that can deteriorate the food. When renting a space for a food business, the following factors should be taken into account:

Good placement: Where you locate your food business depends on the firm’s location. It must be a key location within a bustling open market or a residentially congested region. Because it greatly affects how clients may find your business, a good location is essential. Your store should be situated in a key area, where thousands of the people you anticipate will pass each day.

Money for Shop Rent: after choosing a nice location, think about how much you’ll have to pay in the beginning. The majority of the time, this money is deducted from your capital; therefore, it should not exceed 15% to 35% of your capital. For instance, if you have N1.5 million set up for your food business, your annual rent for your store cannot be more than N350,000. 

Shop Space: Is there adequate room in the shop? When the company starts to expand, will it be able to hold more food in the near future as well as bulk food now?

  • Purchase food in large quantities. 

Selling all varieties of food is actually impossible unless you are certain that you are capable of handling every aspect of it. When he first started out, even a business tycoon like Dangote did not sell all kinds of food. With little food supplies, he began. So you might begin by stocking up on a few foods in large quantities. So that you may be certain you’re getting the best deal, purchase from a manufacturer or wholesaler. Bulk food purchases guarantee a significant after-sale profit margin.

  • Stock up your shop 

You should take additional care while replenishing your food store since how you arrange your food will affect how long it will keep for you before going wrong. Food that is properly stored in your store will last a long time and be sold in good condition. 

Be sure the floor is sufficiently dry before storing or stocking your store. Avoid setting the food on the ground and count each item as you load it to ensure none went missing during transportation.

  • Start your sales 

At this point, you should inform your friends, family, and neighbours about your new company so that they can start using your services as soon as you open. You can hold “an open business ceremony” to introduce the public to your culinary business. 

Again, you might lower the price of food items in comparison to your rivals to attract more potential clients. For instance, if other vendors charge N800 for a bottle of red oil, you may begin by charging N750. More people will visit your store as a result of this.

The profitability of the food industry 

Yes! You will make a significant profit whether you start small or big if you get into the raw food business in Nigeria. But the more cash you put into the company, the more money you’ll make. 

You cannot compare the success of a food business that someone started with N400,000 with N1,000,000 investment (One Million). The guy who starts with N1 million will undoubtedly profit more than the person who begins with N400,000. 

You can, however, start off little or huge. If you can’t afford it, resist the urge to start out big. Start the business now with whatever resources you have and expand it.


In Nigeria, one of the successful industries is the food industry, but for you to succeed in your venture, you must use the right positioning strategies. You must also keep reinvesting your profits in order to expand your firm. 

Additionally, to prevent damage from rodents and pests, make sure all openings in your store—on the floors as well as the walls—are sealed off. This will prevent rodents from entering your store and causing damage.

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