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5 Easy Businesses to Start in Nigeria

Want to learn about easy businesses to start in Nigeria?

Maybe you are thinking that starting a business is difficult. Or maybe you don’t like bearing the headaches that come with getting one’s business idea off the ground. Or maybe you want a business that’s so easy to start, run and profitable from the day one you begin the business. 

However, there is no business on earth that is 100% easy. So long you are offering value to people, certain tasks must be carried out and you may find them a little challenging. However, some businesses are really easy to start, run, and make money from than others. And this blog post will prove to you cogently that you can start a business in Nigeria without sweating badly. 

Regardless, starting a  business is a good thing to do in today’s Nigeria. Extra income on the side can compound greatly over a period of time. 

So, if you are ready to learn about easy businesses to start in Nigeria, let’s get started!

What is my definition of easy businesses?

It will be a disservice to just jump into listing the easy businesses to start in Nigeria without first explaining my definition of easy businesses to you. 

Easy businesses are the businesses you can start with little capital and little stress, and you make profits on the day one you begin except you don’t make sales. They are businesses that can be started instantly just by thinking about them. You don’t need more than a one-page business plan, even, though you may not need any. No serious market research needed to be carried out.

Here are five of some of the easy businesses anyone can start in Nigeria today:

1 Data and airtime vending

Data and airtime vending involve using smartphones to dispense airtime and Internet data bundles to people. It is a virtual top-up kind of business that can be done and you can have your customers anywhere.

This business requires very little capital like N5,000 to start except if you don`t have a smartphone. Online platforms sell data bundles and airtime to resellers at low rates. 

When you sign up on any of those platforms, verify your account, and fill your wallet in minutes, you are ready for the business. Some of these platforms have other services like cable tv subscriptions, electricity unit vending, exam pins sales, etc. 

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You will wonder why airtime vending in this age when people have abandoned the paper recharge card and load airtime directly from their bank accounts. Let me explain this to you: the way you will go about your airtime vending will be different, and if it is done correctly, you will be making decent profits nonstop.

If you look at the profit percentage on the online platform you are using for data vending, it is not up to 5%, except for Glo airtime only. If you do this only, you can`t make anything at all. 

This is the way: have you heard of airtime conversion before? I assume you may have, but I will explain the business part of it to you. Airtime works this way: you will be buying airtime from people who mistakenly over-recharged their line from their bank account. It happens to people a lot, and it’s a painful problem to solve by buying from them. 

They will simply transfer the loaded airtime on their line to yours. You will buy from them at 80% or less–it depends on how desperate they appear. What do I mean? Assuming they are transferring N1, 000 worth of airtime to you, you will buy it for N800 only. That’s 80%. 

You can make use of the formula to quicken the calculations: 0.8 X (the airtime value). When you buy airtime at this rate, you sell to people at 90%. They will be happy to buy from you because you are helping them to save money. 

2 Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a kind of business where you ship goods directly to your customers from a supplier or vendor or distributor when they make orders for them. You don`t need to store goods at your physical business location in this business. You can be based anywhere in Nigeria and your items will reach customers! 

This is how it works: when a customer orders a product from your business, you send the order details to your supplier or distributor or wholesaler who has the product in stock

This is one of the easiest businesses anyone can start in Nigeria. Once you figure out what you want to sell and the supplier to buy from, you are good to go.  You advertise the products online. You make profits when customers buy from you. 

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Being able to figure out what people are buying and having good suppliers are among the secrets of success in the dropshipping business. 

If you need a reliable supplier, I can recommend one that sells products that are high in demand. Check the contact page to know how to reach out to me. 

3 Drycleaning and laundry

Drycleaning and laundry business serves businesses and individuals to take care of their garment cleaning needs. The business thrives in the city. People living in the city rarely have time for themselves not to talk about doing their laundry. 

The laundry and drycleaning business needs no introduction in Nigeria. It`s one of the oldest money-making and easy businesses to start. You offer your laundry services to people and get paid. The good thing about this business is: it leaves room for leverage. You can hire people to do the whole work for you.

You need very little to nothing to start this business. You already have the basic things you need. The business can be run from the corner of your room. Just begin. 

4 Social media page management 

Starting a social media page management is so easy in Nigeria and it takes almost nothing from you upfront. What is social media page management? You may wonder. In this Digital Age of ours, businesses have social media pages to interact with their customers, advertise their products, etc. It requires time to keep the pages up to date, to respond to customers’ requests, and the whole management thing. 

It is hard to see a young person at this age who doesn’t use social media, even if it`s just to connect with friends and family. This implies that you already have the skills for the business. Let me assume that you don`t know how to manage social pages. You can simply go on YouTube to learn it. Before you watch up to four video clips, you are done. 


With your smartphone and an Internet connection, you can start marketing your business to potential customers. You don`t know how to do this? This is the way to go: go on Facebook. Instagram, Twitter. Check for businesses that are not that active online and don`t update their pages properly. Look for their contact details and reach out to them so that you can be helping them to manage their pages properly. Briefly, you explain what you can offer them and its benefits for their business. Set your price and make money. 

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5 Tutoring

Tutoring is among the easy businesses to start in Nigeria today. It costs you almost nothing to begin with except if you have nothing that you can teach people.

Anything can be taught these days–either in person or online. The question now is what can you teach? Do you know a subject very well? Do you love teaching? Do you have any skills to share with the world? It all depends on your capacity and ability to meet up with tutoring demands. 

Wrapping things up

Now you have the five easy businesses to start in Nigeria. However, there are some other easy businesses that you can start in Nigeria and are worthy of your time and resources. Businesses like POS payment services, photography, cold drink spot, food vending, snacks business, underwear selling, perfume business, provision retailing, etc.

What do you think about these businesses? Do you have any contrary opinions? Are you currently facing challenges in starting any business in Nigeria or Africa? Leave comments in the tab below.

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Start now!

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