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Xtralarge Food Network: Discover How N8, 500 Can Change Your Life For Better Forever

Are you ready to discover how  ₦8, 500 can change your life for the better forever in Nigeria? Do you know that ₦8, 500 can open the door to owning a 3-bedroom bungalow for free for life? Can you believe that you can own farmland with the same ₦8, 500 only? Do you want to know how to receive bonuses in cash and organic foodstuffs for free every month? How about having access to healthy foodstuffs free from chemicals? If you want to know the secrets, I’m also ready to provide information on how to get all the aforementioned mouth-watering benefits with ₦8, 500 now. This is a mega-post. Let’s go! 

You will agree with me that our ancestors lived much longer than us. Despite the fact that their environments were not as healthy and safe as ours, still, many of them didn’t die young. They surely got some things right: they ate chemical-free food, they engaged themselves in physical activities and had good rest—these contribute a lot to their wellbeing and longevity.

Our era is different. We are not as healthy, strong as they were. We eat harmful chemicals in our food and drinks daily. We don’t sleep well. We hardly find time to exercise. See our life. 

A lot of diseases we have nowadays are lifestyle diseases. Lifestyle diseases are diseases associated with the way a person or a group of people lives. Examples of lifestyle diseases are heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, etc. 

According to Dr Michael Greger, the internationally-renowned nutrition expert, physician, conducts many types of research with his team, attends to the sickest of the sick of his patients, he scientifically proves to the world that eating healthy food prevents and reverses diseases. His grandmother was also saved and got cured of heart disease by switching her diet to healthy plant-based diets. Dr Michael shares useful information on the website Nutrition Fact.

The number one killer disease in the world is heart disease, followed by diabetes, then cancer. Diabetes has reached the endemic level. All these diseases can be prevented, cured by simply switching to chemical-free plant-based diets. Bad diets kill faster than anything. 

We are all aware of how things have become degenerated in our country. Almost everybody wants to see quick results. No patience for due process. Most farmers want to plant crops and harvest the same day. Some fish farmers spice things up with chemicals to make their fishes grow quickly. Chicken is a no go area. Greed everywhere. They use different kinds of chemicals which are harmful to our health to grow, process and preserve what we eat. This is disastrous! Because all of us cannot be farmers doesn’t make them kill us all. We are dying slowly and quietly eating these chemical foods every day. You will understand me better if you have a family member or friend or colleague who is battling for his life at the hospital or who has been placed on drugs for life. 

There is a solution to this problem. And a company is up for the task to change the narrative. A bad diet is the number one killer. 

I remember how two tubers of yam that I bought didn’t rot for 6 months. I have never seen such a thing in my life. Some time ago, I bought some tubers of yam. Incidentally, I left two of them in the kitchen and didn’t touch it for 6 months. When I cut one of them with a knife, I was surprised that the yam was still fresh. I shared this experience with a friend of mine. He told me how people use chemicals to preserve yam, potato, beans now, and this is bad for our health. 

There was a time when a video clip of some guys in the northern part of Nigeria pouring sniper insecticide on beans to preserve it went viral on the Internet. We all know how harmful sniper insecticide is when inhaled, not to talk of eating it in food. You see how we are dying quietly and slowly. 

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Xtra Large Farms is changing the narrative through innovations. The company is proving cogently to Nigerians that growing, harvesting and processing our foods is possible without any chemicals. All of us cannot grow everything we eat. We still have to rely on farmers and people to get what we eat. 

Xtra Large Farms has the vision of making Nigerians stay healthy by eating healthy. The visionary company is taking up the task of ensuring that people consume chemical-free foods. They plant, process, and package with no chemicals. 

These are the products of Xtra Large Farms: Xtralarge  Super Garri, Xtralarge Fine Garri, Xtralarge Wondermeal, Xtralarge 100% Original Honey, Xtralarge Brown Rice, Xtralarge Ofada Rice, Xtralarge Bean Flour, Xtralarge Plantain Flour, Xtralarge Chicken, Xtralarge Smoked Beef, and Xtralarge Snail. They are all made organically. 

In this post blog, I will be focusing on one of their packages that guarantee every one of owing farm and a 3-bedroom bungalow in Xtra Large Green Garden with ₦8, 500 only. The name of the package is Xtralarge Food Network.

