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5 Common Misconceptions People Have About Side Hustle in Nigeria

You must have heard a lot of things about the side hustle in Nigeria. Surely, there are certain misconceptions about the side hustle here. Misconceptions are misconceptions, not realities. If the only barriers stopping you from having one hustle on the side are misconceptions, you have nothing to fear any longer. In this post. I will do justice to the topic and discuss some of them and why you should not be deterred by them.

Truly, starting a side hustle in Nigeria with a full-time job is not an easy thing to do especially if you are living in a busy city. Traffic jams, stress can suck the life out of someone. After the day job, you are likely not to have the energy to prepare your meal not to talk of attending to a side hustle. 

It actually takes time to figure out the kind of side hustle one can engage oneself in except if the hustle is built around one’s hobbies. It takes time for people to patronise some side hustle ideas in Nigeria. 

If not that you have really made up his mind to dabble yourself in the pool of hustle, you will gather more than enough misconceptions and pile them up as evidence for not beginning anything at all. 

Like I said, in this post, I will be discussing some of the popular misconceptions that people have about the side hustle in Nigeria.

Let’s dive in straight:

  1. Side hustles are not for everybody:  You must have heard this several times from family members, coworkers, friends that side hustles are not for everybody. That side hustles don’t fit all of us.
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But I have not found a person out of almost 200 million people living in Nigeria who pointed to me the signs of identifying people who side hustles are only for. For the fact that there is no single sign, it’s possibly true that side hustles are for everybody in Nigeria.

When next you hear this misconception from anybody, kindly as for a single sign, but if the person is not able to come up with one. Disregard the opinion and delete it from your memory quickly. Start your own side hustle now.

  1. You need a lot of money to start: This is another misconception about having a side hustle in Nigeria. I have lost counts of the number I have heard this from people. People think, what I’m I even saying? When  I supposed to say that people have a strong belief that you need to break the bank to start a side hustle in Nigeria. They will also prove to you that you need money to make money. This is the worst misconception to have. There is no how one can have this in mind and be able to have a hustle on the side in Nigeria. 

We are lucky to be alive at this age. There is numerous side hustles people start without a penny in Nigeria. They just start and build the hustle with resources they already have at their disposal. Some bootstrap till they turn the side hustle to a full-time business.

For instance: to start an online freelance writing hustle in Nigeria today, you only need to have a smartphone and an internet connection. PC is a later thing till clients show up. A large percentage of people if not all of them who have this misconception in mind already have what they need to start at their disposal. Clear this and begin now.

  1. It takes a lot of time: Nigerians believe they need to invest so much time in their side hustle. They think having one is like having another job combined with an already draining one they are  managing.
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Side hustles don’t take much time to start, run. Running some side hustle can take less than two hours in a day from you. And even on some days, they take zero hours. 

When people complain to me that they don’t have any time to invest in running any hustle on the side, I simply ask how their typical they look like. And what do they do with their free time? Watching tv? Gossiping? Playing video games? Discussing politics? And they have almost nothing to show for engaging in these activities. 

Pick a flexible hustle idea, cut out the wasting time, begin the side hustle, and record success. That’s it.

  1. You must turn the side hustle to your main hustle later on:  Seriously speaking, most people get a job because they can not cope with the headache that comes with being a business owner. Really it’s not easy to run a business in a country like Nigeria. And many people know this. And many people fear having one. And they run quickly from the idea. 

When they hear anything side hustle, they see the future of it as an enterprise. And they don’t want it. Fact time: you can own your hustle as a side hustle for life. Yes. You can quit your day job in Nigeria running a few hustles without sweating much and you earn big. Clear this, know the truth. 

  1. What if the side hustle fails: Naturally, we human beings are hardwired not to fail in public under our own name. We run away to avoid the pains and disappointment that come with having an unsuccessful hustle. What will people say? What would they think of me?  A common misconception among the Nigerians. Know this, know peace: your downside is limited; your upside is unlimited. Worst case, you will lose the resources you start with–which is not even much. The time? The time is passing already. Always ticking. So, don’t sweat on the small stuff. Not a big deal. 
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Wrapping things up

These are some of the come misconceptions about having a side hustle in Nigeria. The time, the resources, the headache, bad opinion chase many away from the path of hustle which is not that difficult to ply on most occasions. Clear them today. Find excuses to begin it, not to stop.

I’m happy to hear that you are planning to start the hustle on the side anytime soon.

Do you have questions or suggestions or contrary opinions? Please, leave them in the comment tab below. I’d love to hear from you. Do you need any assistance to launch your side hustle idea? Reach out to me and I’ll love to help you selflessly.

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