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How to Start Selling Internet Data Online in Nigeria

Are you looking for good information on how to start selling Internet data online in Nigeria? If you answer yes, read this post till the end. You will discover how to start dispensing data online today. 

Selling Internet data online is of the coolest ways to make in Nigeria. It is evident in the rapid growth of the number of smartphone users in the country. Currently, there are millions of users in Nigeria. By 2025, statistically, it is predicted that the number will hit 140 million. 

Smartphone users need Internet data to access the Internet. They need data to communicate with their loved ones. They need data to attend online classes. They need data to work remotely. They need data to watch their favourite movies. 

Think of how many people you know who own a smartphone. Count them and do the math. Averagely, how much do you think every one of them spends in a month on Internet subscriptions? Your answer to this will shed light on your potential profits when you start selling Internet data to them and others online. 

Today, you can decide to start selling data online without breaking the bank, without taking a loan.

Let me walk you through how to go about it in the simplest manner. 

What does selling Internet online data involves? 

Selling internet data online in Nigeria involves using the online platforms of accredited dealers, sub-dealers, and registered agents to vend/send data to people’s lines for Internet connection. 

You register on platforms, fill your allocated virtual wallets by sending money to the accounts, upgrade your account, and when customers make orders, you will enter their phone numbers on the platform and deliver data to them.

Immediately after the data is delivered, they will start using it without needing to enter any code again. They get an SMS alert. On some occasions, due to network errors, SMS alerts might fail. They have to confirm by using enter the code to check their balance. 

It is not necessary that your customers must be with you when ordering the data. Distance is not a barrier. The data is delivered online. You just need to collect the number they want to buy data bundle for 

  • Register on a platform of dealers or sub-dealers 
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As you are selling data online, you will need to use an online platform for data delivery to your customers. Before using the platform, you have to register, verify and upgrade your account. Once you do that, you are set. 

There are numerous platforms offering data delivery services to resellers. Most disguise as dealers–which they are not. They are resellers. 

Reseller platforms do have technical issues. Data delivery may be delayed–which is bad for the business. Your ability to deliver data quickly to your customers is among the secrets of success in this business. 

To make good profits from this business you have to be using dealers’ or subdealers’ platforms. Why? Because their rates are cheap. They have good customer support. Their platform has 99.9% uptime. They are reliable because they have been in the business for a long time. 

These secret platforms are not popular. Most of the dealers and sub-dealers don’t advertise because they are too busy and they don’t also want to compete with their resellers. 

If you are serious about this business and ready to be making like 100k a month from selling Internet data online in Nigeria, you can send me a message on WhatsApp, and I will reveal the top four secret platforms to you for a fee. And I will guide you properly with my experience. 

Ready? Click here to chat with me now. 

  • Fund your virtual wallet 

After you have registered on the platform and verified your account, the next step is funding your account. 

Every user on the platform has a unique virtual wallet and account assigned to him/her. When you want to fund your wallet,  simply transfer money from your bank account to your assigned virtual account. In less than a minute, the money will reflect in your wallet. It’s automated. 

You don’t have to send any message to your dealer or sub-dealer. You don’t need to call. No need to click on any button to send a notification. Just transfer and see your account funded successfully. 

  • Upgrade your account 

To get data bundles at cheap rates, your account has to be upgraded to top user or agent or reseller. Every platform has different names for its premium users. When you see the options, you should go for the top user. 

Upgrading your account means you will make more profits per data sale. It means you will earn money passively by referring people to the platform with your unique link. It means your complaints will be attended to quickly. And You will also be able to maximise the use of the platforms for other services. 

Upgrade your account and reap the full benefits. 

  • Market your data business

If you market your business properly online and offline, you can make money quickly and recurringly. All businesses need marketing and yours is not an exception. Create awareness about your business. Tell people about it. 

Let me tell you a story. You will learn about the power of marketing in the business. During the early period of the Internet data vending business, a guy attended a seminar to learn about the data business. He has been jobless for years. He suffered a lot. In fact, somebody paid the seminar for him to bail him out. 

Being hungry, the guy saw what most attendants at the seminar couldn’t visualise. He thought about the business in volume. He thought in numbers. He said to himself, if I’m able to deliver 50 data orders in a day and make N150 per order, that’s N7,500 profit in a day. 

This guy rushed to work on how he can be getting such orders for his business as quickly as possible. He did hard thinking. His brain didn’t disappoint him. He came out with a single solution: aggressive marketing. 

He took a loan from his good friend. He relocated to an area with a high population of  university students. The students were his target customers. 

He did fliers for the business. He printed banners for advertisements. He met with some students in person to advertise his business. 

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But, the reality came the other way. He processed an average of 100 orders daily. He only worked for 6 hours a day. This business paves the path to financial freedom for him. His story changed for the better. 

It’s never too late to start. I used to see a branded minibus for data at Ikeja. They drive it around to advertise data business, and sell data to whoever is interested. 

If the business is not lucrative, would they do so? 

  • Start selling to people 

If you do the marketing properly, you will definitely get some customers who are  interested in buying data from you. What’s next is selling to them. Sell to whoever wants to buy. Sell higher than what you get from the platform to make profits. 

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Don’t limit selling to the people you know offline only, market and sell online too to make more money. Create a Facebook page and Twitter profile for the business. Advertise your data bundles on your WhatsApp status 

Wrapping things up

If you register on dealers’ or sub-dealers’ platforms, fund your wallet, upgrade your account, market the business and make sales, you will definitely make good money more than you think you can, and you will never pay to browse the Internet again.

What do you think about this business? I would like to hear from you. You can leave comments below. 

Do you want to discover the secret platforms of dealers and sub-dealers? 

Click here to send a message to me on WhatsApp. I will reveal them to you for a fee. 

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