Xtralarge Food Network is an initiative of Xtra Large Farms, a privately owned establishment in Nigeria with the aim of raising a generation of passionate farmers. Abimbola Davids is the CEO of the company. Their head office is situated at 82, Allen Avenue, (Ibilola Nelson House), Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. You can walk into their office at any working hour to do whatever you want to do. 

Xtralarge Food Network holds seminars every Wednesday at their Ikeja Office in Lagos, every Thursday at Ota Office, and every Friday at Isolo by 10 am. 

Xtralarge Food Network ensures that people farm easily, eat healthily, and make money—passively and actively. 

Xtralarge Food Network makes food items available to the consumers straight from the farms, giving value and assurance of product sales to the farmers and bringing food to the consumers at the cheapest price possible as well as ensuring the production of 100% natural food products that are free of preservatives, additives, and chemicals. 

The company, through its networking package, is promoting healthy living by providing people with good food items. Xtra Large Farms is not advertising its networking package; it’s people who are eating healthy food, making money that is using word-of-mouth to advertise to people. 

To become a member of Xtralarge Food Network, you will register with ₦10, 000 (as of now). Before I talk about how the platform works, I would like to first inform you about some of the reasons why you should consider becoming a member of the platform. 


  • People need food everyday, and the more they eat the more successful you become in Xtralarge Food Network.
  • You have the opportunity to get fresh and good food items from their farms at an affordable price constantly.
  • You get trained and exposed to the secrets of making it big in Agriculture in Nigeria for free. You get exposed to things you can grow and earn a lot within 45 to 60 days.
  • You have the opportunity to become Xtra Large Farms products distributor. You sell their products and make money. 
  • You become your own boss by working from the convenience of your home and earning multiple streams of income.
  • You get the opportunity to plant what you eat without necessarily visiting the farm.
  • You get a parcel of land absolutely free for farming purposes and get trained on the profitable things to do on the parcel of the land. 
  • You get a Super Deluxe 3-bedroom bungalow in a serene estate for life. No rent! No lease! Absolutely free! 
  • You earn huge bonuses on food items purchased or consumed by you & your friends.
  • You earn bonuses in cash and food items of over ₦1million
  • See the huge benefits of ₦8, 500 ! 

How on earth will anyone miss this opportunity to change his life forever because s/he is not ready to invest a token of ₦8, 500 only? 

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The upside is huge and the downside is limited. What do I mean by this? If you register with N8, 500, you don’t need to invest another money—this means you are not spending anything again. Let’s just say that you just lost the money(of which you don’t lose it), and you can’t lose more than this. Now, look at the upside—the huge benefits when you become a member of the platform. The upside seriously outweighs the downside. 


You register to become a member by paying a one-time registration fee of ₦8, 500 only. You get your induction pack of  ₦1, 500 immediately and qualify for agricultural training. The induction pack is made up of various food items which can be collected at our various collection centres.

There are five stages on this platform, which are: 

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At the point of registering with ₦8,500, your account will be created on the platform and you will automatically be put on the INDUCTION STAGE. 

Invite a minimum of 2 friends to your induction stage. To move to the next stage, the induction stage actually requires 7 people to be filled, which is you and 6 others. You may invite 2 people, and each one of them also invites two people to register under them.

On completing this stage, you get a step out bonus of ₦500 which is added to your referral bonus of  ₦1, 000 on the number of the people you invite directly under which is equal to ₦2, 000. To grow quickly, you can help the two people that register under you to get four people to register under them instead of waiting for them to invite people. 

Referral Bonus: ₦1,000 x Number of people you referred

Stepout Bonus: ₦500

Withdrawable Cash: ₦0

Food Items Wallet: ₦500 – ₦6,500

NB: All payments at this INDUCTION stage are FOOD ITEMS.


