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5 Lucrative Online Side Hustle Ideas for Students in Nigeria

Are you a student in Nigeria looking for a lucrative online side hustle idea to start without quitting your studies? Truth be told, there are numerous fine online hustle ideas for students who are looking for means of earning extra income to meet up with their needs in school and after school.

Getting a university education in Nigeria requires a lot of expensive spending when viewed from the prism of our inflated economy. As students and parents continue to moan about the high cost of virtually everything and the potential for low-income earning, students are beginning to look into side hustles that can allow them to earn income to ease the hardship of our current time.

While some of these side hustles require some skill levels, some just require you to put your education into use. Whatever your reason for choosing to start a side hustle, you must understand that nothing comes without a price. 

Side hustles require you to dedicate a fair amount of time to them and develop the discipline to do things as and when you promised to do them. It is also important for you to develop a mentality for striking balance as shuffling between studies and side hustles can predispose you to mental stress. 

That said, here are five ideas for as around you. 

1. Tutoring: You may host a group class where you teach students in groups, or you may even land a gig to be home tutoring some kids, or both, depending on how much time you have away from your studies. There are also seasonal classes that you can host too, such as UTME classes and WAEC classes. And if you are the type that does not like to move around doing physical classes, there are also opportunities in online tutoring on websites like UpSkills, teacherOn, and tuteria.

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3. Freelance Writing and Copywriting:

To some, writing is a gift that requires some training to perfect. To others, it is a skill that must be learned. You belong to either of these categories. Whatever the case, a good writer is a good reader, and there are lots of websites out there teaching people how to become successful writers. As a freelance writer, you can specialize in a combination of blogpost writing, article writing, technical writing, fiction, copywriting and e-book writing. For this, you can sign up on freelance sites, set up an account and follow the rules and regulations strictly to avoid being disabled. For better results, you can do well to contact and buy some of the established Nigerian freelance writers’ training courses for these sites.

3.  Social Media Management:

This is another hustle in-between skill and gift. Whichever is your strength regarding this, you need training. After your training, you can begin to help Mini, Small, and Medium Scale Enterprises to manage their customer engagement and product experience via social media. This hustle requires you to be emphatic, patient, witty and current. As you gather experience and depending on your successes, you can begin to attract the service of large corporations. But remember to dream big and start up. One last thing with social media management is that you must never stop learning.

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4.  Graphics Designs and Photography:

This is purely based on skills and requires you to learn the most recent product and website designs trends. It is also advisable to run this alongside photography, but it is not a must. The social trend in Nigeria today means that there will always be a reason for people to take pictures and have them enhanced for better effect. This is your market. Also, the rate of development of MSMEs in the country and most of these businesses need logo designs, digital advert banners, product and website designs. The graphic design industry is vast, especially if you can sprinkle in a bit of eccentricity and creativity.

5.  Website Development:

This requires a lot of training to start, but once you learn the ropes, it is arguably the most lucrative side hustle available out there. What’s more, it can help you to kick start a career, regardless of your field of study. There are numerous ways of developing websites using different languages and or applications. While it is advisable to know the structural layout of most of the popular ones, it will be advisable to pick your languages and specialize in them. Do a bit of research to know the languages that most website developers use and choose your majors and minors accordingly. However, continuous learning is the best way to stay relevant as a website developer, regardless of the languages you know.

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There are more side hustles ideas that you can pursue apart from these five. Others are editing and proofreading, website design (UI/UX), phone and computer repairs, data analysis, catering services, fashion designing, modelling, makeup artistry, dropshipping and beauty enhancement (hairdressing, pedicure and manicure).

Although most websites will tell you an average amount that you can earn from these side hustles, it mostly depends on your commitment, skill level, time, and discipline. There is no limit to how much you can earn with a good approach to all these competence trackers.

Which one of them are you picking up? Which one do you like the most among all of them? 

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