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5 Lucrative Side Hustles You Can Do On Your Smartphone

If you are looking for lucrative side hustles you can do on your smartphone, you are on the right page. 

In this blog post, I will be revealing six lucrative side hustles you can start with your mobile phone without quitting your day job, and without working your ass off. 

Do you know that you can run some side hustles on your smartphone? As in you can make money on the side with your smartphone with no stress. 

One of the opportunities the Internet presents to us is being able to work anywhere we want to, and being able to carry our hustles everywhere we go. 

It doesn’t stop there. Now, there are millions of good jobs that have been created as a result of the invention of smartphones and mobile internet networks. Now, you can use your smartphone to run multiple hustles. 

There are people in Nigeria who earn a decent income online every day by using their mobile phones with an internet connection.

 See, they make good money without leaving the comfort of their home. No stress. No traffic. No sweaty commute. And they work less than 3 hours on most days. 

In Nigeria, one of the things that push people off when they want to start a side hustle or they hear about side hustles is they think it’s another job. 

So, they assume that having a side hustle means having another job. And by adding a job to an already tiring or draining job of theirs, they can’t survive that kind of burnout lifestyle.

With a series of evidence, I can prove to you cogently that side hustles are not meant to stress you. They are not meant to burn you out. Not to take your whole time. By their nature, they are meant to be carried out on the side to earn additional income. 

And some side hustles can be turned into full-time business later on. They can be scaled to the stage where you employ people to work with you and pay salaries. 

Without wasting your most precious asset—time, I will be revealing to you six lucrative side hustle you can start with your smartphone. 

Let’s slide in! 

1 Data vending and airtime conversion

Data vending involves the selling mobile Internet data bundles to people who need them to surf the web. To connect to the the Internet, we all need Internet data. We cannot access the world wide web without it. 

There are millions of active Internet users in Nigeria. They use available mobile networks for internet access. 

MTN has the largest number of subscribers, then Glo, then Airtel, and finally 9Mobile. 

Think about the number of people you know who use Intenet. Think about how much they spend every month on subscriptions. 

Would it be bad if you are the one selling data to like 70% of them and you are making like N50, 000 in profits every month? 

What if you increase the number of your customers by selling to people in your area? How about taking the hustle to the Internet to reach a large audience. 

The beauty of the hustle is you can sell to anybody anywhere. You simply transfer the data to their line and get paid. They don’t have to be in front of you. 

I know of someone who started the data vending business during the COVID-19 lockdown because she lost her job. She used to earn N60, 000 in salary. Less than a year after she started the business, she makes N125, 000, even more, every month. And she can always make more. The more people she sells to, the more the money she makes.  

How to start?

You need like N5, 000 to start the business. You can even start with less, but it’s better if you start with like N10, 000, N20, 000, N50, 000—so that you won’t be filling your wallet every time. 

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You don’t need to be buying data directly from mobile networks. Even if you want to, you need a huge capital—millions to start. 

You will be sending data to your customers on the online platforms of sub-dealers and dealers after you’ve registered with them. 

You need to have a bank app or payment service bank mobile app for funding your wallet and receiving payments. 

If you use a traditional bank mobile app, you will be paying charges every time any transaction is carried out on your account. 

The best banks to use are the new digital banks because you send and receive money for free. Opay, Eyowo, and Kuda offer the best. 

What are the online platforms?

There are secret online platforms where you can get internet data bundles at cheap rates to resell to your customers.

I reveal these secret platforms and their nitty-gritty to only business-minded people. And I also offer one-on-one online training for people who want to start this business for a small fee. 

Ready to start? Click here to chat with me on WhatsApp

Airtime conversion involves buying already loaded airtime on the lines from people and reselling them to people or airtime dealers at profitable rates. 

These days, people load airtime on their lines from their bank accounts. At times, they accidentally over-recharge their lines. 

Imagine someone who wants to load N2, 500, but mistakenly adds a zero to the figure making N25, 000. This is a headache for the person! You can be of help. 

Your business is to buy the airtime from the person at the discounted rate of 20% off. 

N1, 000 worth of airtime will be sold to you for N800. The person will simply transfer the airtime to your line and you pay him as agreed. 

So how do you make money from this? 

There are three different ways: you can resell the airtime to people, you can resell to airtime dealers on their platforms/fund your data wallet with it, and you can resell at a discounted rate of 10% off to people.

What are the platforms to sell the airtime to? 

Some of the platforms are data vending platforms. They cannot be found easily. They are secret websites people use to make money daily. And they don’t like to share any information about them. 

But if you are ready to learn about this and you want to start a data vending side hustle with your mobile phone, I will reveal all the secrets to you in one-on-one online training. With a small fee, you can begin the journey of making money with your mobile phone. 

Are you ready to start? Click here to chat with me on WhatsApp. 

2 Freelance writing

Freelance writing is another side hustle you can start with your smartphone in Nigeria. 

Freelancers are independent workers who offer their services to companies and individuals on a contract basis.

Freelance writers create written content for clients. Their services are blog article writing, social media page content, copywriting, content marketing, ghostwriting, etc. 

They are not tied to a client. No full-time work agreement. They work and charge per project delivered as agreed. They work when they want to work. They work with who they want to work with. They work at the time they want. And they set their rates themselves. 