To complete your Family Stage, you need 14 people who have finished the induction stage to join you. Once your family stage has 15 people— you and 14 under you, then you have completed your family stage and you are awarded food items worth ₦50,000, and ₦10,000 cash. You then move to the Community Stage 

Matrix Bonus: ₦2,000×14 = ₦28,000

Stepout Bonus: ₦32,000

Total Payout: ₦60, 000

Withdrawal Cash: ₦10,000

Food Items Wallet: ₦50,000


To complete the Community Stage, you need 14 people from the Family Stage to join you here, and once this stage is filled with 15 people—you and 14 people under you, you have completed this stage and you move to the National Stage. For completing your Community Stage, you get a ₦56,000 matrix bonus (food items), and ₦100,000 paid into your bank account, and ₦10, 000 worth of food items every month  for the next six months (₦60, 000) 

Matrix Bonus: ₦4,000 X 14 = ₦56,000

Step Out Bonus: ₦100,000

Total Payout: ₦156,000

Withdrawable Cash: ₦100,000

Food Items Wallet: ₦116,000

Additional Incentives = Foodstuffs ₦10,000 for the next 6 Months = ₦60,000


On the National Stage, 14 people must join you as they complete their community stage. Immediately your board becomes filled with 15 people ( you and 14 people under you), then you will move to the last stage which is the International Stage. For completing your National Stage, you get ₦112,000 matrix bonus (food items), ₦300, 000 step-out bonus (cash), payable into your bank account, and you also get a plot of land for free—this is to be used for farming, then you get adequate training in what you can do profitably on that plot of land. You get additional food items of ₦20, 000 for the next 6 months. The plot of land is yours for life and is given to you free from Xtra Large Farms. 

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Matrix Bonus: ₦8,000×14 – ₦112,000

Stepout Bonus: ₦300,000

Total Payout: ₦532,000

Withdrawable Cash: ₦300,000

Food Items Wallet: ₦232,000

NB: Additional Incentives:

– 1 Plot of land

– Free Agricultural pieces of training for you to have your own Farm

– Food Stuffs Worth ₦20,000 for the next 6 Months = ₦120,000


On the International Stage (Stage 4), fourteen people will join you. When you complete this stage, you’ll get ₦224, 000 matrix bonus ( food items). A step out bonus of half of a million naira paid to your bank account and a tastefully built 3-bedroom bungalow in the Xtralarge Green Gardens, all yours for life and absolutely free.

Matrix Bonus: ₦16,000×14 = ₦224,000

Step Out Bonus: ₦500,000

Total Payout: ₦724,000

Withdrawable Cash: ₦500,000

Additional Incentives = 3 Bedroom Bungalow in the Xtralarge Green Gardens Estate.

Now you see all the mouth-watering benefits with ₦8, 500 only. 


You can simply register to become a member of the Xtra Large Food Network by visiting If you’re using your mobile phone to browse, you click on the menu toggle button, then click on ‘Register’, and carefully fill the columns with correct information.

When you complete the registration, then you will need to activate your account. You now pay ₦8, the 500 I talked about earlier for the activation code to become a full member of the network. 

But if you want to grow together quickly with the Start Hustle Now group, don’t register yet, simply click on this WhatsApp link to chat with us: CHAT US NOW. You will be guided on how to register and join the network, and also you will be given a sponsor name to use. 

See the pictures below:

Note: ‘Sponsor Name’ is the username of the person that invites you to join the platform.  


Growing in Xtralarge Food Network involves teamwork and we are making it easy for people who join our group to grow together quickly with us. When one person grows, we all grow together. It’s a win-win for all of us in our group. Though, it’s not compulsory to join any team before becoming a member of Xtralarge Food Network, but it’s easy to grow fast when you’re working with/as a team. 

Joining our group doesn’t require your physical presence because the group operates online on WhatsApp and simply click on this link to join our WhatsApp Group: 

As we are promoting our Xtralarge Food Network’s group, we are pulling high traffic of people. When you join our group, we’ll give you a username of a member to use as ‘Sponsor name’, and give two members of the group your own username to use as ‘Sponsor name’ too. This depends on the number of people we have waiting for registration. And it’s first to come, first to serve. You can as well work with the team to grow quickly by inviting two people to register under you, and encourage them to get two people to register under them too. 

We’ll also be providing members of our group with useful information on new developments and opportunities they can benefit from. You can always chat with me on WhatsApp by clicking on this link: to ask about anything.

Now you have the information on how you can change your life today with just N8, 500, what are you waiting for? 

Do you have questions to ask or contributions to make? Please, leave comments in the tab below. I would love to hear from you. Please, like our Facebook page for regular updates.

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    Please your advice.
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