Freelance writers can attend to clients’ needs anywhere they are so long they have an internet connection to their smartphone or computer.  

If you enjoy writing and you have a good command of the English language to an extent, you can start this hustle with your mobile phone today. 

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You just need to learn the basic terminologies and how to carry out research on any topic given by your client. 

After this, you can sign up on freelancing platforms to get jobs from people.

Since it’s a side hustle, you don’t have to stretch yourself too thin. You can specialize in blog article writing alone. 

This is how to get clients easily: check for popular blogs you know or unpopular ones. Check for the information on how to contact the publishers of the blogs. Send mails to them that you can be creating good content for their blogs on a regular basis. 

Most of the publishers pay per word. It can be N1 for a word, or N2, or N3, even N10. 

As a starter in the hustle, you can start charging low to get clients, and as time goes on you can increase your fees to make more money and work less. 

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There are people who are full-time freelance writers in Nigeria and make serious money. 

The founder and CEO of Sabiwriter started as a freelance writer. Today, he owns a writing company and has people creating content for companies and individuals globally. 

Do you need assistance on how to start this hustle? Click here to send a message to me on WhatsApp

3 Smartphone graphic design

Gone are the days when you must own a computer and have expensive software installed on it before you can start the craft of graphic design professionally. Now, things have changed. You can do a whole lot of designs on your smartphone. 

Graphic design needs no introduction except you are just coming out of a cave. 

Graphic designers design visual elements for screens and prints.

The demand for skilled graphic designers is high because businesses are shifting from operating traditionally to online. They need graphic designers to design fliers, ad banners, and logos to sell their products and make money. 

Not all businesses can afford to have in-house designers. So, this reason makes them opt for freelancers for their design jobs. They pay per job.

How to start? 

Except if you are already a designer, you need to learn the basics of graphic design, and how to do it on your mobile phone. 

You need to learn about the basic principles of design like hierarchy, colour harmony, balance, scaling, and typography to start the hustle. 

However, you don’t need to stress yourself about how to learn all this. If you can spend just N1, 000, you should take this course, Smartphone Graphics Design Course by Emmanuel Adamu

The course is solely based on how to design graphics with smartphones. You will learn everything you will need to know to start the hustle and make money for yourself. 

Over 1500 people have taken this course. Personally, I have recommended this course to like 10 people and all of them have no single issue with it. The course delivers its promise of taking you from novice to design expert. Ready to start? Take the course here.

4 Dropshipping 

Let me explain how dropshipping works in the simplest manner: you find a wholesaler/supplier who has products you want to sell in stock. You get the price per item. You take the pictures and descriptions of the products. You advertise them online. 

When someone makes an order for any product and pays you, you pay the supplier and forward the details and delivery address of the buyer to him/her. 

The supplier delivers the products. You keep the profits. And all can be done on your smartphone. 

If you wanted to start dropshipping five years ago, it was almost impossible because the wholesalers have not tapped into the dropshipping business model. But as online business awareness is increasing day by day, a lot of people have come into it. 

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If you are looking for a lucrative side hustle you can start with your mobile phone, consider dropshipping today. 

Need suitable suppliers/wholesalers, I can recommend some to you. Click here to chat with me on WhatsApp 

5 Smartphone videography and photography 

All of us know about the profession of videography and photography. Before, practising the craft, you need to purchase good and expensive cameras like Nikon, and Canon. 

Now, as technology is advancing every day, our smartphones are getting built with better camera lenses. They can capture pictures more clearly now.

When you do some editing with mobile apps, people won’t believe it’s a smartphone that you use mainly to produce such pictures. 

Same thing with videography. You can learn the basics of the effects of light on video and picture production in no time. 

You can offer your services to people who want to do video adverts for their products online. 

There are many YouTubers and TikTok influencers now too. They need the services of people like you. You can be helping them to shoot for a fee. You need to have a smartphone with a good camera. 

With your smartphone, you can be making cool money on the side. Are you confused or you don’t know how to shoot with your smartphone? Take this course. You will learn all you need to know to get started. 

6 Social media page management 

Digital marketing cannot be completed without social media marketing. Now, businesses are using social media networks to reach people and engage their customers. They also use them for customer care services. 

Most businesses are too busy to maintain and manage their social media presence. Not all can afford to employ a digital marketer. 

What they do is outsource. They hire freelancers who can be doing the work for them and they pay as agreed. 

If you have good communication skills and know how to manage social media pages, you can start rendering the service to those who need it and get paid. With a smartphone in your hand and an internet connection, you are good to go. 

Wrapping things up

These are six out of some of the lucrative side hustles you can do with your mobile phone. 

There are other lucrative ones like affiliate marketing, YouTubing, social media influencing, Amazon KDP, information marketing, online forum management, cryptocurrency trading, cryptocurrency exchange and P2P, etc. 

Some required some sort of learnings to begin. Some are more difficult than others. While some of them also make more money fast than others. 

You just need to choose the one that you enjoy and is not stressful for you to have as a side hustle. 

If you need any assistance, you can check the contact page for information on how you can reach me. And I will be glad to assist you. 

Please, do let me know if you have any questions, contributions or contrary opinions about this information. Simply leave comments below. I would really love to hear from you. 

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